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3: Belrose-Martel – ‘Take Care’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)  [Khalid Ryder (Adult)]

Cherie Ashton felt like a complete idiot.  She had done one night stands before, she’d even done them with ‘committed’ people, but she’d never gotten knocked up by one.  What had she been thinking?

Jean being engaged–and now married–was upsetting, as she thought she had turned over a new leaf in her life… but it was the pregnancy that got her the most.  She wasn’t about to tell him.  It’s not like he’d be interested in knowing, anyway.

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2: Belrose-Martel – ‘Inside Out’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)

Despite their drunken romp, things seemed to be okay between Emanuel and Cherie.  Neither one was really standoffish and Cherie was actually kind of surprised by Emanuel’s lazy acceptance of it all.  They were both adults and neither one was particularly interested in pursuing a relationship–that was completely fine.  Cherie didn’t question it, she just let it be as it was.  Sometimes they slept together, sometimes they didn’t… it was an easy truce of being two adults sharing a space.

Whatever worked, worked and it kept Cherie with Luis.

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1: Belrose-Martel – ‘Would?’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Toddler)

Emanuel Belrose was not a family man by any means.  He had been married once, for a time, but that ended a long time ago.  He had only one child, a daughter who had ran off and married some performer type.  That had ended badly.  The union did beget a son, though… which was now thrown unceremoniously into Emanuel’s lap.

His ex-wife had died a few years back, so Emanuel was the only next of kin remaining.  His daughter’s death was unfortunate, but he preferred not to think about it.  He had tried to warn her away from that violent man, but she never listened.  Instead, she got herself killed and left behind her son for him to deal with.

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