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15: Spring Births – McMaster & Novak

The McMaster 2 Family

Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult)

Juliet McMaster went into labor early on a frosty spring morning. The rain was washing away the remnants of the blizzard that had swept through. Luckily for her, she was more than prepared, since this baby was well overdue and quite tired of waiting!

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15: Novak 2 – ‘Every Morning’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Teen), Dana Novak (Child)

It seemed like just yesterday that Dana Novak was a cute little toddler. Paula enjoyed watching the girls grow. She’d never been keen on having kids of her own, but she certainly enjoyed being there for her nieces! Gwendolyn was doing better, but she still wasn’t going to win any mother of the year awards.

Paula was more than happy to pick up the slack.

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15: Novak – ‘Hurricane’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Rena Eubanks (Young Adult) Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Natalia had been adamant about Rena needing one last night of freedom before marrying her brother. They weren’t doing a big wedding or anything, but Natalia claimed it was a ‘rite of passage’. Andrew rolled his eyes and promised to be ‘missing’ for a night while Rena began to eagerly anticipate what awaited her. She was a big of a ‘closeted’ Party Animal.

It turned out to be an absolute blast.

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14: Novak 2 – ‘But It’s Better If You Do’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Child), Dana Novak (Baby)

Gwendolyn Novak hadn’t exactly planned either of her pregnancies. Honestly, if she could have avoided them completely, she would go back in time and make it so. Still, the two girls she did have seemed to be doing all right, despite Gwendolyn’s complete and utter lack of a natural, maternal instinct.

Baby Dana didn’t seem to notice her mother’s glaring deficiencies, happy just to be played with and fed regularly. They’d moved to a new apartment that better accommodated the large family.

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14: Novak – ‘Savior’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

With Jack Ryder back in town, Natalia Novak finally had a social outlet that wasn’t her brother. Honestly, Natalia was shocked at how much she’d missed having him around. The younger man had always been present, it seemed, lurking around in the background when she was still best friends with his sister Jessica.

They went out often, meeting at the lounge just down the street from Natalia’s townhouse she shared with her brother.

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13: Novak 2 – ‘Miserable’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Child)

Since Stefan’s return, Gwendolyn found herself standing on shaky ground. It just wasn’t a situation she’d ever imagined herself in. She was surrounded by criminals and she’d even gotten herself knocked up by one. What had happened to that wholesome girl who was determined to do better than her lot in life? That seemed ages ago, a distant past that didn’t even feel like her own anymore.

Oh, Gwendolyn had tried to be good. She’d done everything right, but it had all backfired horribly. Fighting her true nature seemed to get her nowhere but ruin. So, instead, she drowned it out with alcohol. Unfortunately, Stefan’s sudden assumption of the role of ‘active father’ made him a constant thorn in the side of her fun.

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13: Novak – ‘Fully Alive’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Natalia Novak continued her foray into the unknown. She wasn’t going to give up. She was convinced that her family was cursed and that she was the only one with the ability to end it. Nothing would stand between her, not even losing herself to the rhythm of the supernatural.

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12: Novak 2 – ‘Creep’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Child)

“I can’t believe you’re seriously considering this.” Gwendolyn Mosley had a flair for the dramatic, but in this case, her arm flailing and disbelief was warranted. Her friend and roommate, Paula Novak, had clearly lost her mind.

“He’s my brother,” Paula replied with a sigh, “everything I’ve done has been for this. Now he’s free. I have to bring him back.”

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea? What about Lola?”

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12: Novak – ‘Move Along’

Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the cards that she had been dealt. The loss of her husband had been difficult, but she was managing. She still had her children to keep her going. It was a shame that Andrew had lost his girlfriend, Regan. She’d been so young. It was just a reminder of how fleeting life really was.

Kelly had done her best to comfort him, but what do you say when something awful like that happens?

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11: Novak/Canales – ‘Shine’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Regan Canales (Young Adult)

Andrew Novak and Regan Canales had been dating for years now. It only made sense that once they finished college, they’d move in together. Andrew was more than happy to get out of his mournful house while Regan was just happy to be rid of the distance between them. It had been a hard last few years trying to balance their long distance relationship, but it had all worked out in the end.

They both felt significantly less guilty now, too. Lucy was married and she seemed pretty happy. They could enjoy their relationship completely now.

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