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2: McMaster 2 – ‘Big Empty’

Kelly McMaster (Young Adult) [ Oskar Novak (Adult) ]

Kelly McMaster’s life is really starting to look up.  Despite her family’s financial issues, Kelly was able to move out on her own (again).  She loved her apartment in Aperture City.  It was great to have freedom again.  It was a little lonely, though.  Kelly had never been one to enjoy living alone for extended periods of time.  At least it was close to her job.

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2: Belrose-Martel – ‘Inside Out’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)

Despite their drunken romp, things seemed to be okay between Emanuel and Cherie.  Neither one was really standoffish and Cherie was actually kind of surprised by Emanuel’s lazy acceptance of it all.  They were both adults and neither one was particularly interested in pursuing a relationship–that was completely fine.  Cherie didn’t question it, she just let it be as it was.  Sometimes they slept together, sometimes they didn’t… it was an easy truce of being two adults sharing a space.

Whatever worked, worked and it kept Cherie with Luis.

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2: Novak – ‘Stupid Girl’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Child), Paula Novak (Child)

Oskar Novak was elated that the twins, Stefan and Paula, were doing well despite their rough beginnings.  Raising twin toddlers without a mother is quite a challenge, but Oskar and the twins managed to survive it.  Paula may spend a little too much time watching television and Stefan may have a bit of a wicked streak, but overall, they’re doing just fine.

Too bad the same can’t really be said for their older sister…

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2: Cosaro – ‘No One Knows’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro was doing pretty well for himself in Aperture City.  The sports league was more than pleased with him and he had even earned an MVP award for the year.  It was officially off-season, so most of his time now was spent training and practicing.

This, of course, also meant jogging with Lola.  It was a morning ritual.  They would jog around the block and then Dominic would start his day.  He was definitely happy that Lola was able to make the trip to Aperture City with him.

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2: McMaster – ‘Closing Time’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Philip McMaster (Child)

Sheila and Noreen sat on the couch watching soap operas as they did every day.  Noreen, despite being a couch potato, felt the need for something more.  She just felt like she should be doing more.

“Maybe we should go to the park or something.”

“Ha!” Sheila laughed.  “Are you kidding?  Those park benches are rough on an old woman’s behind.  No, I’m quite happy here on my couch, thanks.”

“I just feel like we should be doing something…”

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