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7: Martel/Mosley – ‘The World I Know’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley had looked forward to graduating high school since she became a ward of the state eleven years earlier.  She didn’t know her birth parents or any of her natural family.  Instead, she only had memories of foster care and crowded living arrangements.  When she finally did graduate, she expected to execute all of her well thought out plans.  Instead, she found the world was a lot bigger than she thought.

Now she didn’t know what she was going to do.

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7: Novak 2 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’

Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Paula Novak (Young Adult)

Stefan Novak was not what you’d call a ‘nice person’.  He didn’t really about social convention and he enjoyed making people twitch.  One of his favorite people to do this to was Gwendolyn Mosley.  She wasn’t the type to really go ‘clubbing’, but he’d seen her several times in the past month.  It wouldn’t have been as curious if she hadn’t been alone.

“Hello, Gwen,” he began.  She twitched under his gaze.  “Does Philip know you’re out here exploring the world?”

“I’m a big girl.  I don’t need anyone’s permission to go out.”

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7: Klein/Steel – ‘Enjoy the Silence’

Clark Klein (Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult), Emma Steel (Baby)

“This had better be brilliant, Patrick.  I’m not much of a morning person.”

Clark Klein had not been amused when Patrick McMaster called him in the early am and told him he was coming over.  By the time Clark got to the front door, Patrick was pulling up in some ridiculous ice cream truck.

“Oh, I think you’re going to like what I’ve got chilling in the back.  We’ll have to be quick, though.  It’s waking up.”

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7: Klein – ‘Two Princes’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult)

Camilla Novak was not a saint by any means.  She was technically a ‘good person’, but that definition was vague and open to interpretation.  She was really only worried about herself.  The people around her were like planets orbiting her, the center of the universe.  They were there to make sure her life was interesting and to love her.  Camilla was definitely deserving of love.

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7: Ryder – ‘Scar Tissue’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Lily Ashton (Teen), Jessica Ryder (Child), Jack Ryder (Child)

Jack Ryder was finally in school with his older sister, Jessica.  Unfortunately, this meant that he had to deal with his friends teasing him about ‘girl cooties’.  He didn’t think Jessica had any, though.  They’d always gotten along.  Jack had two sisters.  He didn’t really believe in girl cooties.

Besides, if they did exist, wouldn’t he have a rash or something by now?

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7: Novak – ‘Gives You Hell’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Teen), Natalia Novak (Child)

Oskar hadn’t really looked forward to hitting fifty-six.  It wasn’t exactly ancient, but it was a still a bit older than he wanted to be.  Kelly insisted on having a party, but was convinced to scale it back to just family.  The twins visited, Stefan nearly shocking them both with his recent ink work.  Paula kept mostly to herself and refused to let anyone take pictures of her.  She looked like she’d had a rough night.

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7: Cosaro – ‘Interstate Love Song’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Adjusting to life without Asha had been difficult, at first.  Dominic had never really been a man of relationships, but he wasn’t heartless.  Asha’s betrayal had hurt and it took some time for him to be able to continue life as normal.  He’d sleep in and Lola would be forced to wake him up.  She was like an alarm clock.

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7: McMaster – ‘Good Feeling’

Patrick McMaster (Elder), Noreen McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Teen), Juliet McMaster (Child), Catherine McMaster (Child)

Philip McMaster was pleased to finally be done with school.  It had gotten in the way of his responsibilities for long enough.  He was a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of guy, so college really didn’t appeal to him.  He’d remain home and care for the horses.

Drifter was grown now and ready to be trained.  His mother, Dolly, was already making waves when it came to the jumping races.  Old Roy, unfortunately, was too old to compete now and just mostly hung around the farm.

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