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Round 11 ROS

So, I forgot to post the round 11 ROS… oops!  Here it is.

Ugh, the electrocution one.  Should be interesting, to say the least…

4 comments to Round 11 ROS

  • I love the titles of your ROS. I’m sad to hear someone will die though. Maybe two people, if the first food poisoning one goes that way. :\

  • Yuck, let’s just redo the ROS from the previous round, and have more babies. As much as the babies don’t thrill me, I like them more than all these deaths/possible deaths. I really hope you roll well with the food poisoning, but am not looking forward to the electrocution, but I did giggle at the titles.

    • Mao

      Haha! I love it when my sims breed–it’s my favorite part, watching the genetics mix. ;) They have a tendency to do it at inopportune times, though!

      I am not happy about the electrocution.

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