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9: Martel/Mosley – ‘Last Time’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley’s weird mood swings did not go unnoticed by her housemate, Luis Martel.  He had to deal with her on a daily basis and after several years of cohabitation, knew her almost as well as his own family.

“I’m fine,” she said, ignoring him and focusing on her pancakes.  “Just trying to figure out what’s next.”

“Fine?  Women are never fine, Gwen!  That’s like the first thing us guys learn.  What’s going on, what’s with the drama all of the sudden?”

“I can’t really talk to you about this, Luis,” she said, shifting her eyes to the side.  “Just let it go, okay?  I’ll be all right.”

That was a code Luis had gotten used to by now.  Ever since he had arrested Paula Novak, Gwendolyn became a little more tight-lipped about certain things.  Anytime she refused to talk to him, he knew it was about them.  He sighed.  Why couldn’t she have just stayed with Philip and avoided all this crime drama?

Gwendolyn also took her calls in the bathroom now.  She really did care about Luis and she didn’t doubt that their friendship was solid, but she also didn’t trust him when it came to the Novak twins.  He was out for blood.

So, anytime they popped up on her caller ID, she’d slink in and answer the phone.  Now, however, she wanted to throw it against the wall.  If she were a cruel person, she might have even considered helping Luis out… but she wasn’t.  So, instead, she just said something mean to Stefan and hung up on him.

Gwendolyn needn’t have worried about Luis trying to bust Stefan and Paula.  He was a little preoccupied with his latest romantic interest, Sacha Harcourt.  It had been a chance meeting during a routine burglary call.  Sacha’s idea of showing her appreciation was a bit beyond a simple handshake and ‘thanks’.

Luis found himself caught in the whirlwind of her lifestyle, which was parties, clubs, drinking, and just having fun.

Sacha’s fame had jumped up considerably thanks to her former romantic connection to Dominic Cosaro and the help of her own bubbly nature and attractiveness.  Anytime they went out, there was paparazzi to dodge and fans to deal with.  Some her fans were a bit much for Luis, though.  Being a cop, he couldn’t really do anything, but there were a few he wanted to pelt with a nightstick.

Of course, all the late nights were wearing on him.  He was still a beat cop and his performance was suffering.  He’d been looking into coursework for forensics before meeting Sacha and his department said that if he did well, they’d pay for his classes.  Now that his performance was slipping, that was in jeopardy.

“You look rough,” Gwendolyn said.  “Maybe you should tell her you need to focus on your job?”

Luis sighed, “I know I need to, but seriously, Gwen.  You can’t just do that to someone like her.  How often does someone like me get to hang out with that kind of circle?  Besides, she’s amazing.  I haven’t been with someone like her since–”


“Yeah, only she’s not insane.”

Gwendolyn sighed.  “She’s not insane, Luis.  She’s actually doing really well lately, despite everything.  Maybe you should–”

“Gotta go… gonna be late again.”

Gwendolyn was actually the one who was insane right now.  She didn’t know what had come over her, but anger was all she felt anymore.  When she saw Rosalind Redford on her way to work, she couldn’t help herself.  She nearly started a fight with the girl right then and there.  Rosalind begged off it, though.  She said she was tired and had more important things to do than slum it up with someone like Gwendolyn.

Luis knew that he needed to take it easy on the partying, but it was hard.  He’d never done anything like it in his entire life and it was just all-consuming.  Nevermind the fact that he was hanging out with celebrities and dating a girl whose face was on all the magazines right now.  Luis had never lived the rich life and this was just a fun, temporary taste of what it was like.

Because of the split between Dominic and Sacha, she practically lived at the house.  They never saw her, though.  She worked early mornings and was always gone before Luis woke up.  Her schedule was so hectic that she rarely had any time to relax.

Gwendolyn hadn’t said anything about the girl practically moving in overnight.  He knew she was friends with Paula.  Despite that, Luis hoped Gwendolyn would look at Sacha like anyone else and not competition.

Introducing Philip to Sacha was interesting.  Luis hadn’t given him any warning.  He just called him over and when Philip walked into the living room, there she was.  He blinked a couple of times before saying:

“Are you serious right now?”

Sacha smiled at him.  “Hello!”

“Uh, hi,” Philip said, trying not to trip over his words.  He looked at Luis.  “Dude, can we talk for a second?”


While they were talking, Sacha snuck off to the bathroom.  It had been happening for awhile now.  At first, she thought it was the partying and her strange diet.  Eventually, it began to sink in that it wasn’t that at all.  She hadn’t been to a doctor, she hadn’t even told anyone.  The first one to find out was Gwendolyn, when she heard the noises and came to investigate.

“Sacha, are you okay?”


Once she got her sorts back and was able to stand upright again, Gwendolyn drug her away from the guys and whispered to her sternly:

“You have to tell him.”

“I know,” Sacha said sadly.  “I just… I’m afraid.”

“Luis is a stand-up guy.  You’re lucky it’s him and not some jerk, Sacha.  Really.  Just tell him.  It’ll be okay.  The sooner you tell him, the better.  You practically live here anyway, so you should just make it official and move in.  It’ll make things easier for you both.”

“What were you two whispering about over there?  I’m surprised to see you’re so chummy… you are friends with Paula and all now, after all.”  Philip said as Gwendolyn walked away from Sacha.

“So?  I’m not a mean person, Philip!”  She snapped at him.  She was still stinging from Stefan’s well-aimed comment about Philip moving on to Bianca.  “You don’t know anything about me!”

Philip put his hands up, “whoa, Gwen.  Calm down.  What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.”  She sighed, frustrated.  “I’m sorry, I’m just on edge.  I’ll see you later.”

She stalked off before he could say anything else.

Gwendolyn wasn’t sure why she was there.  She had left the house, got into her car, and this is where she ended up.  It made her angry.  She wanted to see Paula, but she’d have to see Stefan, too.  Something told her Paula was an excuse.

“I knew you’d turn up eventually,” Stefan commented.  She wanted to smack the smug confidence off his face.

“You couldn’t just buzz me up?  Maybe I wanted to see Paula.”

“She’s not here,” he replied, grinning.  “But you knew that, didn’t you?  She’s at our dad’s, working on her case… she told you that the other day on the phone.  I was there.”

She really hadn’t intended to stay the rest of the night, it had just happened.  Gwendolyn wasn’t happy with herself.  She’d fallen into the trap again.  She sighed.

“This isn’t going to happen again, Stefan.”

“Of course it will,” he said, completely unfazed by her cold tone.  “Trying to deny that isn’t going to get you anywhere.  You just need to face up to your demons and own them.  You’d be happier.”

“I’d be happier away from you.”

She began to gather her clothes only for him to stop her.  “Oh, Gwen… get over yourself.  Why are you so obsessed with being someone you’re not?”

“Are you seriously lecturing me right now?” She choked back a bitter laugh.  “That’s hilarious.”

“At least I own up to who and what I am, Gwen.  I don’t spend my days running from it, like you.  You need to get a grip or you’re going to end up like Paula was and is.  Stuck.”

“I’m not stuck and I’m not running from anything; I just want to get away from you.” She snapped, glaring at him.  “All I want to do right now is punch you in the face.”

“You can try it,” he said with a small smile.  “I doubt you’ll get far, though.  I saw you with Rosalind.  I think the only thing I have to fear for is my hair.”

“Ugh, you’re such a jerk!”

“Truth is, Gwen… you’re stuck with me.  Rosalind was a fun business thrill and Lola was a passing interest… but you.  You’re the constant.  Others come and go, but you’re the one who will always be around.  There’s something about you that keeps you from being a passing interest.  You should consider it a compliment.”

She stopped him from touching her, her hand latching hard around his forearm.  “Don’t touch me, you ass.  I’m out of here.”

Gwendolyn threw her clothes on in a huff and stomped out.  She didn’t care if she looked disheveled, she needed to go.

Meanwhile, Sacha was confronting her own sort of demons.  Luis was surprised to see she was still there when he woke up.  He was getting ready to leave for work when she stopped him.

“Luis, we need to talk…”

“Can it wait?  I’ve got to get to work befor–”

“I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widened and his face paled.  “W-What?”


Whew.  This was actually fun to play.  Also, Sacha has moved in with Luis.  I was having some weird glitch where every time they went on a date downtown, she kept getting the action to ‘Go Out’ and she’d run out of the building.  It happened for twenty minutes and I finally just added her to the household to keep myself from randomly murdering people in frustration.

Now, for some funny pictures.

Apparently Noreen McMaster has been working on her moves.  She must have visited a LOT of clubs while I was playing other sims, lol!

This was cracking me up so much.  Sacha can club dance (she clubs a lot when I’m not playing her), and so she and Luis would always bust out this one.  Soo funny.

The McMaster horses are totally stalking Gwendolyn.  Look at them creeping around the corner!  They always turn up at community lots when she visits, lol.

Bet you thought it was Luis/Sacha who got the risky ROS?  Wrooong!  It was Gwendolyn.  Oh, snap!  I didn’t automatically decide who she would woohoo.  I even gave her the chance to jump Philip, but all they did was argue.  She had messed around with Stefan during the Novak 2 update, so since she refused her chance at Philip, it was decided.  I had her visit Stefan and finish it out official style.  Things have just gotten super complicated!

Also, any time Gwendolyn sees Rosalind now, she wants to be mean to her.  They are officially one another’s nemesis.  Ha!

Title is Fuel – ‘Last Time.’

12 comments to 9: Martel/Mosley – ‘Last Time’

  • ElectronicSim

    Oh hell. I knew it! LOL
    I sure want to see Stephan’s reaction to the ‘good news’ though.

  • Oh brother! These are two girls that shouldn’t be having babies. I am so curious about stefans response though! I also think Stefan had some valid points about Gwen. I always thought she was a good girl but that long sweet blond hair is deceiving. She should just own it and settle into a crummy life with Stefan. I wouldn’t feel bad for her, I dint like her as much since she hurt Phillip. And ugh Sacha. I dont like her ether. I like her the least out of every other character and now shes stealing Luis away from Paula. I’m sulking.

    • Mao

      I completely agree. I was not expecting Sacha to get pregnant AT ALL and then when Gwendolyn rolled that ROS I was like “oh, no!” Sigh.

      I wouldn’t call it “crummy.” I think it’s more of how you look at it. In the end, she kind of brought it on herself.

      Sacha isn’t that bad. I actually enjoy her quite a bit and she could be good for Luis, but this forced jump in their relationship might cause some issues down the line.

  • LOL, Noreen!

    Oh man, so both Gwendolyn AND Sacha are pregnant? Oh man. I’m not really so concerned about Sacha, because I think Luis will step up, once he gets over his understandable shock, at least!

    But Gwendolyn and Stefan? Gwendolyn is a total mess but I can see her maybe taking this as a chance to turn things around for herself. But I think she’ll be doing it on her own. I can’t see Stefan wanting to play happy families.

    Very curious to see how this all turns out!

    • Mao

      Hehe, that was too funny. Noreen club dancing.

      I know. It’s insane! Luis will definitely step up, but Stefan… I can’t wait to see what his reaction is going to be, lol!

  • Josh

    GWENDOLYN MOSLEY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I’m so upset right now. I mean, I KNEW she wasn’t going to end up with Phillip but now? UGH.
    Sacha and Luis are cute, so I’m not too worried. I can’t believe your toddlers are already having babies!

    • Mao

      I know, right? She’s such a mess. Now she’s got this whole situation going on. Way to go, girl.

      I’m glad you think they’re cute! I’m curious to see how their relationship develops. It’s really hard to believe these guys used to be toddlers!

  • I’m sure Stefan will just be sooo glad he kept pursuing Gwendolyn like that! (And I suspect Gwen will be ecstatic too)

    Also poor Sacha! She’s finally with a guy that’s not taken/afraid of commitment and then this happens. Luis will be upstanding about it at least, but it’s definitely not an ideal situation for either of them!

    • Mao

      Hahahaha! He’s going to freak out, I’m sure. With all the stuff going on, this is the last thing anyone needs or wants.

      I know, she has no luck. She was the one who kept wanting to risky woohoo, though. Every time I left her idle and she queued up autonomous woohoo, it was risky!

  • Oh wow! Two more pregnancies, all in close proximity! This is pretty exciting. It’s too bad Philip squandered his chance to complicate his life even more…but I guess poor Gwen won’t ever really be able to shake Stefan now. Like it or not, they’re bound together.

    I love the picture of the horses stalking Gwen–too funny!

    • Mao

      LOL! “Squandered his chance to complicate his life even more”… I love it. Haha. It’s so true, though.

      Oh yes, they are definitely stuck together now!

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