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9: Klein – ‘Adia’

Camilla Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult), Rhys Klein (Child), Gavin Klein (Baby)

Camilla didn’t stick around for long after Gavin’s birth.  She took a month before immediately heading off on her tour, leaving Alex to care of the newborn on his own.  Not only did he have to care for Gavin, but he also had to handle moving on his own, too.  They had bought a house just outside of Aperture, in the same neighborhood as his father.

The break gave them some much needed space, but Alex wished that Camilla would take her maternal duties more seriously.

When she returned, things were still tense between them.  Camilla hadn’t told him that she’d visited Dominic while on tour and ended the affair.  There was no reason to.  The mere fact that she’d sneaked off to see him would be enough to make Alex angry again.  It was easier just to be quiet and let things repair themselves.

Unfortunately, few things in the world are actually capable of self repair.  Relationships, especially, needed both parties to try and make an effort.

Camilla did manage to get home just before Gavin’s birthday.  She had missed almost the entirety of his infancy.  It wasn’t something that particularly bothered her.  Babies were, for the most part, unremarkable in her eyes.  He’d never even know she wasn’t there, anyway.

Rhys was happy to have someone else around to deal with his parents weirdness.  He tried not to let it get to him, but it was hard not to feel the tension in the air.  He spent most of his time in his room, hanging out with Gavin.

When he wasn’t hiding in his room, he was hanging out with his friend, Emma Steel.  They went to the same preparatory academy, both having famous parents.  They met during a shared lunch period and hit it off.  They both knew what it was like to come from weird, rich families.

Emma got a kick out of Camilla.  She liked to snap pictures on her phone of the pop star being goofy.  Rhys just rolled his eyes.  His mother loved any kind of attention.

It was a good thing Rhys had Emma, because he was going to need a friend.  No one was prepared for what happened next.  When Rhys tried to explain it all to Emma, he felt crazy… but it was all true.

Camilla had wanted the fireplace.  It was one of the things she wanted most when they moved into their new house.  It was always lit and for the year and a half they had lived there, it gave them no problems.  Then, one day… it just went up in flames.  Camilla was the nearest one, having been in the kitchen at the time.  Alex was caught in the blaze, too.  He barely remembered being pulled out by two fire fighters, who then went on to try and save Camilla.

Unfortunately, it was too late.  The fire had blocked them from reaching her and by the time they got to her, she was already gone.

Alex didn’t realize she was gone until he came back into the house.  They had told him to get cleaned up before they spoke.  It was an accident, anyone could see that.  The police arrived to do a report, but there was really nothing to say other than ‘accident’.  Alex was too distraught to talk about it.

They had offered to clean up the mess, but Alex brushed them off.  He immediately had the fireplace decommissioned and removed entirely.  Once it was gone, he moved the boys back into the house and began to clean up the mess himself.  It was his way of coping with what had happened.

They kept the funeral service small and private in an effort to keep the media away.  Mere hours after Camilla’s death and Alex’s phone was ringing off the hook.  Paparazzi were even waiting outside of Rhys’ school to interrogate him.  It was a media circus that Alex had wished to protect his boys from at all cost.

Rhys was upset, but he kept his composure.  Gavin was too young to fully understand what had happened, but it was clear he knew something was missing and wrong.

Camilla’s family were a big help in the aftermath.  When they had a memorial service, Oskar and his entire brood arrived.  Alex was a little surprised to see the twins, but he figured it was a show of family solidarity.  Throw in a disaster and everyone turns up.

Oskar was surprisingly composed, but it was obvious in his eyes that he was upset.  Camilla had been his eldest.  Still, this was not his first brush with untimely death.

“Death is horrible.  These next few years are going to be tough, but you’ll get through it.  We’ll help you,” Oskar said, putting a comforting hand on his son-in-law’s shoulder.  “I know what it’s like to lose a wife with young children depending on you.  It isn’t easy.”

“I appreciate it, but–”

“No buts, son.  I’m not offering you, I’m telling you… we’re going to help you.”

Alex’s own family wasn’t absent in his time of need.  His twin sister, Lana, helped him put a few things in the empty space where the fireplace had been.  It was her idea to include Camilla’s award and her favorite flowers.  It was a hard time for both of them.

“Do you want me to move in?  I can,” Lana said, looking over his shoulder and at her nephew, Rhys.  It was clear he couldn’t do this on his own.  “You need help.”

Alex sighed and shook his head.  “No, Lana.  That’s silly.  Between you, Oskar, and Kelly… I’ve got about all the help I can handle right now.  Thank you, but just being here is a enough.”

Lana was never one to do as she was told.  She didn’t move in, but she did stay over quite a bit.  She was a big help with the boys, especially Gavin.  Lana was a school teacher and her natural way with children was obvious.

Rhys was thrilled when she turned up with a dog.  His name was Link.  She figured it would give the boys a nice little boost.

“Alex, wake up,” Lana said, plopping herself down on the bed.  “It’s nine am!”

Alex grumbled and rolled over.  The election had ended shortly after Camilla’s funeral.  Unsurprisingly, Alex was the new mayor.  His new position meant a lot of work and no time off to grieve.

“I brought the boys a dog.”

That got him out of bed real quick.

After Alex finished yelling at Lana, he came out to investigate the newest member of the family.  Rhys was playing with Link, Oskar watching from the table.  A plate set out for Alex.  He didn’t bother arguing.  He just sat down and ate.

“A dog, really?”

Oskar shrugged.  “It’s good for them.  Your sister’s heart is in the right place.  They need somewhere to put all that… ‘energy’.”

Alex sighed.  “I barely have time to care for them, much less a dog!”

“You’ll manage,” Oskar assured him.  “It’ll be fine.”

Lana continued practically living at the house.  She only left to go to work and do the errands that Alex couldn’t.  He appreciated the help, but he hated to think of Lana missing out on her own life to help him.

Rhys liked having his aunt around.  He’d always liked her, but he knew things were weird between her and his mother.  Now, however, she was always around.  He would soon be her teacher, too.

“Aunt Lana,” Rhys said one day as he cleared the plates from the table.  “Ice cream isn’t really a good breakfast…”

“Sure it is,” she responded, hefting another spoonful into her mouth.  “For grownups, of course.  Not for kids.  You have to eat healthy.”

“…at least use a bowl,” he said, giving her a look.  Rhys was a bit of a stickler for manners.  “That’s gross.”

Link was a good addition to the family.  Rhys had perked up considerably and even Gavin seemed to enjoy the dog’s company.  Alex had to admit, it wasn’t too much work and the benefits were worth it.

One of Alex’s rituals now was to visit the cemetery.  He did so quietly.  He had no desire to distress the boys with mentions of grim things like cemetery visits.  It was something he liked to do alone.

He liked to come to at sunset.  It seemed to be the perfect time.  This time, however, someone was waiting for him.

“Alex.  I knew you’d be here.”

“Dad,” Alex responded with a sigh.  “What are you doing here?”

As the lights flickered on, they sat quietly on a nearby bench.  Alex wasn’t really sure what to say.  He hadn’t seen Clark face-to-face since he’d become a vampire.  Now that he was a supernatural crime boss, it was wisest that he stayed ‘hidden’.

“You know why I had to wait until now to see you,” Clark said.  “That doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping an eye on you.”

“Why did you bother coming at all?”

Clark sighed.  “What do you want me to do, Alex?”

“Can you bring her back?”

“You know that I can’t.”

“Then nothing.  I want you to do nothing.”

Alex stood up and began to walk away.  He stopped, avoiding his father’s heavy gaze.

“This isn’t something you can fix.”

Clark watched him walk away.  He didn’t bother stating the obvious, that he knew he couldn’t fix it.  He just wanted to offer.  He wanted Alex to know that if he could, he would.

Unfortunately, no one could fix death.


Holy crap, guys.  This was an accident… AN ACCIDENT!  That fireplace was totally possessed.  If you don’t follow me on twitter or tumblr, you probably missed it, but here’s the gist:

Rhys sat down in front of the lit fireplace and instantly caught on fire.  The fireman got there with only ten seconds left before Rhys died.  He was saved and all was right with the world again.  Only, I forgot to have someone put out the fire in the fireplace.  (These pictures are the ones I posted on tumblr.)

Alex WALKS by the damn thing and BAM!  Up in flames again.  Only, this time, not only does it get Alex, it somehow jumps to Camilla, too!  She was in the kitchen, for crying out loud!  You can see how far away she is in the picture.

Anyway, the firemen come BACK and save Alex, but they can’t get to Camilla because the fire is blocking the way.  Both Camilla and Alex are on the same moodlet ‘timer’, so she dies and Alex is saved with like, 15 seconds to spare.  I was really, really hoping they’d save Camilla.  I thought I could have him plea for her life, but this is TS3 and that option does NOT exist.  This is how rarely I have sims spontaneously DIE on me!

And bam, Camilla is freaking DEAD!  She hadn’t even aged to an Adult yet and she was set to do it this round.  COMPLETELY changed the story for this post.  Completely.  I told my husband about it as it was happening and he yelled, “that fireplace is cursed, call the Winchesters!” (thus my tumblr comment)  And when I told him that a sim had died, he told me to reload, but I have a strict NO reload rule unless it’s a glitch that I SERIOUSLY can’t control.  I thought about it for a long time and just went with it.

Poor Camilla.  I told my husband, “well, superstars always die young, right?”  I also figured that Camilla would rather DIE than get OLD.  That’s just so her.  Now she’ll always be remembered, just like every famous person that’s ever died young!  Maybe she did this on purpose.  >___>

Title is Sarah McLachlan – ‘Adia.’

16 comments to 9: Klein – ‘Adia’

  • ElectronicSim


    Nooo! Camillaaaa!
    I’m grieving… *snif* I loved the scene between Alex and Clark at the cemetery.

  • I am SHOCKED! What the heck!!! I would not have saved! I get the whole stars dying young, and that’s cool in all, fits, etc. whatev. But! She was *too!* young! Kill her off later. So many things unresolved here, so many! It’s just no good.

    I’m pretty much speechless her with shock, and all the things that were left undone. Poor Alex, and the boys. :( I had to post on twitter before I even finished this, I was shouting outloud, WHAT THE HECK! NO WAY! Ahhhh… poor rotten, selfish Camilla. She was fun to read. :(

    Oh and I guess now that Alex is back on the market, maybe he’d be in the mood to entertain thoughts of another women….

    OOOO! Maybe she hexed the fireplace to get Alex as a widow… you really do need the winchester boys. (heart farts) I guess I wasn’t as speechless as I thought… moving on now. ;)

    • Mao

      My thing is, if I reload one thing, what stops me from reloading later should something else happen that I don’t like? I didn’t like that Gwendolyn randomly broke up with Philip, either… but I kept it because that’s what she wanted, I guess. I’m a control freak, so I have to be really strict! If I’m not, I’ll micro-manage every aspect of their lives, lol.

      The biggest unresolved issue is between her and Alex, which leaves him in a really tough spot. He’ll be dealing with that for a long time and honestly, I don’t see him getting into any serious relationships, especially not with the boys and his work keeping him busy. That could always change, though!

      I will definitely miss writing for her, lol. It was so much fun!

      LOL! That is too funny. The Supernatural ep should come with Sam and Dean!

  • Josh

    I can’t believe Camilla is gone. That’s INSANE. I literally don’t even know what to say because I’m stunned into silence. That SUCKS for you and now you have a weird repeat of the original Novak family. BIZARRE.
    Poor Camilla, may she rest in pixelated peace. You made awful decisions but you were hilarious and gorgeous. <3

    • Mao

      I know! I was kind of laughing because it was so insane, that the fireplace just kept trying to MURDER people. Seriously!

      At least she died famous and loved. She’s also the first one to go into the new downtown cemetery I built, just for her. ;)

  • V

    Is it wrong that I started laughing when Camilla died? BECAUSE I DID. Yeah she left a bunch of things unfinished, but at least she ended her affair with Dominic! And… she was famous? And people loved her? That’s all she really wanted anyway, wasn’t it? It’s not like she really wanted her family, at least not more than their accessory status. So I’m still gonna laugh. That’s how I am. :D

    • Mao

      No! Because I was laughing, too. This was just so ridiculous. What a crazy thing. I mean, really, why did the fireplace keep trying to murder my sims? It makes no sense!

      And like I said at the end of my note, I’m pretty sure Camilla is happy, aside from the fact her body was crispy. This means folks will remember her as young and beautiful FOREVER!

  • Man! I can’t believe Camilla is gone. I missed all the Twitter/Tumblr shenanigans because I was asleep, I think. She was so young. :( The fact that she never really resolved things with Alex makes this extra sad. He would really be feeling that right now. Glad he has so much family around him!

    Sidenote but Gavin is so adorable! TS3 toddlers can so easily be creepers but Gavin is a real cutie!

    • Mao

      You know I post a lot of stuff on twitter, I just never say exactly what’s gone down so I don’t ruin it! Probably a good thing you were asleep. I was just completely baffled by it all.

      Alex is definitely feeling it. I feel bad for him. He was in the right, being angry at her when she died, but now? He just feels guilty, among other things. :(

      Gavin is cute. Why are the crazies always cute? Lol!

  • Snarkysims

    I did see this on Twitter, but I was hoping the Kleins would come out unscathed. RIP, Camilla. I will miss your crazy antics, storming into bedrooms and knocking biz-natches around! Mao, you have awesome restraint and conviction. I would have reloaded. :).

    BTW, I think the new Polite trait coming with Supernatural will be perfect for Rhys, since he’s so proper at his young age. I cracked up at him chiding Lana over eating the ice cream.

    • Mao

      Oh my gosh! I didn’t even KNOW there were new traits with Supernatural. Now I am all super excited. I will wait until awesome/etc are updated to install it, but squee!

      I also loved that you said “biz-natches!” Haha, it’s so true. I really will miss her.

      And Rhys is very proper. It amuses me!

  • R.I.P Camilla! She was definitely a bit out there and wasn’t perfect, but ultimately I think she was a good person and definitely didn’t deserve that. I’m gonna miss her shenanigans!

    I love the kids, so hopefully they can make it through this relatively adjusted. Rhys is hilarious and Gavin is adorable!

    • Mao

      Poor Gavin got the Insane trait from the random baby roll. So, it’ll be interesting to see how he turns out! ;) I will miss Camilla, but I have to say… her kids might just be better off without her. How awful is that?!

  • Oh wow! I follow you on Twitter too, but I somehow missed this!

    I can’t believe she’s gone! Camilla had such a big presence once she came back from boarding school, and now she’s just gone. Alex is a good guy and he deserved better–but he wanted Camilla, and he wanted their marriage to work. It’s so sad!

    I hope his boys will be okay. I also hope he can find a good, nice woman to help him heal.

    And Gavin is SO cute! I love that picture of him at the building block table.

    • Mao

      I was so shocked! It fits, though, the more I think about it. Camilla went out in a dramatic way. There’s no better fitting ending for such a dramatic person, lol! Poor Alex and the boys, though…

      Gavin is such a cute toddler. Usually TS3 toddlers remind me of gremlins, but he was pretty tolerable!

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