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Apologies & Small Break

Things have been slow around here, sorry about that.  I have played pretty hardcore the past few months and kind of burned myself out… oops.  It happens.  I tend to be ‘OCD’ with games–I get obsessive and play them until I can’t stand looking at them anymore.  I have also been working more on my ‘writing project’, so while I have pictures for the next update… I can’t bring myself to ‘write it’ because my head is in a completely different place right now.

Sooo, I’m taking a small official break.  Things should return at some point after I get home (I leave for a week to PA to visit family Sunday morning)… so I’d give it about two weeks or so.  Definitely before October, provided work doesn’t kill me.  Gotta love those holiday schedules.

We’re going through some RL changes over here, too, which has kind of ‘skewed’ my gaming focus.  More fantasy, less digital reality, lol!  But I do miss my sims and will get back to them as soon as I can.

I am planning on trying NaNoWriMo this year (after a two year break from it), so hopefully between that and work, I can do lots of simming.  ;)

3 comments to Apologies & Small Break

  • Enjoy your break and have a safe trip to PA! Looking forward to hearing more from your sims when you get back to them. :)

  • I play my games the same way lol I think it’s par for the course, for anyone who plays multiple games and is classified as an actual gamer, as opposed to those who only play maybe one or two game titles.

    Have a safe trip. Enjoy your mini hiatus! We all need them, and usually they are great to get the creative muse back to us!

  • Ah, I totally get it! I hope you have a safe trip to PA, and share some beautiful fall photos on twitter! Enjoy your time, and hopefully you’ll get bitten by the sims bug! I can’t imagine playing sims and doing nano though, I do nano, and there is no way I can do sims. I’m obsessive myself, and can’t juggle both. If you register for nano and want a pal over there – retromaisie is my user. :)

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