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Round 12 ROS

This one’s a doozy, you guys…

Remember when I said I was bored by the ROS? Yeah, I regret saying that.

6 comments to Round 12 ROS

  • My RSS reader ran this post together and I was wondering what a meteor BBQ was! Get it now, lol!

    Two deaths, one break-up and a demotion. Yeah, unfortunately not boring at all! I’m curious about how you’ll do the dine and dash in TS3.

    • Mao

      HA! That’s hilarious. Now I want a meteor BBQ!

      D’oh, I actually subbed the Dine and Dash for something else because it’s impossible to do in TS3… I’ll have to find my notes!

  • Josh

    !!! I don’t think I’m ready for this. How do you choose which Sim gets it? Or is that randomized by family and house too?

  • Ahh sort of wish we were going for boring here! You don’t have enough old sims to have them being killed off! Now I’m nervous who is all going to die. :(

    • Mao

      You and me both, sister. I will say that ONE of these ROS opportunities is going to have a spin on it, due to my unique way of handling certain criminals. Which will make for some interesting changes…

      Aperture has been ruled by Crime a bit too long, I think.

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