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Generation Nine: The End

Welcome back!  It’s the final chapter in this legacy ‘chapter’.  Our pregnant heiress, Europa, has thrown all my plans to the wind and gotten knocked up way before I had intended.  She seems to think that fudgesicles can double as prenatal vitamins…

Europa: ‘Works like a charm!’


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Generation Nine: Surprise!

Last time, Noelle and Europa were living it up in France.  The vacation isn’t quite over yet, even though I’m sure Europa wished it was.  Noelle is unflappably French and is unfazed by her daughter leaving her stranded in the front yard without any clothes.  She doesn’t even bother getting dressed before chowing down on some pizza for breakfast.

Europa: ‘I’m calling dad.  You’re out of control!’

Noelle: ‘Sure, you do that… and I’ll share with him the married men you’ve been ‘acquainting’ yourself with.’

Europa, at me: ‘Can’t you do something?’

Sorry.  She’s got you dead to rights here.  Might as well keep your mouth shut.

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Generation Nine: Nectarholics Anonymous

We return to the legacy lot to find that our heiress, Europa, and her twin sister, Callisto, have become young adults.  Of course, they both celebrate this fact in their own way.  I was completely serious when I said Europa hits the bar almost immediately after waking up.  Callisto spends most of her time with the martial arts dummy.

Europa Astrum
Brave, Clumsy, Inappropriate, Cat Person, Handy

Callisto Astrum
Athletic, Grumpy, Angler, Loner, Disciplined

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Generation Eight: Wait, What?

Okay folks, we’re back and it’s only been like five months.  Sorry about that.  If this were the “old days” of my simming life, this legacy would have been finished a long time ago.  Both fortunately and unfortunately, I have a lot more going on in my life now than I did then.  Still, this legacy will be finished.  I’m actually pretty close.

Before we get into that, though… let’s get caught up.  You’ll have to forgive me, as half of these pictures were taken back in October when my eyes were still a mess and I’ve since forgotten what I took them for.  So, let’s play catch-up.

As you can see, Gaston is still alive and Noelle is pregnant again.

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Almost Done!

After wrestling with my webhost for months over spam issues and then upgrading my computer only to be slammed with a bevy of issues trying to get it to work (probably should have thought about my IDE DVD drives not being compatible with my Sandy bridge cpu/motherboard beforehand), and THEN getting consumed by Skyrim, followed by a ridiculous work schedule…

I am back to being almost done with this freaking legacy.  Now I just need to get my game to update instead of throwing hissy fits at me.  Sigh.

I should also clear up that my eyes began functioning again–finally–at the start of December.  It was a long, hard road but everything is better now and with no permanent damage.  The final verdict was unexplained serious inflammation… much better than the initial thought that I had a genetic issue.  I had to throw out all my makeup and give up contacts for awhile.  It was pretty sad.

In other news… my new setup runs my overcrowded, overburdened legacy hood like a pro.  It’s a freakin’ champ at juggling this hot mess.  I love you, Sandy Bridge!  I have no idea who you are or why they named a processor after you, but I love you all the same.

Now… to wrestle with the damn game.  Grrr.

Skyrim Interruptus

For those who live under rocks or don’t bother with games other than The Sims, I guess I should inform you that I’m going to be missing awhile.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out the day before my birthday and in-between work and raiding on an MMO, I’ve been dedicating all my free time to it!  So, there won’t be any updates for awhile given my work schedule and my inability to play anything else at the moment, haha.

I did, however, upgrade my computer considerably and am now in the possessions of a high-end sandy bridge processor.  If that doesn’t make The Sims 3 run like a dream, I don’t know what will.  So, I am excited to see how the game runs on my new system, but not entirely ready to go through the toils of setting up that separate install quite yet.

I’ll be back soon enough to finish off this legacy… I’ve just got to burn out my Skyrim obsession a bit more.

Happy Holidays!

Generation Eight: Quick and Dirty

Whew, it’s been awhile.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a bevy of issues to deal with since I got back.  My eyes are getting worse (and then better, and then worse), so it’s hard for me to read/write/do anything on the computer.  Secondly, I’m about to find a new host, because my current one is driving me insane with all the issues/etc.  Thirdly, I leave this Thursday again for a week and I’m not prepared.  At all.

Anyway, on with the sims.  The text will be limited.  I can’t see for crap and so I apologize beforehand for spelling errors and very bad pictures.

As you can see above, Noelle is pregnant again.

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Generation Eight: Double Trouble

We rejoin the Astrums at a rather… awkward time.  Looks like it won’t be long before the next generation comes into play… provided Noelle can stay awake.

Altair: ‘Do you mind?’

Noelle: ‘Could you be anymore intrusive??’

I just call it like I see it.  Is the romantic fizzle gone already?  All right, I’m going…

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Site Outages

Sorry for the random outages.  There was a huge spam attack on my site and all kinds of things went nutty and my host shut it down.  I had to spend a lot of time talking back and forth with a tech, trying to root out all the spam crap from my many, many directories.

Everything is above board now, so it shouldn’t happen again.


Generation Eight: Hittin’ it & Quittin’ it

We rejoin the Astrum family in the midst of a very serious conversation… about sculpting.  Seriously?

Gaston: ‘You need to sculpt me.  The world needs to remember my awesome.’

Lyra: ‘…in your pajamas?’

Gaston: ‘Of course!  It’s stately, it shows my authority!’

Lyra: ‘More like your senility…’

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