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This is a gameplay story blog for The Sims 3.

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Round 16 ROS

This one is late… sorry! Been busy around here. Another death, sigh. And a dumping! Not looking forward to either of these, by the way…

  • Upon a Falling Star… — Pursue biggest wish.
  • An Affair to Remember — Have an affair with the sim with highest LTR.  IF single, start up relationships with two highest LTRs and cheat on them with one another.
  • Dumping – Your sim dumps their significant other.
  • Hunger Games — Sim dies by starvation.
  • Breakfast Clubbin’ — Actively try to get detention for 3 days.


Round 15 ROS

I’ve realized that I need to add more events to my ROS, but I’m at a loss as to what. Any suggestions? Maybe we can crowd out the death ones… though, as sad as it makes me… I’m kind of excited. I’ve never had a cursed sim before!

Round 14 ROS

ROS for round 14 is here!

Yeah, I’m not exactly keen on the Orbital strike one. Why the hell does that keep showing up? Of course, I will not be writing any meteor hits into the story (probably.) I’m beginning to wonder if my husband weighted it beyond what I advised for lulz. :P

Round 13 ROS

No deaths, but that affair one… WHY. WHYWHYWHYWHY?!?! ARGH. Seriously, you guys. You don’t even know.


Round 12 ROS

This one’s a doozy, you guys…

Remember when I said I was bored by the ROS? Yeah, I regret saying that.

Round 11 ROS

So, I forgot to post the round 11 ROS… oops!  Here it is.

Ugh, the electrocution one.  Should be interesting, to say the least…

Round 9 ROS

So, I’ve rolled round 9’s ROS (how are we on NINE already?) and this is what popped up:

Hmmm… the ‘You ARE the father!’ could be problematic, depending on where it goes.  Rated R could also go bad, depending on the roll.  It’s a very, very slim chance… but still!

It should be interesting to see the results.

Round 8 ROS

I’m starting ROS with round 8.  I’ll roll before the beginning of each round.  I rolled five this time, but that number may change depending on how many houses are added or lost.

My husband added his own titles to a lot of these.  I’m kind of disappointed the more hilarious ones didn’t pop up.  Even I haven’t seen all the things he’s changed.  I sent him a list, but he has an odd sense of humor.  ;)

I’m disappointed by this ROS, to be honest with you.  I figured two ‘Hurried Decisions’ in the bunch would make it interesting, but I doubt it.  We’ll see.

The silly fight one has a chance of going badly.  Let’s hope it does not!