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9: Novak – ‘Barely Breathing’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Andrew Novak was thrilled when he finally graduated from high school.  He left with high honors that landed him early admittance into a prestigious culinary school.  Lucky for him, it was located in downtown Aperture.  It was easier to just stay at home and focus on his studies.

Most people scoffed at his choice; they insisted that he could do better than just being a chef.  To Andrew, it wasn’t a choice but a calling.  He was born to cook and he loved every minute of it.  His particular niche was health food, thanks to his mother’s influence.

It was a good thing he didn’t have to worry about juggling a job with his schooling, as it was pretty intensive.  He spent most of his time on his computer doing research or toiling through some heavy reading.  He hadn’t expected culinary school to be so intensive, but this was one of the best programs in the country.

If all went accordingly, he’d have his own restaurant before he was retirement age!  Business management didn’t interest him, but being his own boss did.  Andrew was ambitious.

Paula wasn’t doing as good as her half-brother.  Recently released from jail and with criminal charges hanging over her head, she was in a bit of a mess.  She was bailed out by Oskar and if she did anything or tried to flee, it was on him.  Paula had no intention of doing either, but that didn’t stop her father from lecturing her.

“I’m not a little girl anymore.  I can take care of myself.”

Oskar’s eyebrows furrowed.  “I think not!  I didn’t train as a lawyer to defend my children in court, Paula.  I can’t believe you’ve done this to me, to your family.”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You might convince a jury that you are just your brother’s puppet, but it won’t work on me.  I know better.  You’re capable of so much, Paula, and yet you just squander it away!”  He sighed, exasperated.  He was too old for this.  “Sometimes, I think I should have separated you and Stefan.  Maybe military school would have worked on you, given you some purpose other than just following your brother around.  When are you going to stand up for yourself and make your own choices?”

Paula was hurt, but she tried not to let it show.  The truth of his words stung, even if she refused to acknowledge it.  She swallowed back the tears that threatened her eyes.

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

“I’ll say,” he huffed, shaking his head.  “What are you going to do when I’m no longer around to save you?”

“Well?” Stefan asked as he approached, watching their father walk away.  “I see you’re still alive, so it must not have been that bad.”

Paula frowned.  “He’s so mad…”

“He’ll get over it.”

Paula wasn’t so sure he would, but she didn’t say so.  Instead, she followed Stefan out of the basement.  Someday, she’d find something that made her happy… until then, she’d just do whatever she was told by whoever happened to be present.  Life was just easier and less painful that way.

Natalia Novak was nothing like her older half-siblings.  She was a good girl, if a bit of an odd one.  She had her quirks.  She liked art, the color black, and the night sky.  She read dark poetry and painted pictures of cloaked figures stealing off into the night on their dark, muscled steeds.  Her favorite movie was about vampires and death.

She didn’t really fit in with the rest of her classmates, but that was okay.  She was rich and her family was pretty well known, so she skated on their influence and pretended to fit in.  High school was all about survival, after all.

It helped that her friends were nothing like her.  Her best friend, Jessica Ryder, was a gorgeous tomboy who liked sports.  Her younger brother, Jack Ryder, was a big goofball who got on with everyone effortlessly.  Catherine McMaster liked the color black, too, and some of the same things, but she had an easy time in crowds and made friends without issue.  The four of them together completed their circle.

Natalia had always been surprised by someone as brash as Jack being interested in art, but he was.  He was good, too… maybe even better than Natalia.  She’d never say that aloud, though.

Jessica was her confidante.  For all their differences, they had always been close.  Ever since their eyes met across the room in grade school, they’d been inseparable.  Natalia was able to keep up with Jessica’s active lifestyle and Jessica made an effort to understand Natalia’s more feminine nature and interests.

The only thing they fought about was Jack.  Jessica insisted he had a crush on Natalia, which horrified her.  She wasn’t really interested in boys.

Besides, she was happy with their little circle.  She didn’t want anything to ruin it.  Things were good the way they were now and she really didn’t ever want it to change.

Natalia was pretty sure she was a bit too ‘weird’ to ever be interested in a normal boy, anyway.

Andrew slept and breathed cooking.  He got tips from his mother and she would often help him, so long as she could stand to watch him mess up her pristine kitchen.  He couldn’t wait until he was able to get out on his own.  Having Kelly yell at him every time he finished cooking to clean it all up was annoying.  He’d miss the luxurious kitchen, but he wouldn’t miss the nagging!

Regan had entered a forensic program in a college several hours away, much to Andrew’s chagrin.  He rarely ever got to see her.  She was trying to finish a four year course in just two years.  This meant that she was cramming and studying almost twenty-four-seven.  She had the brains for it, but it definitely put a strain on their relationship.

When Andrew wasn’t at home studying, he was at the library with Lucy.  Lucy was a pre-med student at the local college.  It had a pretty good program, but it would be almost eight years or more before she actually did any proper ‘doctoring’.

Things had been kind of strained between them ever since Regan and Andrew had gotten together.  Andrew was hoping the time they spent together would repair the damage.

When he finally confronted her about it, Lucy was reticent.  After some coaxing, she finally came clean.

“I miss us being friends, too, Andrew… but you can’t just turn off how you feel.  It doesn’t work that way.  You’re dating my sister–my twin–and it’s just weird.  I mean, I can’t be around you because I just want to slap you both.  Like, how could you do this to me when we were all supposed to be so close?  Even a year later, it still hurts.”

“We never meant to hurt you, Lucy…”

“I know that… but it doesn’t change anything.  It still hurts.”

Andrew convinced her to eat with him at the bistro down the street.  They had come to the valley as they preferred the library there.  It was also the location of the ‘teaching’ hospital in the area.  Lucy would eventually move out here and away from the city.

“So, are you doing it for the money?  I never really saw you as the doctoring type…”

Lucy laughed.  “You never paid attention.  I’ve always wanted this, always.  I was so mad when Regan was the genius and I wasn’t.  It’d be so much easier.  But it’s okay, because I’ve managed.  I realized that I’m stronger and smarter than I thought.”

“I’m glad.  You always sold yourself short.  I guess it’s hard when you have a twin to compare yourself to…”

“I guess so.  Sometimes I feel like we’re identical, because everyone treats us that way.  Like we’re not individuals.”  She took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air.  “Like, for instance, I love it out here.  I can’t wait to live here… but Regan?  She’ll never leave the city.  She’d get bored.”

“She would.  She’d complain about how all there is to do is tip cows.”  Andrew laughed, picturing it in his head.  It was exactly what she’d say if she were here.  “I like it out here.  It’s nice and quiet.”

“I think it would be cool to have a horse or something, you know?  I’d never have the time… but it’s nice to dream.”

Andrew hadn’t relaxed since graduation.  It felt good to just kick back and take everything in.  He couldn’t remember the last time that he and Lucy had just ‘hung out’.  It was nice.  He had missed her company.  It was a shame that everything would soon return to normal.

“Do you love her?”  She asked, breaking the quiet.  The question had been inevitable.

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly.  He couldn’t bring himself to lie.

“That makes it so much worse…”

“I know,” he said with a resigned sigh.

“I don’t want to hurt Regan, but I love you.  I loved you first.  I was just scared.”  She took a deep breath, her confession lifting a heavy weight off her shoulders.  “Regan tried to make it as painless as possible, but I don’t think she completely got it.  Now, it just hurts.  I can’t even look at you two anymore without feeling angry.”

“I’m sorry, Lucy.”

“I know, but it doesn’t change anything.  I think it’s just better if we don’t hang out anymore,” she said, quickly moving to her feet.  She gave him a small, sad smile before leaving.  “Maybe, someday, we can be friends again.  I’ll see you around, Andrew.”

He watched her go, unable to say anything.  There was nothing left to say.  He couldn’t lie and say he really loved Regan and he sure as hell wasn’t about to tell Lucy he loved her, either.  It was a mess no matter which way you split it.  It was just better to ride it out and see where things went.  It would be better when Regan was back.


I’m not doing anything special to handle college.  I’m not as much a stickler for ‘form’ as my fellow simmers!  I wish that I was.  I’m just too darn lazy to brainstorm/build/etc!  In Andrew’s case, his family paid a lot of money so he can hang out at home and practice his cooking.  I won’t let him enter the culinary career until the next round or so, where it will make sense for him to finally be thrown into the fire, so to speak.  Regan was MIA because it would be ridiculous for Aperture to offer every program under the sun.  It also just fit.  Lucy was the one popping up, so I went with it.  It was time to address this mess!  I’m letting Andrew decide who he likes in the end.  He seems to get along better with Lucy, but that could always change…

Natalia is such an oddball, I kind of like it.  I really like their little circle of friends.  It’s a shame Juliet refuses to get along with anyone but Catherine!  She’s too busy with school to really bother with any of this ‘teen stuff’, I guess.

Oskar is NOT happy about Paula at all.  Sigh.  I can’t blame him.  The poor man IS too old for this crap!

I also just have to add, holy CRAP Lucy is STACKED!  Daaaaaaamn.  When I was dressing her, I couldn’t get over it.  I think she got it from her mom, but wow.  Girl got a body like a video vixen!

Title is Duncan Sheik – ‘Barely Breathing.’

8 comments to 9: Novak – ‘Barely Breathing’

  • Josh

    I’m SCREAMING at Lucy having a video vixen body. WORK!!!!! In all honesty I’m not really sure Lucy and Andrew will ever be together, it’d be too weird. Well, at least irl. Sims may not care but I’d never get over it.

    • Mao

      LOL! I am sad about Lucy and Andrew. They really do seem to care for one another so effortlessly as YAs. Sigh! It would be very weird. I’m sure it’s happened, though. Jerry Springer exists for a reason! I am just hoping these sims figure out what they want. :P

  • Ha, I figured that would be about how Oskar would react to Paula! I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he lets her stay in jail next time, just to learn her lesson! Because I just know she hasn’t this time!

    Andrew looks so much like his dad now! Good on him for doing something he wants to do and not something other people think would make “better” use of his skills. At least he knows what he wants in that arena. If only he could develop some similar direction with his love life! This Regan and Lucy thing is already getting messy!

    I love Natalia. I have a soft spot for oddball types! And she seems to do okay for herself, socially. She’s got her little group to hang out with. She’ll figure out the romance thing in due time, if she wants to.

    • Mao

      Oskar is not happy at all and I don’t blame him one bit! You’re right. He would.

      Haha, you know, I think you’re right. Andrew and Stefan both seem to take after Oskar the most. The Regan and Lucy thing is a total mess. I’m sad, but I also don’t want to force my hand. They made the choice, they have to deal with it!

      Natalia is so much fun. She’s at war with being a delicate goth chick and trying to keep up with the rough and tumble Ryder siblings. It’s so much fun to watch.

  • Ack on Paula. I was hoping she’d step up and make a choice to not follow Stefan. Poor Oskar, hes too old for all this and I’d hats for him to die with his children still such a mess.

    Natalia is gorgeous and I really like her! She’s interesting and I like her group of friends. And Lucy has a great bod! Is Regan the same? I really wish that Andrew had picked Lucy. Curious this this will work itself out.

    • Mao

      Paula is another one of those sims, like Mark, that drives me bananas. I want her to make a good decision SO BADLY, but she just won’t. The only good decision she’s made lately is wanting to talk to Luis, but he’s not really interested. :(

      Natalia is lovely! I’m enjoying her quirky ways.

      Regan and Lucy do not have the same body. I was shocked. They looked the same as teens, but Regan is a bit more ‘fit’ and trim than Lucy’s curvacious figure.

  • Poor Oskar–Paula is going to send him into an early grave!

    I like your solution for Andrew’s culinary school. I tried to use the Traveller mod to create a university world that my Sims could travel to, but I was super scared when I tested it because some weird things happened, and I was just too worried I would blow everything up. I’m going to establish a small university area in a corner of Plymouth Falls and call it a day. Maybe one day I’ll try out the Traveller mod again, but for now I’m just too cautious.

    I like Andrew and Lucy together….and who knows what Regan could be up to while she’s at school? Long distance relationships are notoriously difficult.

    • Mao

      I’m going to try and figure out something for more ‘classic’ university courses like medical/business/etc. I’ll probably have a community lot where they can study and have skill requirements for them to meet/etc. I’ll set something up eventually, I’m sure!

      I’m using the Traveler mod to make Sunlit Tides a vacation world and it’s worked okay so far. I love that it makes backups BEFORE you travel should anything go wrong!

      I really wish Andrew and Lucy had gotten together. We’ll see how Regan and Andrew get on once she’s back!

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