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7: Klein/Steel – ‘Enjoy the Silence’

Clark Klein (Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult), Emma Steel (Baby)

“This had better be brilliant, Patrick.  I’m not much of a morning person.”

Clark Klein had not been amused when Patrick McMaster called him in the early am and told him he was coming over.  By the time Clark got to the front door, Patrick was pulling up in some ridiculous ice cream truck.

“Oh, I think you’re going to like what I’ve got chilling in the back.  We’ll have to be quick, though.  It’s waking up.”

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7: Klein – ‘Two Princes’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult)

Camilla Novak was not a saint by any means.  She was technically a ‘good person’, but that definition was vague and open to interpretation.  She was really only worried about herself.  The people around her were like planets orbiting her, the center of the universe.  They were there to make sure her life was interesting and to love her.  Camilla was definitely deserving of love.

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6: Cosaro – ‘Nobody Loves You’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

A short time after Asha told Dominic the truth about her family, she left.  They were still technically together, but she left on a trip to France in an effort to divert some of her family’s attentions away from Dominic.  He still didn’t quite grasp the gravity of what Asha had told him.

While she was away, Dominic spent a lot of his time alone at home.  He wasn’t a heavy thinker and he really didn’t enjoy having so many random thoughts moving through his brain at once.  He kind of just wanted to forget it all and return to his life.

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5: Ryder-Martel – ‘Swallowed’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Luis Martel (Teen), Lily Ashton (Child), Jessica Ryder (Baby)

Cherie wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to be being a mother.  It was never a role she’d thought to play.  Now that she was, it was difficult to shake.  She loved Lily and Jessica; it was just strange to admit to herself that they relied on her.  Sure, she’d taken care of Luis, but it was different when it was your own flesh and blood.  There was a panic involved.

Little Jessica was a pretty easy baby, thankfully.  She was barely a year and it was already obvious she had inherited Khalid’s stoic calm.

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5: Novak – ‘Desperately Wanting’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Teen), Paula Novak (Teen), Andrew Novak (Child)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the loss of her mother, Sheila McMaster.  Thankfully, she had some good news to comfort her–she was pregnant again.  It had come as a surprise, but a happy one.  Oskar was getting overrun with children and made sure that Kelly was aware this was it.  Kelly was fine with that… provided it was a girl.  She really wanted a little girl.

The other kids were ambivalent about the whole thing.  What was one more kid in the house?  There was plenty of room.

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4: McMaster – ‘Rocketeer’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Teen), Mark McMaster (Toddler)

Philip McMaster likes being a teen, he just wished that it also didn’t mean he had to babysit his little brother, Mark.  He would much rather be playing video games with Luis or chatting with girls on the phone.  Instead, he was stuck helping out around the house with the animals and watching his brother.


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3: Belrose-Martel – ‘Take Care’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)  [Khalid Ryder (Adult)]

Cherie Ashton felt like a complete idiot.  She had done one night stands before, she’d even done them with ‘committed’ people, but she’d never gotten knocked up by one.  What had she been thinking?

Jean being engaged–and now married–was upsetting, as she thought she had turned over a new leaf in her life… but it was the pregnancy that got her the most.  She wasn’t about to tell him.  It’s not like he’d be interested in knowing, anyway.

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3: Novak – ‘Glad You Came’ (Fixed)

Oskar Novak (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Child), Paula Novak (Child), Andrew Novak (Baby)

Kelly wasn’t sure how she had survived giving birth to Andrew, only that she had.  The entire pregnancy had been a bit of roller coaster and she was just happy to be able to go places without needing to pee or throw up every few minutes.

It was also nice to have a little one to call her own.  She loved Oskar’s children, but there was something about having your own that really brought out those latent maternal instincts.

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3: McMaster – ‘You Get What You Give’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Child)

Philip McMaster was not the world’s best student.  In fact, he wasn’t even really a moderately good student.  The only thing he liked about school was seeing his friends.  Still, after bringing home a ‘D’ on his most recent report card, he was forced to hit the books a little harder.

He woke up early before school and finished his homework.  Philip had inherited his family’s penchant for waking up early, so it really wasn’t a bother.  Besides, it kept his mom from nagging him and that was good enough for him!  The less she nagged, the more time he had to play with Luis.

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2: McMaster 2 – ‘Big Empty’

Kelly McMaster (Young Adult) [ Oskar Novak (Adult) ]

Kelly McMaster’s life is really starting to look up.  Despite her family’s financial issues, Kelly was able to move out on her own (again).  She loved her apartment in Aperture City.  It was great to have freedom again.  It was a little lonely, though.  Kelly had never been one to enjoy living alone for extended periods of time.  At least it was close to her job.

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