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9: Martel/Mosley – ‘Last Time’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley’s weird mood swings did not go unnoticed by her housemate, Luis Martel.  He had to deal with her on a daily basis and after several years of cohabitation, knew her almost as well as his own family.

“I’m fine,” she said, ignoring him and focusing on her pancakes.  “Just trying to figure out what’s next.”

“Fine?  Women are never fine, Gwen!  That’s like the first thing us guys learn.  What’s going on, what’s with the drama all of the sudden?”

“I can’t really talk to you about this, Luis,” she said, shifting her eyes to the side.  “Just let it go, okay?  I’ll be all right.”

That was a code Luis had gotten used to by now.  Ever since he had arrested Paula Novak, Gwendolyn became a little more tight-lipped about certain things.  Anytime she refused to talk to him, he knew it was about them.  He sighed.  Why couldn’t she have just stayed with Philip and avoided all this crime drama?

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9: Novak 2 – ‘Soul to Squeeze’

Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Paula Novak (Young Adult)

Paula Novak was stuck re-evaluating her life.  With criminal charges hanging over her head, she hadn’t exactly made the best choices so far.  The sudden death of her eldest sister, Camilla, sort of sent a shock through her system.  Life was short and even shorter yet if you were in the kind of life that she was.  Criminals didn’t usually live until retirement age and if they did it, they lived it out in jail.

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9: Steel-Klein – ‘Shake the Disease’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Morrigan Hemlock (Vampire), Asha Steel (Adult), Emma Steel (Child), Julian Steel (Child)

Emma Steel was a lot of things.  She was graceful, skilled, and poised.  The only thing she lacked was zeal for academia.  She had no interest in school and made it known to everyone.  She didn’t care about her grades, something that she and Asha had argued over multiple times now.  Emma was an opinionated youth and she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her, not even her own mother, that she had to focus on something she hated.

She pled to Clark for help, but he stayed out of it.  She was certain he could get her out of school.  The fact that she knew that much was dangerous.  Asha scolded her anytime she tried to use Clark’s influence for her own merit.

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9: Klein – ‘Adia’

Camilla Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult), Rhys Klein (Child), Gavin Klein (Baby)

Camilla didn’t stick around for long after Gavin’s birth.  She took a month before immediately heading off on her tour, leaving Alex to care of the newborn on his own.  Not only did he have to care for Gavin, but he also had to handle moving on his own, too.  They had bought a house just outside of Aperture, in the same neighborhood as his father.

The break gave them some much needed space, but Alex wished that Camilla would take her maternal duties more seriously.

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9: Ryder – ‘My Favorite Game’

Cherie Ashton (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Elder), Lily Ashton (Teen), Jessica Ryder (Teen), Jack Ryder (Teen)

Having a younger, mischievous brother was a pain in the butt.  Mix teenage hormones with the need to rebel, and it was like living in a war zone.  Jessica had always gotten along with her younger brother, Jack, but lately… she wanted to punch him in the face.

She was tired of him switching out her shampoo for hair dye!

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9: Novak – ‘Barely Breathing’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Andrew Novak was thrilled when he finally graduated from high school.  He left with high honors that landed him early admittance into a prestigious culinary school.  Lucky for him, it was located in downtown Aperture.  It was easier to just stay at home and focus on his studies.

Most people scoffed at his choice; they insisted that he could do better than just being a chef.  To Andrew, it wasn’t a choice but a calling.  He was born to cook and he loved every minute of it.  His particular niche was health food, thanks to his mother’s influence.

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9: Cosaro – ‘Promiscuous’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro and Sacha Harcourt had a good thing going.  They were together primarily out of interest in their careers.  It was a situation that worked out well for the both of them.  Dominic got someone attractive to take to parties and Sacha got the notoriety she needed to launch her career as a model and an actress.

Others may have scoffed at their ‘arrangement’, but they were quite pleased with the results.  Plus, Dominic was thrilled to have someone else keep his place tidy.

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9: McMaster – ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’

Patrick McMaster (Elder), Noreen McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Teen), Juliet McMaster (Teen), Catherine McMaster (Teen)

Patrick and Noreen McMaster were beginning to question their chances at grandchildren.  It had always seemed like they’d be ‘young’ grandparents.  Philip and Gwendolyn seemed on the fast-track to marriage, until that train had derailed into one terrible mess.  Philip was better now and Noreen had the sneaking suspicion it had something to do with a certain blonde sneaking out in the early morning hours.

She just hoped that this was the end of it instead of a new beginning.  Love wasn’t always enough to hold two people together, sometimes there needed to be more.

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Round 9 ROS

So, I’ve rolled round 9’s ROS (how are we on NINE already?) and this is what popped up:

Hmmm… the ‘You ARE the father!’ could be problematic, depending on where it goes.  Rated R could also go bad, depending on the roll.  It’s a very, very slim chance… but still!

It should be interesting to see the results.