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15: Steel/Taylor – ‘Grand Theft Autumn’

Emma Steel (Young Adult), Skip Taylor (Young Adult), Amy Steel (Baby)

Dominic Cosaro spent a lot of time over at Emma’s apartment. He was babysitting his first grandchild, Amy. Of course, ‘babysitting’ a tiny infant mostly entailed him playing computer games while she napped quietly in her nursery. Emma and Skip did all the heavy lifting, which was just as well. Dominic had never been terribly skilled with babies.

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15: Cosaro – ‘Best I Ever Had’

Dominic Cosaro (Elder)

Dominic Cosaro was planning his retirement. Of course, before then, he had one final season to play through. Their final and biggest game took them to the farthest reaches, out into the hot, humid deserts. Dominic was only the coach, but he was well-known and renowned, so he definitely wanted to ‘go out with a bang’, so to speak.

Luckily for him, his team won the game and his legacy was forever cemented in sports history, both as a VIP and a coach.

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15: University – ‘Messages’

Julian Cosaro (Term 1), Gavin Klein (Term 1), Michelle Valdes (Term 1)

Julian Cosaro had been excited to head off to University–a whole new world of academia to uncover. He was majoring n Science along with Gavin Klein. The two were mild acquaintances from high school, though they didn’t travel in the same ‘social circles.’ Julian was surprised to see Michelle Valdes in attendance, as well.

“Are you saying that someone like me couldn’t get into university?” Michelle was brazen and forthright. She was only joking, but Julian was too nervous to notice. She was a transplant, having moved to Aperture with only two years left in high school. Her family was a bit… odd.

“W-What? No,” he began nervously, “that’s not what I meant at all–”

She waved him off and continued to her room, “calm down, boy wonder. I was kidding.”

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14: Cosaro – ‘Sail’

Dominic Cosaro (Elder), Julian Cosaro (Teen)

Poor Julian Cosaro did not have the social finesse that seemed to grace the rest of his family. He was just plain awkward. Emma often scolded him for being inappropriate. He had the uncanny ability to just deadpan things that should have otherwise held emotion. There was also his love of blunt truths and his unyielding curiosity about things.

Michelle Valdez was one of his classmates. They’d been assigned a senior project together. Julian had always found her ridiculously gorgeous, but Michelle was popular. Julian was just a nerd–a well-known nerd, but a nerd nonetheless.

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13: Cosaro – ‘The Middle’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Julian Steel (Teen)

Amidst all the chaos with Asha, Emma’s birthday came and went. Separating from her father and brother after such an ordeal wasn’t easy and Emma questioned her decision to continue on to college. Dominic assured her they’d be fine and that she needed to go, that it was important for her future.

Emma knew he was right and so she went off to University.

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12: Cosaro – ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic Cosaro had a pretty easy life. He was a self-proclaimed bachelor for life, but that hadn’t kept him from bringing two children into the world. Luckily enough for him, their mother was the understanding sort and they had a good relationship.

Unfortunately, Dominic hadn’t really prepared himself for the eventuality of the teen years with his children. Emma was especially moody as a teen. She was quick to anger and completely intolerant of her father’s childish antics lately. One little splash and she was glaring daggers at him as she got out of the pool.

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11: Cosaro – ‘One Headlight’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic was a pretty happy bachelor.  The only woman he really had to worry about was his aging dog, Lola.  It seemed like forever since he’d brought her home as a puppy.  They’d had a good, long run together in Aperture City.

It was hard not to notice her greying fur and the slight limp she walked with now.  Dominic did his best to console himself with the fact that she still had time left in her yet.

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10: Steel-Klein – ‘Lights and Sounds’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Morrigan Hemlock (Vampire), Asha Steel (Adult), Emma Steel (Teen), Julian Steel (Child)

Clark Klein had Aperture City in the palm of his hand.  He’d completely overthrown the old crime family and had even gained some ground they’d been unable to seize.  Through cunning and determination, he’d made his way to the top.

That didn’t stop his wife, Asha, from giving him looks of disapproval as he took work calls in the living quarters of their mansion, however.  She’d be raised in the life, she understood the necessity of being constantly available, she just preferred if he did it away from her children.

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10: Cosaro – ‘Break Your Heart’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic Cosaro wasn’t really the type to get hung up over something silly like Sacha running off with Luis.  In fact, if everything worked out, he’d be happy for her.  Camilla’s death, however, was an entirely different matter.  He didn’t talk about it, he declined to comment when the media asked, and he wouldn’t even talk about it with his close friends.

Instead, he welcomed the distraction of finally being able to woo ladies publicly again.

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9: Cosaro – ‘Promiscuous’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro and Sacha Harcourt had a good thing going.  They were together primarily out of interest in their careers.  It was a situation that worked out well for the both of them.  Dominic got someone attractive to take to parties and Sacha got the notoriety she needed to launch her career as a model and an actress.

Others may have scoffed at their ‘arrangement’, but they were quite pleased with the results.  Plus, Dominic was thrilled to have someone else keep his place tidy.

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