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9: Steel-Klein – ‘Shake the Disease’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Morrigan Hemlock (Vampire), Asha Steel (Adult), Emma Steel (Child), Julian Steel (Child)

Emma Steel was a lot of things.  She was graceful, skilled, and poised.  The only thing she lacked was zeal for academia.  She had no interest in school and made it known to everyone.  She didn’t care about her grades, something that she and Asha had argued over multiple times now.  Emma was an opinionated youth and she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her, not even her own mother, that she had to focus on something she hated.

She pled to Clark for help, but he stayed out of it.  She was certain he could get her out of school.  The fact that she knew that much was dangerous.  Asha scolded her anytime she tried to use Clark’s influence for her own merit.

Thankfully, Emma’s pre-teen tantrums weren’t the only events in the household.  There was still the question of where and when Asha and Clark would get married.  Clark had business coming up which required him to travel.  Originally, it was just going to be him and Morrigan, but he figured it was safe enough to bring everyone.

“We can’t just pull the kids out of school for two months, Clark!”

“They’d only miss two weeks.  It’s the end of the year for them.”  He reasoned.

“That’s still two weeks of their education!”

“Emma will be fine, Asha.  Stop worrying so much.  The more you push her right now, the more she’s just going to push back.  This could be a much needed break for her.”

Asha sighed.  Emma had always been her darling example of everything wonderful about parenting, but lately, she’d become a terror.  It was the teenage years creeping up on them like a dark shadow.  Emma was strong-willed and determined, two things that made for terrible teen years.

“If they fall behind, we’re getting them tutors.  Expensive ones.”

“Of course.  I’ll have the arrangements made.  They’ll love getting to see Egypt.”

Fortunately for Asha, Julian was still in that stage where he liked his mother’s attentions.  Not only that, he was brilliant at school.  He didn’t even have to try.  It was a good thing it was so effortless for him, because he focused more on his scouting than anything else.

It was hard to escape the high calling of his mind, however.  He often played morning games of chess with Clark and he won.  That was quite the accomplishment.  It didn’t bother Clark; it gave him a chance to hone his skills.

Their father, Dominic Cosaro, was still a permanent figure in their life.  He was getting better as the twins got older.  It was easier to deal with small people vs tiny babies and toddlers.  Besides, Dominic had a lot more in common with children than he did most adults.

He did not have to deal with Emma’s attitude like Asha.  She was a little angel anytime she was around him.

Julian loved to talk about Dominic’s career in sports.  He was proud to have such a high-profile dad.  It helped get rid of any ‘nerd’ stereotype his classmates might have pegged him with because of his grades.  He wanted to be athletic and sporty like Dominic, but it just wasn’t in him.  Emma seemed to have gotten all of that for herself.

When Asha would come to collect the kids at the end of the weekend, she was never surprised to find Dominic acting like a child among children.  She was rather impressed that her tiny daughter could push her six foot plus, muscled father in a swing, though.  She really did inherit Dominic’s strength.

“So glad to see you’re taking your role as father seriously.” Asha joked, shaking her head.

“She’s strong,” Dominic commented as Emma gave him another push forward.  “Seriously.  This is so wasted in ballet.”

Emma made a face and poked her dad in the back.  “I like ballet!”

“And you’re okay with Egypt still?”  Asha asked as the kids piled into the car.

“Sure, why not?  I almost want go, but that’d be awkward.”  He shrugged and grinned.  “Have fun.  It’ll be nice.”

‘Nice’ wasn’t enough to define it.  Opulent and ridiculous were two words that better suited what the family rolled up to after getting off the plane.  Clark said he had a place there and Asha had pictured some run-down, but quaint little house next to the river… not a crime lord’s villa.

She should have known better.

“Ahh, Egypt!  How long has it been since I’ve been here?  Decades, centuries… it’s gorgeous, as always.”  Morrigan commented, seemingly unruffled by the ridiculous show of wealth around her.  “I should get started immediately.  I’ll see you later.”

Clark looked around.  When he’d told his associate to launder the money and make it work, he hadn’t meant this.  There was even a statue.  Why?  He sighed.  He would pre-approve all building plans from now on.

At least the view was worth it.  Few could boast having a front-row seat to the pyramids.  It made it the perfect place for Asha and Clark to quietly marry.  Asha retained her last name due to her fame and just tacked ‘Klein’ onto the end.  It was weird to consider herself married, she never really thought she’d get there.

Being married to a vampire crime boss was even further out of her perceived future.

Egypt was wonderful.  Asha was glad that she had agreed to let the kids come.  Emma loved the swimming pool.  She was too young to really appreciate the historical value of Egypt, but she sure could appreciate the hell out of a swimming pool.

Julian loved being along the river.  It meant he could fish without going too far.  Asha refused to let him hike up to the really good fishing spots, so he had to satisfy himself with the river nearby.  Thankfully, it was teeming with fish.  He couldn’t wait to go home and brag to his fellow scouts about all the weird fish he caught.

Morrigan spent most of her time in the study looking over dusty old books and maps.  She and Clark had come on business.  They were looking for old relics.  Egypt had oodles of them, it was just a matter of locating them.

Some of Clark’s associates in Egypt were fans of Asha’s.  She happily obliged them with some autographs, but wished they’d stop asking Clark creepy questions about her ‘habits’.  She was a star, she was used to the weirdness, but she didn’t appreciate it around her children!

Once Morrigan was sure she’d located one of the relics, she and Clark headed off into the night.  They hired a guide to get them there.  He wasn’t a whole lot of use once they were there, however.  He had no idea how to open the door.  It took Clark an hour to figure out the hieroglyphics.  Once he did, the door shifted.

“You must really work out to move that door,” the guide commented.

Exploring the pyramids was dangerous, but when you’re a vampire, few things frighten you.  Clark and Morrigan remained vigilant, though.  They kept an eye out for mummies.  Morrigan was disappointed when they didn’t find any, she really wanted to beat one up!

Clark left most of the trap dodging to Morrigan.  She was better at it.  Her agility as a vampire was just better overall.  Morrigan was quite glad that her skills were recognized, but she wasn’t entirely happy about doing all the ‘hard’ work.

Clark handled the more scholarly aspects, like figuring out the doors.  They were tricky.  Morrigan had to admit, it would take her days to figure out what Clark managed in an hour’s time.

Together, they were the perfect tomb raiding duo.  They located their relic only to see it was in pieces.  They had all of them, it was just a matter of putting them back together.

The remainder of their stay in Egypt was spent relaxing.  There were family games of dominoes, which either Emma or Julian always won.  Clark got close once, but Julian had tricked him into a play that won him the game.

It was all in good fun.

Morrigan spent her time outside, relaxing.  It had been a long time since she’d felt like this.  She’d spent a large part of her life moving from place to place, never staying very long anywhere and always alone.  There was something comforting about being around others who were not out to stake you in the heart.

Not that she’d ever admit that out loud, of course.

Clark waited until the end of their trip to corner Asha.  He offered to turn her again only for her to say to no.

“I can’t, Clark.  I have children to think about,” she said, shaking her head.  “Doesn’t it bother you that you’ll outlive your own children?”

“No, because I know that while they are alive, I am protecting them,” he responded, his tone even.  “Life is cruel, Asha.  Look at what it did to Alex.  But I am not worried about him, because I am always going to be here, in the background, doing what I can to make things better.  Lana and his in-laws are in the foreground, but they are not the only ones doing something to help him.”

“Please don’t tell me you rigged the election.  I don’t think I can know that and be okay.”

“I didn’t.  He won that on his own merit.  I’m sure the death of his wife helped, though, as unfortunate as that is.”

“I wish you would reconsider, Asha.  You are getting older, even if you don’t look it.  There will be a point when turning you would almost be cruel.  I want you to accept it before then.”

“I just can’t.  It’s too weird,” she said, pulling away.  “I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that vampires are real.”

“It isn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be, just know that.  I’m sure your children would be fine with it, too.  They’ve never known me as anything else.  It’s a part of their daily life.”

“That’s what bothers me the most.  What kind of life is that for a kid?  To know that things like vampires exist?”

“A knowledgeable one.  One where they won’t be surprised by someone trying to hurt them.  Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s just cowardice and eventual death by the things you refused to acknowledge.”

Morrigan didn’t get Clark’s need to turn Asha.  Sure, she was beautiful, but so were a lot of other people.  Should they just run around preserving them all?

“It’s a weakness, you know.  Someday, someone is going to exploit it.”

“And if she’s a vampire, she can counter it.  She could protect herself.”

Morrigan quirked an eyebrow.  She hadn’t considered that.  “I am ashamed to admit that you have surprised me yet again.”

“Don’t think you know my intentions, Morrigan.  You never will.”


Phew.  I built that palace of a vacation home as I was making dinner.  I wanted them to have a ridiculously opulent place, because most of Clark’s foreign dealings are money laundering and whatnot.  I showed it to my husband and he said it looked like somewhere Scarface would live.  I’m terrible at building, so I apologize beforehand for the ugly.  I was too lazy to find a download.  It’s not fully decorated because I wanted to play, lol.

Now for some funny pictures:

Morrigan thinks that every woman should learn to run in stiletto heels!

Poor Morrigan.  She wasn’t lucky in ALL the traps.

Having two people explore a tomb makes things a lot more fun.  It also ensures there’s always someone to put out your flaming butt.  This is why Clark stopped trying to evade traps.

OMG Clark is like, obsessed with birds!  Every time I go back to their house, he’s found another one.  He’s always taking them out.  This is just ridiculous.  YOU ARE A CRIME LORD, STOP WITH THE COCKATIELS!

Emma was failing school.  She has the multitasker LTR and still fails.  That girl hates school.  She also, somehow, has like 40k LTH points.  WTF?

Julian always wants to ‘hang out’ with Dominic.  It’s cute.

Asha is a five star celebrity, so everywhere she goes, people want her autograph.  Even the paparazzi!

Emma is a teen next round.  I already aged her up.  She is freaking gorgeous.  So.  Gorgeous.  I wish I could show a picture, but I don’t want to spoil it, lol.

Also, I realize I need to get around to making a profile for Morrigan.  Soon!

Title is Depeche Mode – ‘Shake the Disease.’

8 comments to 9: Steel-Klein – ‘Shake the Disease’

  • Josh

    I never read your tags so I’m always surprised by what happens! I can’t believe Asha got married to Clark. It’s not like she can get out of it at this point, he’s going to be around forever. Are your vampires immortal or will he EVENTUALLY die?
    Emma slays. I’m so ready for her to wreak havoc on your hood.

    • Mao

      I’m glad you don’t, because they would totally spoil things, lol! You’re right, Asha is kind of stuck now. As far as vampires dying, it depends. I’m doing crime ROS rolls coming up and I will have death/murder/etc chances in there. If he doesn’t die, he could always just ‘go into hiding’ or disappear from the hood. All are possibilities.

      Emma is so much fun! She’s VERY strong-willed. We love our girls feisty, don’t we? LOL

  • Um, what? That house is ugly? And you built it while you were making dinner? It’s not ugly at all and I can’t believe it was a relatively quick build. Great job – perfect for someone like Clark!

    But wow, they actually finally got married! I’m really curious to see if Asha ever accepts Clark’s offer. I could have imagined someone like Camilla (had she lived) taking that up. Immortality and never aging would be really appealing to someone like her but I don’t see Asha as the vain type. But I still wonder if she’ll ever come around to Clark’s way of thinking. It’s not a vanity thing for him (at least, not solely anyway), so maybe he’ll convince her one day.

    I haven’t had any sims in TS3 live apart from one parent, so it’s nice that they still roll wishes for the absent one. I’m glad Dominic had such a good relationship with his kids. He’s totally the “fun” parent, lol!

    I’m dying to see Emma as a teen now!

    • Mao

      Haha, thanks, Carla! I’m not much of a builder. I’m actually quite awful at it, to be honest! But I needed something ridiculous and I’m glad you guys don’t think it’s horrible.

      I’m glad they’re married, but I wish Asha would come around to becoming a vampire! ‘Good’ sims are not usually ones to enjoy such a thing. When you turn them, they typically roll a wish to be cured. I’m waiting for her sim to give me a sign that she’s okay or ready for it. I’ll know it when I see it, lol!

      I love that Julian and Emma roll wants for Dominic. They have a good relationship with him. It’s surprisingly drama free, to be honest! Asha and Dominic get on well despite what happened.

      I can’t wait to show you guys Emma lol!

  • So they finally went through with it! I’m a little surprised, really. I, too, am wondering if Asha will eventually cave and become a vampire.

    I can’t believe you built that house while you were making dinner. It takes me forever to build anything, so I’m in awe.

    I’m so excited to see what Emma looks like now! :)

    • Mao

      I am hoping she does. I wouldn’t mind immortalizing her! But she’s a ‘Good’ sim and they are not easily swayed to the ‘dark side.’

      I can’t believe you guys actually like that house! I am so awful at building, you have no idea. I make these ugly, blocky, and just uninspired things. I’ve tried, for hours, to build amazingly and it just never works out. I’m glad the house doesn’t look horrible!

  • You are way too negative on that house! I think it did exactly what you wanted, which was to be osentacious and make an impression. Accomplished! Love the view they had too! I’m not awfully surprised on the wedding. I’m not a fan of the idea of asha the vampire. But I suppose it’d be nice to have her around longer. Odd though for her dealings with Dominic, I mean wouldn’t he care? Clark like doesn’t leave his house, asha doesn’t have that luxury. And I still am surprised these two can be happy, with her being good and him being evil. Such an opposite couple.

    • Mao

      Haha, thanks, Maisie! I would die for a view like that.

      I am on the fence about it, too. Which is why I am letting her make the decision. I can understand why she would and why she wouldn’t. It will take something big to push her into the would category and if this crime stuff keeps going where I think it may, then she might just get that push…

      Clark doesn’t go out because he can’t. He wants his position as the crime boss to remain a secret, because it’s safer that way. Asha could do whatever she wanted should she be turned.

      They are a surprising couple, but the biggest thing is that Clark is an adult and thinks like an adult, more so than Asha and especially more so than Dominic. He is capable of taking care of her and there is no question that he cares about her. Unfortunately, Asha has yet to realize that Clark is a good guy, but he has his own ideas about getting what he wants. He’s not above manipulation (obviously.)

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