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11: Novak – ‘Them Bones’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Oskar Novak was really beginning to feel his age.  It didn’t help that he’d caught the flu and then had a bad round of food poisoning from a local restaurant.  There had been an incident with lettuce that left him bed-ridden for several days.

Between being just plain old, getting sick, and finding out his son was in jail, Oskar was not having a good time.

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11: Cosaro – ‘One Headlight’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic was a pretty happy bachelor.  The only woman he really had to worry about was his aging dog, Lola.  It seemed like forever since he’d brought her home as a puppy.  They’d had a good, long run together in Aperture City.

It was hard not to notice her greying fur and the slight limp she walked with now.  Dominic did his best to console himself with the fact that she still had time left in her yet.

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11: McMaster – ‘Follow You Down’

Patrick McMaster (Elder), Noreen McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Bianca Ornelas (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult)

Philip McMaster wasn’t nervous as he greeted his long-time best friend, Luis Martel.  He was getting married within the hour, but he was cool as cucumber.  Outside, the temperature was rapidly dropping and it had been snowing for hours.  Winter had just barely begun and already, they knew it was going to be pretty harsh.

“You’re next!”  Philip joked, giving Luis a friendly jab.

“Not until it’s warm,” Luis said, glancing at the open door as another blast of cold air entered the room.  Oskar shuffled in and closed it behind him.  Luis shivered.  “I’ll never get used to the cold.”

Philip laughed.  “You’re in the wrong neck of the woods for warmth, man.”

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Round 11 ROS

So, I forgot to post the round 11 ROS… oops!  Here it is.

Ugh, the electrocution one.  Should be interesting, to say the least…