Mao’s Domain

Generation Five: House of Pain

While everyone else in the house might be a little taken back by Manchu’s ghostly presence, Bao doesn’t seem to mind it at all. Which strikes me as odd. These two may have been roomies and best buddies, but… they were also romantic rivals! I mean, Bao didn’t even let [...]

Generation Five: Anything But Normal

Annnd… we’re back! Playing a bit of catch-up, our generation six heir–

Pollux: ‘I’m a boy, a real live boy!’

Yes, yes you are. You are also suffering from some serious clipping issues.

Pollux: ‘I’ve only been alive for five minutes. Give it time. [...]

Generation Five: Taste the Rainbow

Last time, it was decided that Pollux was the heir due to meeting the criteria (aside from the whole ‘ghost baby’ thing!) I’m still working hard on finishing all the ingredients for the ambrosia. All I need now is the Life Plant. I’m hoping one of those plants that Bao [...]

Generation Five: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Last time, Aludra decided to be a complete skank and bring home two guys from China. Fortunately for me, Manchu didn’t quite make the transition and found himself glitched and turned instantly elder. Of course, none of this has phased our dastardly heiress.

So, Draco, does it bother [...]

Generation Five: Kiss Me Deadly

Aludra becomes a Young Adult and Noémi briefly remembers she’s supposed to be a mother. She rolls up this wish, which amuses me greatly. Noémi wants to go into the Thief branch, so I don’t see any future conflict between the two, career-wise.