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9: McMaster – ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’

Patrick McMaster (Elder), Noreen McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Teen), Juliet McMaster (Teen), Catherine McMaster (Teen)

Patrick and Noreen McMaster were beginning to question their chances at grandchildren.  It had always seemed like they’d be ‘young’ grandparents.  Philip and Gwendolyn seemed on the fast-track to marriage, until that train had derailed into one terrible mess.  Philip was better now and Noreen had the sneaking suspicion it had something to do with a certain blonde sneaking out in the early morning hours.

She just hoped that this was the end of it instead of a new beginning.  Love wasn’t always enough to hold two people together, sometimes there needed to be more.

Bianca seemed to sense that something had changed.  She and Philip had an easy friendship, so when he stopped calling and didn’t respond to her messages, she grew worried.  She wasn’t shy about her intentions–she wanted more than friendship, but was willing to wait until Philip got over Gwendolyn.  She was not, however, willing to stand by idly while Gwendolyn tried to have her cake and eat it, too.

She managed to drag Philip away from his duties long enough to visit her at work.  She was a desk clerk at a motel outside of Aperture City.  It was only temporary.

“Seriously, Bianca, what’s the emergency?”

She took his hands into her own and smiled.  “I lied.  There is no emergency.”

“Geeze, Bianca.  That’s not funny!”

She cupped his face with her hands.  “For once, I was not trying to be amusing.  I just wanted to lure you here.  You’ve been ignoring me, Philip.  I am not fond of it.  What has she done now?”

He wasn’t uncomfortable.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  It solidified what he’d been thinking all this time.  Unlike Gwendolyn, Philip was careful with people.  He wouldn’t build them up just to tear them down.  He was cautious where she was impetuous.  He did care about her, but it was becoming obvious that their time had passed.  Bianca had given him more consideration in just a few months than Gwendolyn had in their years together.

“We fixed it, I guess.  It’s okay now… as okay as it can be.”  He didn’t bother lying to her.  He was terrible at it.

“Good.  That makes this so much simpler.”  Bianca didn’t give him a chance to respond.  She kissed him without hesitation, pressing herself against him fully.

Philip had tried to dissuade Bianca away from her course of action, not because he was uncertain, but because he wasn’t used to someone being so forward.  Bianca wasn’t hearing any of it.  She had lured him here with this in mind.  Things may have been ‘fixed’ between Philip and Gwendolyn for now, but Bianca was certain the blonde girl wasn’t completely done with him.

She’d have to be, once Bianca was through.  She wasn’t the type to just ‘go home’.  She was completely sure that she was the better option for Philip and she wasn’t afraid to prove it.

Mark, meanwhile, was struggling.  He was a senior now and ready to graduate.  His grades had been good and he’d done well on all his exams, but it didn’t mean anything to him.  He still just felt lost.  He was surrounded by family and yet he always felt alone.  He did well in school and girls chased after him, but he always felt apart from everything and everyone.  His school councilor had chalked it up to teenaged angst, but Mark was beginning to feel differently.

It wasn’t going away, it was getting worse.  He could barely focus on his homework anymore, not that any of it mattered now anyway.  He was golden as far as school was concerned.

He just wished he could feel something that wasn’t empty.

Noreen wasn’t ignorant to her middle child’s plight.  He had always been different.  If she didn’t know better, she would have thought he was switched in the hospital.  For all his differences, there were things he did that reminded her that he was hers.  He was an early riser, like she was.  They were always the first awake.  She would spend time with him watching early morning television in the quiet hours while everyone else was still asleep.

There was nothing that she could do.  She had tried, but it had all failed.  Whatever needed doing, it would have to be done by Mark himself.  Noreen hated watching him flounder when he had everything going for him.  It was painful to be helpless.

Patrick left Mark to Noreen and handled Philip’s situation himself.  He wasn’t stupid enough to think that Gwendolyn would let well enough alone.  He hadn’t met Bianca yet, but he was certain anything was better for Philip than being stuck.

“Dad, really.  I know you’re a PI and all, but stay out of my business!”

“We’re just worried about you, Philip… that’s all.  We harass you out of love.”

“I’m a grown adult and I make my own decisions.  I thought you and mom trusted me enough to make good ones.”

“We do, it’s just–”

“Just let it go, dad.  I’m not an idiot.  I know everyone thinks I am, but I’m not.”  Philip turned his attention back on his task–cleaning out the horse pen.  “I know what I’m doing, okay?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.  We do trust you.  But we’re here if you want to talk.”

Philip waved him off and went back to his work.

Noreen and Patrick should have focused their attention on the love lives of their youngest daughters.  Juliet had recently decided that she liked an upperclassman and wasn’t about to let their small age gap stand in her way.  Catherine refused to leave the two alone together.  She was ever the protective sibling.  She didn’t trust the older guy, but Juliet was hard to dissuade once she put her mind to something.

Catherine secretly hoped she’d figure out Garrick was a jerk and move on.

Patrick tried not to think about the fact that his main employer was now the vampire crime boss of the entire valley.  To him, he was simply a man trying to make a living while also protecting his family.  Clark offered him both and Patrick never had to hurt anyone.  He did have to act as Clark’s intermediary sometimes, though.  Meeting with Lola Trebo was one such task.

“The only way my employer will agree to anything is if Stefan relinquishes control.”

“Will we get to meet him?”  She asked.  There was something odd about her, but Patrick couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

“No,” he replied quickly.  Clark always did his business through others in order to protect his identity.  Few knew who he really was.  “That’s not how it works.”

“Ha!  I’m beginning to suspect it might be you, Patrick.”

He quirked an eyebrow at her.  He wasn’t used to strangers addressing him by his first name.  “I can assure you that it is not.  I am simply hired, as is my business, to perform certain tasks… all well within the law.  I am not a criminal.”

She laughed.  “If you’re a straight shooter, then I’m a triple agent.”

He stared at her.  She looked like a triple agent, but she was young, much too young to have climbed that high.  It took forever to move through the bureaucracy.  No, she was just a femme fatale with a chip on her shoulder the size of Aperture’s largest skyscraper.  Still, there was something behind her eyes… something that unnerved even Patrick.

“Oh, don’t get all serious on me.  I’m not with the law.  If I was, wouldn’t you know?  You are a PI, after all.”

“Yes,” he responded, slowly regaining his composure.  “Yes!  I would.  Anyway.  Talk to Stefan and a meeting will be arranged.  He must agree to the terms, all of them… no loopholes.”

While Patrick was dealing with matters of work, Noreen was trying to keep Catherine from failing out of school.  She just didn’t have the focus that Juliet did.  She was more interested in being social and hanging out with friends than reading assignments and homework.  It was frustrating, but Noreen refused to give up.  She wanted Catherine to graduate.

Noreen was relieved when Philip brought Bianca by to meet everyone.  The two had been friends for months, but he’d always kept her far away from his family.  Noreen took this as a sign that Gwendolyn was a thing of the past and they didn’t have to worry about her anymore.

Bianca was a nice girl, if a little strange.  Noreen had never really been around someone from such a faraway place before.  She was sweet, though, and quickly grew on everyone.  It was a good thing, as after their initial meeting, she became an almost permanent fixture.  She stayed there more than she stayed at her own house.

Bianca liked staying with the McMaster family.  It was homey and it gave her a reprieve from her annoying roommates.  She couldn’t wait to get out of that crowded house and there was absolutely no way she was going home!  No, she had left for a reason.

She awoke late one night, thoughts of home troubling her mind.  She couldn’t sleep.  Instead, she focused her attention on the picture displayed prominently on Philip’s dresser.  He didn’t stir when she pushed back the covers and crawled out of bed.

It was a prom picture, taken years ago.  Philip had mentioned casually that he kept it around because he liked reminding himself that he had been prom king.  Still, it had Gwendolyn in it.  Bianca was assured of her position in Philip’s life, but the picture bothered her.  After stealing a glance over her shoulder at Philip’s sleeping form, Bianca grabbed the photo and tucked it away into one of the drawers.

She’d find something to replace it eventually.  Philip probably wouldn’t even notice and if he did, it would be proof that they needed to have a long talk.


Philip rolled the Lucky Scratcher (1,000) ROS, but I forgot to write it in and now I’m too lazy to go back and do it.  It’s not that big of a deal, anyway.  I just figured that I’d mention he was the one who got the money.  It’ll definitely help with Mark moving out.  He’s a YA now and we’ll get to see him next round.

Speaking of Mark, I nearly lost him.  He got the same birthday bug that Cherie’s daughter (Jack’s twin) had.  I managed to delete her, but Mark wasn’t so easy to deal with.  I had to evict him and then delete him from the clipboard and then replace him with an older, child version from a backup save.  What a mess!  I tried multiple ways to fix it, but it all just made the neighborhood messed up even worse.  I have GOT to remember to save BEFORE birthdays… sigh!

As for Philip and Bianca, he rolled up a wish to go on a date with her and so I did it.  I looked at Bianca’s wishes and she wanted to ‘Woohoo with Philip’, so I allowed it.  They are together now and get along super well.  As sad as I was to see Gwen and Philip part ways, I can see that Bianca is a better match for him.  Let’s just hope Gwen realizes that too and keeps her disaster self away from him!

Juliet liking Garrick is from a prom pairing.  It’s kind of weird and Garrick doesn’t seem to like her very much, despite the fact that they are ‘romantic interests’.  I don’t see it going anywhere.  Catherine’s grades were AWFUL the entire time.  Juliet finally tutored her up to a ‘C’.

Patrick meeting up with Lola was part of a case.  I thought it was cool, so I wrote it in as it fits with something I found out about Lola last round… which makes things SUPER interesting to me!  I should have taken a screenshot of the case dialogue.

Title is Justin Timberlake – ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around.’

8 comments to 9: McMaster – ‘What Goes Around… Comes Around’

  • Josh

    YAS. I like Bianca and even her pajamas slay. She better concentrate on keeping her man! Is Lola Dina’s daughter form your other blog? She’s pretty either way.

    • Mao

      Yep, Lola is Dina’s daughter from my other world. :) I just tweaked some things on her a bit. A lot of my ‘townies’ are sims that should be somewhat recognizable… but not all.

      I’m glad you like Bianca. I like her, too. She’s a bit more decisive than Gwendolyn!

  • I’m curious about Bianca! She seems like a bit of a schemer! Her putting Gwendolyn’s picture in the draw was almost…ominous, perhaps? I’d watch out if I was Gwen, anyway! I’m glad Bianca and Philip have clicked so well but I can imagine her not taking too kindly to another woman trying to move in on her man!

    I’ve never come across this bug but you’re kind of terrifying me! Maybe I should, like, actually back up my TS3 game. I seriously never have. I’ve never had a hood I’ve played long enough to want to but I think this current one might “stick* for me, so I don’t want to lose it.

    • Mao

      Oh, she is. She’s definitely not the type to sit back and let something happen! She won’t hurt Gwendolyn, but she’s not going to let her just ride in and take whatever she wants. Bianca is under the thought that Gwendolyn made her choice, now she has to live with it!

      Definitely make a back-up of your save! Or at least, get in the habit of saving before having a birthday. I used to, but then I just stopped… sigh.

  • I agree that the prom picture was rather omnious. Glad shes not a secret killer. I think she is better for him then gwendolyn. I’m glad you saved mark. I’m excited to see him as ya. I hope something sparks life into him. Its hard when uoj have characters like these because they just dont seem to come around. They settle and go through actions or they give up. I have two in my hood with Annie and Emma and they always make me crazy.

    Im really curious what all the foreshadowing is on Lola and where its leading us. If she was under cover that wouldn’t mean a PI would be in on that info. Cant wait to see what her secret is!

    • Mao

      Hahaha! No, Bianca is not a serial killer… she’s just a determined lady. She is definitely better for him than Gwendolyn and so far, it seems Philip agrees. I’m hoping it stays that way!

      I don’t even know what to do with Mark anymore except to throw him in an extreme situation and see if it spurs anything. I hate forcing my hand like that, though!

      To be honest with you, Lola’s secret surprised ME! I will explain it all when the big reveal comes up, but until then, I’m not saying anything more. ;)

  • Poor Mark. I really wonder if he’ll ever get excited about anything. Patrick’s cases always end up feeding into your storylines so well. I am really curious about Lola and the thing you found out about her now. :) I hope Bianca isn’t going to prove to be bad for Philip…

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