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Hello Again…

I was tweeting back and forth with @SnarkySims about TS3 and I figured I should likely update this. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned it. Honestly, the one thing that keeps me from jumping back into blogging and playing right now is… the world. My save file for Aperture is now several gigs large. I’ve saved it from three giant crashes that, if I did not have backups, I would have lost everything. I’ve recovered/saved missing characters; they just vanished or ceased to exist, others have gone invisible, some even managed to spawn dopplegangers that just… hang out in one spot. Fun, fun.

Needless to say, keeping Aperture going is a labor of love and torment. It’s hard, you guys. I have a game-breaking issue crop up about every few households, if not more frequently. It’s only getting worse as sims reproduce and the game conjures of more needless junk data. I hate to say it, but they had the right of it to get rid of the open world… their handling of it is abysmal, as far as long-term stuff goes. It becomes this giant cluster, constantly junking itself up with needless crap, sigh.

I’ve spent many, many hours repairing my game. I’m honestly terrified to even boot it up. I fear for the sims I have in university right now! I’ve had it happen three times now where I couldn’t get them home, nor could I even get to the main world again. Gah!

For all my complaining, I really do love my world and its sims. You may say, “Mao, why not just clone them and start a new world?” Because to me, that’s not the same! I’m weird. I did storytelling and to me, this is different. This is organic and alive. I’m not really posing my sims so much as putting words to their actions and making their whims make sense. If I throw down some freshly cloned sims, they’re not the same sims! They’re blank slates. I know it’s stupid, but it is what it is. It isn’t an option. Even the idea of cloning sims and sending them to a University in a different world irks me. Then they don’t have the life experiences that the real sim version does. Bah.

I guess the short of it is this–I’m going to try and put my big girl pants on and just dive in again. I’m going to ride this train until it crashes and burns. I’ve been getting world errors for two generations now and I know it’s only going to get worse. I’ll keep putting out the fires while I can, but the days where I can devote endless amounts of hours to keep things going are gone. I barely get three hours to myself at night anymore and sleep? What is that? Someone please inform me what this majestic beast called sleep is, because I’d love to meet it!

Anyway, once I can pull my head out of Heroes of the Storm, I’m going to try and get back into it. I may have to reroll my old ROS as my notebook seems to have gone missing, haha.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there. Sorry for the rambling. And again, seriously, sleep. Hit me up. I miss you, bro.

ETA — This is why I don’t sleep. At least she’s cute, right? Right? Arrrgh…



So… the best laid plans, huh? Yeah. About that. I’ve got nothing, I’m sorry.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I had my baby girl Evangeline Marie on November 12th. Why yes, that is my birthday. Let’s just not talk about it, okay? Ain’t nobody got time for a natural birth on their birthday… lemme just tell ya.

Anyway… here’s a picture. I think she’s pretty cute, but I’m a bit biased. She looks so much like her daddy (only without a beard, y’know.)

Unfortunately, as cute as she is… she’s a real little energy sucker… an everything sucker, actually. I’ve only just recently begun to get enough sleep to somewhat “function” and thanks to my husband forcing my laptop into my hands, game. I’m primarily doing Steam Streaming, as the little gremlin (as I like to call her… affectionately) can’t be in our cold den/basement yet. I wear her, but it’s mighty uncomfortable sitting in an upright chair that way. I haven’t tried streaming TS3… though the urge has been hitting me lately.

I’m breastfeeding and trying to prepare myself to return to work in March, though… so I make no promises. I make only one promise–I’m coming back to this. Eventually, I’ll find a groove–we’ll find our groove–and amidst the cute giggles, smiles, and milestones… I’ll get to re-embrace my hobbies.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there!


Things are going to be sloooow for awhile. Unfortunately, I underestimated the discomfort that comes along with the third trimester and haven’t really been able to sit at my desk to play anything. I sit at a desk all day at work and that pretty much kills me, so when I get home, that’s pretty much the last thing I want to do! I am not off work until I literally am in labor, so no ‘down time’ for me before the baby. We’re running around like mad trying to get everything ready!

I’m going to try and get a post or two out before I give birth, but that time is rapidly approaching. Apologies to everyone! I’m not stopping. I have no intentions of that. Once I get into a rhythm with the baby, I may be able to get some play time in during maternity leave, but who knows! Babies are so random.

Thanks for being understanding during this time. :)

NaNoWriMo & Moving

I was waiting until I had official word on our move before I posted this. Now that I have it, I can tell you all that things are going to be desperately slow around here until mid-December. I’m using all my writing juices on NaNoWriMo this month, so I have zero updates to offer you during my move. I’ve been just playing the game and enjoying it in this stressful time by doing a random legacy. It doesn’t require the same sort of mental faculties or writing that this one does, so it’s a nice way to not freak out about moving into our first house.

We get the keys next Thursday and will be spending that following weekend moving in before immediately leaving for Pennsylvania where I will spend a hurried Thanksgiving with my family and not work Black Friday for the first time in years. When we return, we can work on getting internet/etc.

Which leads me to this–I will be without internet. I do not know for how long (hopefully not long, or I will be forced to go to their facility myself and beat down some people.) But I do know it will begin next week and go into December, as we’ll be gone. We have to be OUT of our apartment before we leave, so we’re hurriedly packing things now.

Just wanted to let you all know I’m still going with this (even though the world is currently crashing like CRAZY) and I haven’t given up. I’ll be back to posting here soon and I’m keeping up with blogs at work right now, haha.

So, happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you lot in December. :)

Small Break

Sorry guys, but I’m going to have to take a leave of absence from updating/commenting/etc. Between real life issues and our yearly trip coming up the 6th of July, my head just isn’t in a place to play pretend with my sims at the moment. :(

I’ll be back around–hopefully–by the end of July or perhaps even sooner, depending on how things go.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m not giving up or going away, just taking a bit of a breather. Sometimes… losing yourself in the sims doesn’t really help when there’s issues to face in your actual life. If only!

ETA 8/8/13 – looking more like end of August, guys. Sorry! Blame the Steam sale.

I’m Not Dead!

Sorry it’s been a few weeks without an update. Trying to balance work and simming doesn’t seem to be working out quite well yet! ‘Mo’ money, mo’ problems,’ as they say. I’ll get there, though. I’m going to TRY to play some this weekend, hopefully I will get enough for two updates. I still love playing, it just takes me so long to play through things because that’s how I roll.

I will warn you all, though. SimCity releases March 5th, the same day as TS3: University and while I have both pre-ordered… I will be focusing entirely on SimCity. I have waited for this game for YEARS and I’ve been in all the betas and guys. GUYS. It is amazing. For real. If you are a fan of the series, play it. DO it. The last beta they did (4hrs, everything unlocked), I played the entire time and nearly cried when they shut the servers down. So. Yeah.

Until I get it out of my system, updates will be slow. I have a tumblr, though, for those who like getting spammed with random gaming images and my origin ID is tehmao (of course.) But give me about a month before things get ‘regular’ around here again. ;)

Apologies & Small Break

Things have been slow around here, sorry about that.  I have played pretty hardcore the past few months and kind of burned myself out… oops.  It happens.  I tend to be ‘OCD’ with games–I get obsessive and play them until I can’t stand looking at them anymore.  I have also been working more on my ‘writing project’, so while I have pictures for the next update… I can’t bring myself to ‘write it’ because my head is in a completely different place right now.

Sooo, I’m taking a small official break.  Things should return at some point after I get home (I leave for a week to PA to visit family Sunday morning)… so I’d give it about two weeks or so.  Definitely before October, provided work doesn’t kill me.  Gotta love those holiday schedules.

We’re going through some RL changes over here, too, which has kind of ‘skewed’ my gaming focus.  More fantasy, less digital reality, lol!  But I do miss my sims and will get back to them as soon as I can.

I am planning on trying NaNoWriMo this year (after a two year break from it), so hopefully between that and work, I can do lots of simming.  ;)


I tried to publish a draft from my phone and it didn’t work out.  The WordPress application ate half of the damn post, so I think I lost everything that I had written.  I will work on fixing it and republishing the finished thing once I get a chance to (I’m in PA and don’t have a reliable PC right now.)


Welcome, welcome!  This is my attempt to play TS3 ‘prosperity style’.  After much fighting and number crunching, I’ve finally arrived at a point where everything makes sense (kind of).  I’ll be tweaking things as we go, as there are just some things you can’t iron out until you actually play, but if you want to know how this process went, you can check my Gameplay Notes category over at Different Views.  I’ll be updating it to reveal how things work.

Despite the fact that I’m not actually doing any sort of challenge, I did follow the rules.  I randomized the amount of households and ended up with four.  I then randomized the number of members within each household, and then randomized the ages, genders, and traits of each person.  I got a nice little mix of people, so it should be fun…

Oh, and if you’re already snickering over the name then you are also familiar with video games (or you remember that the city in my TS2 hood was named ‘Aperture’).  This was on purpose.  I love the name and I couldn’t come up with anything I liked better.  At least I didn’t let my husband slip in a “Freeman” family.  I actually didn’t let him name any of my starting families due to what he did last time… slipping in little references that took me a month or so to get.  Sigh.  He will probably go back to naming the rest of them, though… God help those poor sims!

Anyway, on to the starting families…

The McMaster Family

The McMaster family is composed of the matriarch, Sheila; her son, Patrick; his wife, Noreen; their son, Philip, and finally Sheila’s other daughter, Kelly.  That’s their dog Laddy and they have a horse named Old Roy.

I actually built their terrible house.  They live in Aperture Valley, out in the country.

I was amused that my randomization ended up with me having a family that mirrors my O`Hanlon family from the TS2 hood.  They were also the first family I rolled.

The Cosaro Family

The Cosaro family is pretty simple–Dominic is on his own.  He does have his dog, Lola, to keep him company.

They live in a townhouse on the outskirts of Aperture City.

Dominic ended up looking a bit like my Yu family from my TS2 hood after a few generations.  This is all accidental, I assure you… but then again, my mind does have certain patterns it follows.


The Novak Family

The Novak family consists of the patriarch, Oskar; his daughter, Camilla, and the twins Stefan and Paula.

They live in an apartment in the middle of Aperture City.

My husband snickered when he saw this family because of their last name.  He exclaimed, “like that guy from the office!”  I had to think about it for a minute before realization sunk in.  Darn it.  I used a random name generator for all of these!  At least this family bears no resemblance to any of my TS2 families…

They have a cat, but cats don’t like photos and so she was missing for it.


The Belrose/Martel Family

The Belrose/Marten family consists of patriarch Emanuel Belrose and his grandson Luis Martel.

They live in Aperture Valley in a small little house in the center of the village.

They have two separate last names because the toddler belongs to Emanuel’s deceased daughter.  This was also a nice way to add another last name into the pool!

This family also has a cat, but again, cats hate photos.

Whew, that’s all the families.  The only family I am really worried about is the last one, as having an elder and a toddler can be dangerous.  Yikes.  The randomizer was not kind with that one!

Also, how annoying is it that everyone looks the same color?  Stupid outdoor lighting!  It’s pretty on everything but the sims themselves.  Oh well, I promise they are a diverse bunch… you’ll just have to wait to see them individually (and indoors.)