Mao’s Domain

Generation Three: Burninating Mummies & Breaking Hearts

Last time, there was a whole lot of birthdays. Still waiting on Draco’s all-important Young Adult birthday, though. There was also a lot of adultery on Youssef’s part. As you can see, this hasn’t changed the least. He’s ballsy enough to do it right in front of Artemis!

Generation Three: Full House Wins The Game

Last time, Artemis went into labor and was rushed to the hospital to usher in generation four. Artemis gives birth to twin girls. Gah! Apparently, Castor’s love of Kids music influenced Artemis’ womb. Oh boy. I have the stereo turned down low so I had no idea! I’ll have to [...]

Generation Three: Crazy Lover

Last time, Artemis was on her second trip to Egypt. The first time she visited, the pomegranate and plum trees hadn’t bloomed, but this time? Score! Nevermind the fact she’s stealing from the locals…

Local #1: ‘Is she stealing your fruit?’

Local #2: ‘Shouldn’t you stop [...]

Generation Three: Artemis Astrum ‘Does’ Egypt

Last time, Artemis Astrum, our generation three heiress, was getting ready to take her mantle. Now a fresh Young Adult, she’s ready to face the world as the legacy’s heiress. I mentioned before that I tempted to do away with the Family Trait thing, but I went [...]