Mao’s Domain

Generation Four: The Invention of Pancake Torture

Of course, Youssef still hasn’t given up. In fact, he’s gotten worse… now he flirts with Noémi right in front of Draco! Yikes, Youssef… just when I thought you couldn’t out-do yourself, you go and do something stupid like this. Of course, Draco doesn’t look amused.

Draco: ‘He’s [...]

Generation Four: Where Evil Grows

I know I’ve been “out of the loop” for awhile, I apologize. RL is still kicking my ass and the only reason I’m currently playing is because I need time to unwind before I go homicidal and bad things happen. Unfortunately, the majority of these pictures were taken back in [...]

Generation Four: It’s Not Neglect, It’s Avoidance

Last time, Noémi gave birth to a “blue” lie baby named Phoebe. As you can see, Phoebe is woefully normal looking! I really have no idea why my game enjoys lying to me. I think it gets some kind of sick kick out of it! Either way, Phoebe is not [...]

Generation Four: Fast Forward

Last time Draco, Portia, and Artemis headed off to France. Draco met his wife to be and Portia completed her LTW of 10 boyfriends. With her LTW completed, I release her into the “life stream”. She’s free to pursue all the romantic relationships she can… while not cluttering up the [...]

Generation Four: ‘Two of Hearts’

Last time, Draco became a Young Adult and Portia was well on her way to becoming the town bicycle. As is custom for any newly crowned heirs of the Astrum family, Draco had the option to travel abroad. The first wish he spun up was for France, so off they [...]