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15: Martel – ‘Safe and Sound’

Luis Martel (Adult)Aidan Martel (Teen), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Toddler)

Aidan Martel had grown used to picking up his father’s slack when it came to taking care of the house and caring for his younger siblings. The loss of their mother had hit them all hard, but while the children had grieved openly, Luis had bottled it up in an effort to show strength and solidarity for the kids. Now it was coming back to bite him.

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14: Martel – ‘Save the World’

Luis Martel (Adult), Sacha Martel (Adult), Aidan Martel (Child), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Baby)

Sacha and Luis Martel were quite happy with their life. They’d had an unexpected child enter the picture, but that had only been a small speed bump along the way. Sacha was a noteworthy model and actress while Luis was on his way to running the DNA lab at the police department. Everything seemed to be going extremely well for the strangely matched couple.

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13: Martel – ‘Don’t You Worry Child’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Child), Sandra Martel (Toddler)

Luis had been pretty clear about not wanting anymore kids, but when Sacha popped up unexpectedly pregnant, he wasn’t angry. It was a fluke; these things happen. Sacha hadn’t done it on purpose. Besides, their little family was good. Adding to it wasn’t the worst that could happen.

Of course, Luis and Sacha were in firm agreement that three was more than enough. There would be no more babies after this.

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12: Martel – ‘Take You There’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Toddler), Sandra Martel (Baby)

Sacha Martel enjoyed being a mother. She loved it more than her career as an actress and model. However, even she couldn’t deny that little Sandra was a difficult baby. Putting her down for even a moment was simply not an option. It was exhausting. Sacha found herself counting the days until Sandra’s toddler birthday.

At least they were finally settled into the new house next to the beach. Too bad summer hadn’t gotten the memo. They were in the middle of a very strange blizzard.

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11: Summer Birth (Martel)

Another summer, another birth! Little Sandra Martel entered the world quickly and early. It was such a shock that Luis and Sacha barely had a chance to prepare.

Sacha is relieved when the baby is deemed healthy and she’s able to take little Sandra home.

Aidan still not sure how he feels about having a little sister. He was really hoping for a little brother! Luis tried not to laugh when Aidan asked him if there was any way they could exchange her for a boy. Sacha wasn’t nearly as amused!

Still, he seems to be coming around to the idea. Especially when Luis mentioned that he’d be in charge of keeping his little sister safe. Sacha wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of Aidan beating up boys on the schoolyard playground for looking at his sister wrong.

Sandra probably won’t remember their old house, as just after her birth, the Martel family relocated to their home near the beach.


Sandra popped out without my knowing during all the mod confusion, sigh! The game had named her, but I was having NONE of that and quickly renamed her. My husband supplied the name. At least he didn’t try to slip a Game of Thrones reference in there. Readers of my old Boreal Springs prosperity blog will remember that my husband slipped in several references to various things when naming my sims. :P

Annnd that ends Round 11!

11: Martel – ‘All For You’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Toddler)

Things were going well for the Martel family. Aidan was growing like a weed. He was walking and talking with the best of them. It was startling how quickly the first few years flew by.

Luis was doing well in his career. He’d finally moved into lab work and was now a qualified forensics professional. He still had his uniform, but he spent less time on the beat and more time behind a microscope. Sacha’s career was fairing well, too. She was still modeling, but acting was beginning to take center stage in her life. She’d scored a role on a soap opera as the estranged sister of one of the lead characters.

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11: Summer Wedding (Martel/Harcourt)

Sacha had been waiting for her wedding day for what seemed like an eternity.  As a little girl, she’d always dreamed of the day she’d meet the man of her dreams and walk down the aisle.  Despite all her success as a model and an actress, it never quite filled the void that being alone left her with.  Fame was nice, but it would eventually fade.  Sacha was more interested in a family of her own.

Even a little rain couldn’t put a damper on Sacha’s mood.  It was still early, the rain could stop at any time.  Sacha wasn’t the type to lose hope easily.

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10: Martel/Mosley – ‘Somebody Told Me’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Luis had spent a lot of time with Philip in the months after Sacha gave him “the news.”  He hadn’t really expected to be a father before he was even in a fully-formed relationship.  It was all a bit… shocking.  Talking it over with Philip made him feel a little better.

“Do you know how much babies cost?  Lots,” Luis moaned, taking another quick drink.  “And Sacha’s career.  You know what babies do to careers!”

Philip chuckled.  “Sacha doesn’t seem near as hung up about it as you are.  I think you need to just chill out.  Be glad it’s with someone like her and not someone crazy…”

“You’re talking about Gwen, aren’t you?”  Luis shook his head.  “That’s just a messed up situation, man… and I had nothing to do with it!  But… I guess that’s what happens, isn’t it?”

“Who would have thought, you know?  That’s life.”

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9: Martel/Mosley – ‘Last Time’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley’s weird mood swings did not go unnoticed by her housemate, Luis Martel.  He had to deal with her on a daily basis and after several years of cohabitation, knew her almost as well as his own family.

“I’m fine,” she said, ignoring him and focusing on her pancakes.  “Just trying to figure out what’s next.”

“Fine?  Women are never fine, Gwen!  That’s like the first thing us guys learn.  What’s going on, what’s with the drama all of the sudden?”

“I can’t really talk to you about this, Luis,” she said, shifting her eyes to the side.  “Just let it go, okay?  I’ll be all right.”

That was a code Luis had gotten used to by now.  Ever since he had arrested Paula Novak, Gwendolyn became a little more tight-lipped about certain things.  Anytime she refused to talk to him, he knew it was about them.  He sighed.  Why couldn’t she have just stayed with Philip and avoided all this crime drama?

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8: Martel/Mosley – ‘Wild’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Luis sighed and turned away from the jail cell.  Paula had been locked up for twenty-four hours.  Being the low man on the totem pole had meant that Luis was stuck on ‘cell duty’.  There was no remorse for the past when you were a cop.

They hadn’t spoken much.  Luis had made sure of that.  He let her call her father and he’d been in several times now.  He was pulling every string he could to get her out.  Truth be told, they didn’t have any evidence, even after sweeping the scene.  The worst they could get her on was intent.

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