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14: Novak – ‘Savior’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

With Jack Ryder back in town, Natalia Novak finally had a social outlet that wasn’t her brother. Honestly, Natalia was shocked at how much she’d missed having him around. The younger man had always been present, it seemed, lurking around in the background when she was still best friends with his sister Jessica.

They went out often, meeting at the lounge just down the street from Natalia’s townhouse she shared with her brother.

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14: University – ‘Casual Affair’

Jack Ryder (Year Four), Rhys Klein (Year Three), Emma Steel (Year Three), Bettina Ackerman (Year Three)

For their final two years of university, they all decided to go in on a house rental. It turned out to be a brilliant idea. The dorms were crowded and annoying, but with the privacy of their own home, things were much easier. Emma kind of wished that Rhys and Bettina would save the PDA for their bedroom, though.

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