Mao’s Domain

Almost Done!

After wrestling with my webhost for months over spam issues and then upgrading my computer only to be slammed with a bevy of issues trying to get it to work (probably should have thought about my IDE DVD drives not being compatible with my Sandy bridge cpu/motherboard beforehand), and THEN getting consumed by Skyrim, followed [...]

Skyrim Interruptus

For those who live under rocks or don’t bother with games other than The Sims, I guess I should inform you that I’m going to be missing awhile. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out the day before my birthday and in-between work and raiding on an MMO, I’ve been [...]

Site Outages

Sorry for the random outages. There was a huge spam attack on my site and all kinds of things went nutty and my host shut it down. I had to spend a lot of time talking back and forth with a tech, trying to root out all the spam crap from my many, many directories.


Blows off the dust…

Anyone still out there? Well, even if you’re not, I’m still going to finish this.

For those that might still be… I apologize. There are several excuses–loss of interest, lack of time, massive hard drive CRASHING, and balancing two jobs. As for the HD crashing, I lost an ass-ton of Sims 2 stuff, but [...]

Just a Small Break

Just a tiny break while I spend some time exploring Ambitions. When I get new expansions, I like to mess around a bit without impacting any of my “major” hoods, ie this one. I’ll get back to this whole legacy deal once I get a handle on all the new stuff.

No worries, it shouldn’t [...]

Not Done Yet…

I know it’s been two months, but I went on a break… a much needed one. I’m pretty busy with my job, but I do want to finish out this legacy. It’s just going to take some time, as RL is pretty busy for me right now! Just wanted to let those of you know [...]

Update is Coming…

Truth be told, I’ve had the pictures for over a week… I just haven’t had time. What little time I’ve had to spend blogging has been spent on Boreal Springs’ Anniversary posts and trying to squeeze an update out for Angel of Lies. That’s not even counting me being sick for almost the entirety of [...]