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This is a gameplay story blog for The Sims 3.

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Aperture Valley is a coastal city that encompasses two distinct areas–Aperture Valley proper and Aperture City.  The valley was technically the first area settled as farmlands far from any city or development until the Aperture Group built its laboratories and research facilities thirty minutes down the road.  A city sprung up seemingly over night and now the valley finds itself on the receiving end of quite a lot of people.

The city and valley are separated by the curvy Freeman river, which flows directly into the ocean.  The majestic Freeman falls that feed into the river is a favorite of the locals.  You can often find them camping right next to it.

Due to the origin of the city, there have been reports of strange deaths and illnesses.  While the Aperture Group has converted most of its facilities over to public offices and apartments, they still have their laboratory in which they are rumored to research very strange and secretive things.  Those who choose to live within the city limits are usually at more risk than those out in the valley, but those in the valley do not have the abundance of medical advancement that those within the limits do.  This breeds a very strange, but balanced, sense of well-being.

It’s well known that when you’re in Aperture, you should never expect anything to be ‘normal.’


I really loved my TS2 hood, Boreal Springs, but I lost it in a hard drive crash a few years ago.  I still had the pictures on a separate HD and I just finally delete those a week or so ago.  It was a hard loss!  Now, with my TS3 legacy complete, I’m going to try to make this style of gameplay work within the confines of TS3.  If you’re interested in how this process went about, check out the Gameplay Notes category on my Different Views site.

If you’re completely unaware of what a ‘prosperity’ is, it stems from a TS2 challenge called ‘The Prosperity Challenge’.  You start out with a random number of households and randomize pretty much everything, right down to their genders, traits, etc.  You then play these households in ‘rotations’.  The goal was originally to reach a center generation, but the challenge turned out to be a really fun way to just play the game.

I shouldn’t need to place this warning here, but I will just in case.  I’m an adult… and as such, my sims and their behaviors probably won’t be appropriate for those who can’t watch PG-13 movies or who have sensitive eyes/ears.  I don’t do nudity and my sims don’t really swear a lot, but their situations, love lives, and choices can sometimes be questionable.  This is fictional.  I am not endorsing anything they might do.  They’re just sims and this is just a blog.  Remember that before you get srs bsns.  :)  Anyone familiar with my blogs knows my sense of humor and probably will laugh at this warning…

Also, yes the Aperture is what you think it is.  Feel free to enjoy the various references I’ve peppered around the world itself.  My husband was a great help in this.  We are both huge fans.


  •  Each round, a household progresses ‘four days, that means I age them four days each time I finish.  I often play them longer, but that’s how much they age.
  • I am aging my sims manually and keeping track of their cycles utilizing a spreadsheet.  I am not using any type of realistic aging, as my aging is based purely on rounds and how many rounds I want a sim to live.  You can read more about my aging here.
  • As much as possible, I will be following the whims of my sims… no matter how boring or insane.  This should be interesting, given TS3’s sad idea of a ‘wish tree’.  (incoming–endless skilling wants, woo!)
  • I’m not cheating, but I am using both Awesomemod and Nraas Industries’ Story Progression.  These are necessary to facilitate the kind of aging/gameplay/etc that I am going for.
  • In keeping with Awesomemod’s awesomeness, my sims won’t get free handouts for leaving their homes and they’ll pay for things that would rightly cost money, like specialized high schools and all that.  NO FREE RIDES!
  • I’m using a world created by My Sim Realty called Storybrook County.  It came with a bunch of beautiful houses and, since I suck at building, I will be using them.  The only family house I built is the one for the McMaster family.  Go me.
  • Townies are currently in place and some of them are even sims you might recognize.  They will be frozen/dealt with appropriately should they become vital to one of the main families.  If not, they will continue to populate the hood and be the best background zombies they can possibly be.  Shuffling like a boss!
  • I am utilizing my own customized ROS list.  I based it off Jade’s from Isle of Thyme, but there’s pretty much little to nothing left of the original, due to the drastic departure from the TS2 code/game/etc.  My husband scripted a VB program that does all the heavy lifting for me.

If you’re curious about my ‘founding families’, you can check out the introduction here.