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Round 8 ROS

I’m starting ROS with round 8.  I’ll roll before the beginning of each round.  I rolled five this time, but that number may change depending on how many houses are added or lost.

My husband added his own titles to a lot of these.  I’m kind of disappointed the more hilarious ones didn’t pop up.  Even I haven’t seen all the things he’s changed.  I sent him a list, but he has an odd sense of humor.  ;)

I’m disappointed by this ROS, to be honest with you.  I figured two ‘Hurried Decisions’ in the bunch would make it interesting, but I doubt it.  We’ll see.

The silly fight one has a chance of going badly.  Let’s hope it does not!

6 comments to Round 8 ROS

  • Ooo I’m curious which ones are making hurried decisions! Hopefully it goes terribly! ;) if it’s your group, I imagine it will! Yours like to sneak off and fool around in bathrooms on wedding days. I like the titles your husband gave these!

    • Mao

      Haha! He coded the program for me and decided to add his own little flavor of humor in the titles. I keep running across them and busting out laughing. Horrible! ;)

  • ElectronicSim

    I’ve always wanted to make a ROS for me, but I never seem to be imaginative enough with the things to do. :P Guess I’ll have to steal from someone else. LOL

    Loved Ministry of Silly Fights!

    • Mao

      I actually have the same problem coming up with stuff! I looked at a lot of other simmer’s and tried to make them fit my own needs. I do have a few that I came up with, but I doubt they are ‘unique’!

  • Ha, I’ve learnt never to call an ROS boring! Some of them do turn out boring but you really never know which ones will add a bit of fun/drama you never expected. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with all these. :D

    Did you do ROS with Boreal Springs? I can’t remember if you did.

    • Mao

      Nope! This is my first time trying it out. I’m afraid you’re right… so far, it’s been interesting! I guess big things come in small packages after all, ha.

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