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15: Ryder 2 – ‘One Minute More’

Jack Ryder (Young Adult)

Jack Ryder was adjusting to life after college just fine. He was a fun-loving, but had an easy nature about him that just made things easy to deal with. Few things ruffled his feathers. He spent long hours painting and survived off pizza and food trucks.

It was through his love of pizza that he met Sophia.

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12: Steel-Klein – ‘Careful’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Asha Steel (Vampire), Emma Steel (Teen), Julian Steel (Teen)

Emma Steel knew something wasn’t right. It was there–hanging in the air, tangible only to her. She was standing there, teetering on the fearsome precipice of change.

She wasn’t a kid. She knew that things changed; it was the natural order of everything to mutate and evolve beyond its initial state of being. Still, it rankled her. It wasn’t a good change. The feeling was an ominous one.

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12: Novak – ‘Move Along’

Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the cards that she had been dealt. The loss of her husband had been difficult, but she was managing. She still had her children to keep her going. It was a shame that Andrew had lost his girlfriend, Regan. She’d been so young. It was just a reminder of how fleeting life really was.

Kelly had done her best to comfort him, but what do you say when something awful like that happens?

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11: Ashton – ‘Sour Girl’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult)

Lily Ashton was dating Garrett Ackerman, a rising sports star on the same team as Dominic Cosaro. Despite being older than Lily, the two found a common ground in their shared chemistry and interests. Garrett always made sure that Lily was having a good time and he’d helped her get her foot in the door of the music industry. Big named people were looking over her lyrics and Lily could hardly contain her excitement.

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9: Cosaro – ‘Promiscuous’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro and Sacha Harcourt had a good thing going.  They were together primarily out of interest in their careers.  It was a situation that worked out well for the both of them.  Dominic got someone attractive to take to parties and Sacha got the notoriety she needed to launch her career as a model and an actress.

Others may have scoffed at their ‘arrangement’, but they were quite pleased with the results.  Plus, Dominic was thrilled to have someone else keep his place tidy.

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7: Martel/Mosley – ‘The World I Know’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley had looked forward to graduating high school since she became a ward of the state eleven years earlier.  She didn’t know her birth parents or any of her natural family.  Instead, she only had memories of foster care and crowded living arrangements.  When she finally did graduate, she expected to execute all of her well thought out plans.  Instead, she found the world was a lot bigger than she thought.

Now she didn’t know what she was going to do.

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6: Ryder/Martel – ‘Say It Ain’t So’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Luis Martel (Teen), Lily Ashton (Child), Jessica Ryder (Child), Jack Ryder (Toddler)

Lily was glad to have another girl closer to her age around the house.  Jessica was still a few years younger, but she was still old enough to help pull pranks on Luis.  They would often sneak into his room and set a trap.  It was all in good fun.

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6: Cosaro – ‘Nobody Loves You’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

A short time after Asha told Dominic the truth about her family, she left.  They were still technically together, but she left on a trip to France in an effort to divert some of her family’s attentions away from Dominic.  He still didn’t quite grasp the gravity of what Asha had told him.

While she was away, Dominic spent a lot of his time alone at home.  He wasn’t a heavy thinker and he really didn’t enjoy having so many random thoughts moving through his brain at once.  He kind of just wanted to forget it all and return to his life.

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