Mao’s Domain

Generation Three: Telepathic Anguish

Last time, Artemis had twins… and one of them was blue like a smurf, so she had another child to ensure the legacy continues, smurf free.

Crazy Pants Diana has fun harassing the smurf–er, Bellatrix–with her crazy. It isn’t very nice, but it amuses me, so it’s allowed. [...]

Generation Two: ‘Super Crazy Pants!’

Last time, Christopher joined Astra in the Great Sim Beyond and everyone re boarded the grief train for just one more turn. While everyone else was bawling their eyes out, I decided to check in on Jupiter’s progress. It seems he found himself a wife. I sent Castor over to [...]

Generation Two: Now With 10% Moar Death!

Last time, the house was in mourning after the loss of the founder, Astra Astrum. Little Artemis seems to have developed a bit of a morbid streak after seeing her grandma die. She wants to go to the graveyard. I’m putting all the stones there, since there’s [...]

Generation Two: Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Last time, generation three entered onto the scene with the birth of little Artemis Astrum. Struck by this moving occasion, both Astra and Christopher were convinced that they needed five grandchildren. Seriously, you two, this clown car mindset is ridiculous! For Astra, it makes sense, but Christopher? Not at all!


Generation Two: ‘Logic Fail’

When last we left off, Castor and Margot were getting ready to get hitched on the beach. As you can see, they’re now in the process of doing so. Again, some folks seem to have missed the “formal wear” memo… that or they got dressed in the dark. Strangely enough, [...]

Generation Two: Mon Dieu!

Last time, I fulfilled Christopher’s LTW and Castor was set to become a Young Adult. As you can see, Castor is now a Young Adult and the new head of the house, being Generation Two’s Chosen Heir and all that. Looking behind him, you can see where he got that [...]