Mao’s Domain

Generation Eight: Wait, What?

Okay folks, we’re back and it’s only been like five months. Sorry about that. If this were the “old days” of my simming life, this legacy would have been finished a long time ago. Both fortunately and unfortunately, I have a lot more going on in my life now than I did then. Still, [...]

Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

Whew, it’s been awhile. Unfortunately, I’ve had a bevy of issues to deal with since I got back. My eyes are getting worse (and then better, and then worse), so it’s hard for me to read/write/do anything on the computer. Secondly, I’m about to find a new host, because my current one is driving [...]

Generation Eight: Double Trouble

We rejoin the Astrums at a rather… awkward time. Looks like it won’t be long before the next generation comes into play… provided Noelle can stay awake.

Altair: ‘Do you mind?’

Noelle: ‘Could you be anymore intrusive??’

I just call it like I see it. Is the romantic fizzle gone already? All [...]

Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

We rejoin the Astrum family in the midst of a very serious conversation… about sculpting. Seriously?

Gaston: ‘You need to sculpt me. The world needs to remember my awesome.’

Lyra: ‘…in your pajamas?’

Gaston: ‘Of course! It’s stately, it shows my authority!’

Lyra: ‘More like your senility…’


Generation Eight: Oui, Oui!

Generation eight begins with the transition of our latest heir, Altair. I definitely can’t complain about his traits, as they are a good mix of things I find reasonable to play, haha. As far as looks go, I think he looks a lot like Lyra, though he definitely has Gaston’s nose.

Altair [...]