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9: Cosaro – ‘Promiscuous’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro and Sacha Harcourt had a good thing going.  They were together primarily out of interest in their careers.  It was a situation that worked out well for the both of them.  Dominic got someone attractive to take to parties and Sacha got the notoriety she needed to launch her career as a model and an actress.

Others may have scoffed at their ‘arrangement’, but they were quite pleased with the results.  Plus, Dominic was thrilled to have someone else keep his place tidy.

Sacha was young, but she wasn’t delusional.  She didn’t have any mistaken ideas about her relationship with Dominic.  She used their time apart to find a more ‘suitable’ partner.  Unfortunately, suitable was an objective term to Sacha.  She’d set her sights on the very married Alex Klein.  It was just sweet luck that his wife was having an affair with Dominic.

“You didn’t spike this, did you?”

She laughed.  “Just shut up and try it.  It’ll make you feel better.”

While their friendship had blossomed, romance had not.  Any attempt to make a move on Alex was met with succinct rejection.  He just wasn’t that kind of guy and it was something that made him all the more attractive to someone like Sacha.  She wanted someone like that.  Perhaps she’d eventually learn that you don’t get good guys by trying to get them to cheat.

“Look, Sacha… you’re gorgeous, okay?  And I’m flattered, really… but I’m married.  I have kids.  I also have a political career that I’m rather fond of.  This just isn’t something that’s going to happen.”

“But your wife is awful and she’s screwing around with Dominic!”

Alex winced, the truth of the situation still a soft spot for him.  “This is… true, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Suddenly, a strangely dressed paparazzo jumped out of the bushes, camera poised.  She yelled, ‘say cheese’ before hurriedly snapping a picture of the two.  It wasn’t terribly compromising, but with the right print and a little photoshopping it would be fit for first page in no time.

Alex shook his head.  “Really?  Are you going to add in my quote about not cheating?”

The woman laughed.  “Sure.  Just wait ’til the voters see this!”

“I’m sorry, Alex.”  Sacha said, frowning.  She felt guilty.  This was her fault.

He shrugged it off.  “I’ll take care of it… besides, this will get Camilla good and mad… especially once she realizes I didn’t do anything, so that’s a bonus.”

Luck was not on Sacha’s side lately.  While Dominic was overnight at an away game, a burglar decided to try and pilfer some of his championship memorabilia.  Thankfully, the crook was inept and the alarm system was not.  The police were on the scene by the time Sacha came downstairs with a bat in her hands.

It took the female cop a good five minutes to talk the bat out of her hands.  Both were relieved when her partner shouted from outside that he’d caught the guy trying to make a run for it.

It was dawn before all the paperwork was filed.  They had the crook in custody and he’d left so much evidence behind that it wouldn’t be hard to convict him.  Sacha eventually got to thank her savior properly.  It was Luis Martel.

“I really appreciate you chasing him down like that… you must be really fast.”

Luis tried to ignore the fact that her hand lingered in his a little longer than necessary.  He was used to old women thanking him for saving their china, not a hot model in a tiny slip of a nightdress looking at him through her ample eyelashes.

Luis cleared his throat.  “Uh, yeah.  A little.”

“Martel!  Pick your chin up off the floor and go sweep the house.  We need to make sure everything is accounted for.”  His partner quipped, walking back to the car.  “I’ve got to make sure our perp is comfy.”

“I’m on it,” Luis said, quickly coming to attention.  He looked at Sacha.  “Do you mind if I look around?”

The grin on her face was predatory.  “Not at all.  Let me help you.”

“Uuuh… that’s really not necessary, m’am–”

“Sacha.”  She interrupted as she grabbed his hand and drug him inside.

Luis didn’t get far before Sacha launched an investigation of her own.  This was certainly a perk of the job that he had yet to experience.  He needed to work in Aperture City more often!

It was a good thing Kelli had ended up going for someone else, otherwise Luis would have felt guilty about this.  He probably should have felt bad for the owner of the house, but he couldn’t.  Whoever lived like this needed to get knocked down a peg or two.

Sacha was unflappable.  She didn’t seem to feel badly or ashamed in the least.  She laughed as she watched him try to gather up all the pieces of his uniform.  He was going to get in trouble, big time, but he didn’t really care.  It was worth it.

She gave him a small wave and a wink when he left, following it up with:

“Call me!”

Dominic was doing his best to be a father to his children.  He usually got them on weekends and whenever he had time on weekdays.  He and Asha didn’t have an ironclad custody agreement, which made things simpler.  He wasn’t about to run off with them and Asha wouldn’t deny his requests to see them.  They had a good arrangement worked out.

It was clear both kids got their mother’s intelligence.  They often teased him that if he thought any harder, steam would come out of his ears.  At least they seemed to have his looks.  They’d have an easy life, that’s for sure.  They were attractive and smart.

Julian was a bit of a wild one, though.  They’d have to keep an eye on him.  Emma was observant beyond her years.  It was hard to tell what that held for her down the line.

Things had been going well.  So, it was a shock when Camilla came barging in at 3am.  She kicked the foot of the bed angrily.

“Wake up, you jerk… before I rip that little slut out of the bed and throw her out a window!”

Sacha ignored her and just pulled the covers over her head, just in case.  Dominic stumbled out of bed only to see Camilla stomping out into the hallway.  He knew where she was headed.

“What the hell, Cammi… you’re supposed to be on tour!”

Camilla was at the bar outside and already halfway through her first drink.  She gave him a look that would freeze fire.

“I’m only here for a few hours.  I couldn’t help but come back once I saw a picture of my husband with that little tart upstairs!”

Dominic rubbed his eyes.  “What do you want me to do about it?”

“Nothing.  You can’t even keep your mouth shut!”  She growled, walking around the bar.  She finished off her drink in one quick gulp.  “If I can’t fix this, I’m screwed.  I’m too young to be divorced!”

“Again, what am I supposed to do?  Why are you even here?  Geeze, it’s like 4am now!”

Camilla sighed.  “I think we should just lay low, you know?  Avoid each other… especially now that the paparazzi smell blood.  I can’t risk losing all of this over an affair!”

“I tried to warn you, Cammi.  You didn’t listen!”

“Just shut up, okay?  And keep your skank away from Alex.  I swear, Dominic… one more thing and I’m ripping out that weave she calls hair!”

Dominic couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.  “Alex is a lucky bastard, you know?”

“I hate you.”  She snarled as she stomped out the back gate.

Dominic wasn’t really worried about Camilla.  It was her nature to be ridiculous and dramatic.  Once the dust settled, she’d be fine.  Alex was too much of a sap to do the right thing and kick her to the curb.  Dominic was glad he had a more realistic view of the world.  Just like he knew about Sacha and Luis, but he didn’t care so long as it wasn’t public knowledge.

Their relationship was more of an ‘arrangement’ than a commitment, after all.

Explaining that to Luis, however, was more difficult.  He had refused to see her again, but Sacha was persistent.  She eventually conned him into meeting her at a bed and breakfast between the city and the valley.  It was easier to work her charm in person than over the phone.

She probably should have been more careful, though… as she was spotted and it didn’t take long for it to hit presses that she was seeing someone behind Dominic’s back.

“Seriously, Sacha?”  Dominic snapped at her before she was even in the door.  “We talked about this!”

“Yikes, I’m sorry!  All they got was the kissing part…”

Dominic was exasperated.  “That’s all they need, they can fill in the rest from there!  You need to be more discreet.”

“I’m really sorry, Dominic.  I guess I wasn’t paying attention…”

He sighed.  He felt bad getting angry at her.  His reputation would recover, but he was beginning to understand how Camilla felt.  Still, yelling at Sacha was like yelling at a fluffy baby bunny.  It was just wrong.

“I just really like him…” She pouted.

“That’s good, Sacha.  But not good for this, you know?  If you like him that much, maybe we need to part ways so you can be with him.”

“I know you’re right… I just didn’t know how you’d take it.”

“Relieved.  I’m not the commitment type, Sacha.  You know that.  The mother of my own children isn’t even with me.  That should be a clear sign right there!”

Dominic and Sacha ended their ‘agreement'; to the public, it was two public figures going separate directions.  Sacha remained with Dominic for the time being, though.  She didn’t really have anywhere else to go.

‘That’s kind of weird, don’t you think?’

“What choice do I have, Luis?  I hadn’t really prepared to move out on my own yet!”

‘I feel bad, getting you kicked out and all.  Maybe you should stay here?’

“Ha, if I do, I’ll end up kicking Gwendolyn out.  A house can only handle one hot blonde at a time!”


Dominic got the ROS for ‘pursue biggest wish’.  His biggest and most persistent wish was to get out of his commitment to Sacha, LOL!  Go figure.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to explain that and then they got robbed.  Since I actually have a cop now and I’ve figured out how to ‘kind of’ forcibly summon people, I pulled Luis out of bed and made him come over.  As soon as Sacha met him, she jumped him… for real.  I thought that maybe she was just sad over Alex rejecting her… but no.  The days that followed were filled with wishes for Luis–talk to Luis, go on a date with Luis, WooHoo with Luis, etc.  In fact, she spun up the wish to kiss him as soon as they met.  This girl doesn’t waste any time!

I admit, I felt bad for Luis (the whole Paula thing and the fact that Kelli ran off and got a boyfriend while I wasn’t looking), so I let everything happen.  I honestly didn’t expect it to happen THIS way, though.  She’s smitten, completely.  As soon as the wishes spin away, they come back.  Paula has some SERIOUS competition now.  Luis gets all the hot ladies, apparently.

The cheating thing popped up because Sacha got busted for having public woohoo and cheating.  This gave Dominic the ‘betrayed’ moodlet, which resulted in him fulfilling his wish and they broke up!

As for Camilla popping up at night, she did that on her own.  All of the sudden, there she was, staring them down from the foot of the bed.  I wrote it in because it fits.  If Camilla wants to fix things with Alex, then she can’t screw around with Dominic anymore (at least, not right now!)

Title is Nelly Furtado – ‘Promiscuous’.

10 comments to 9: Cosaro – ‘Promiscuous’

  • Josh

    Firstly, I am LIVING fotr the title, that is STILL my song. And THIS UPDATE SLAYED. I never thought Sacha would be with Luis, I figured she’d eventually wear Alex down omgggg. And YAS to Camilla coming in. I would have had them fight by now, let me just say ALL of Camilla’s dialog >>>>>. I live for her.

    Poor Dominic is going to be Better Off Alone. :(

    • Mao

      Hahaha, Josh! I LIVE for your reactions. :D I was kind of hoping she’d give up on Alex, because he’s just not the type to cheat, but I never expected she’d jump poor Luis!

      Camilla is such a diva… I’m a little worried about her becoming an Adult! Her wishes will probably be insane if she gets a midlife crisis!

  • It’s hard to believe Alex is related to Clark sometimes. He seems so good and ethical, lol.

    And Luis woohooing on the job! What a surprise that was, though I can see how Sacha might have been very convincing in that respect. If she’s going to pursue things with Luis now that she’s finished with Dominic, I hope she recognises what an upstanding guy he is and treats him that way. Poor Luis…I don’t want him to get his heart broken again!

    “If Camilla wants to fix things with Alex, then she can’t screw around with Dominic anymore (at least, not right now!)”

    True! I’m amazed that Camilla herself has actually realised this!

    • Mao

      I know! Alex isn’t all squeaky clean, though. He’s just not a cheat!

      Luis… well, the poor guy has had a rough run lately. It’s not like him to get busy on the job and I doubt he’ll do it again, but as you said… she’s very convincing. I was surprised she attached herself so quickly to him, though. But then again, she wants an upstanding guy and Luis is kind of the epitome of that!

      Camilla isn’t trying to make anyone happy but herself, lol! She only knows she can’t get away with it right now.

  • Only Camilla would be bold enough to barge on into Dominic’s house at 3am in the morning to yell at him over his roommate, lol! That girl is hilarious!

    I’m surprised at Sacha + Luis, since she seemed to be so hung up on Alex. I guess she’s realized she might never be with Alex? Though it certainly looks like things were headed that way anyways.

    • Mao

      Oh, Camilla. I want to slap her but also I love how insane she makes things just by being herself! Too funny.

      Alex was never going to fall to Sacha’s charms and he told her as much. Sacha is more infatuated with the idea of a good, upstanding guy than anything else. Luis is very much both things, so that’s why the switch was so quick. Hopefully Sacha isn’t just in love with an idea and not the person.

  • I’m relieved that Sacha is leaving Alex behind but wholly shocked on her attaching to Luis! That was so not on my radar! She better treat him right but still… Paul’s is who he needs to marry. Send him that memo please. lol

    Seems ages since we’ve seen Camilla. I was surprised at her sudden appearance and loved that Dominic was just as shocked. And funnyhow he warns Sacha and then bam photos taken. What expansion gives the paparazzi?

    • Mao

      I was so happy when she gave up on Alex, but really perplexed when she went after Luis. I only brought him there to take a shot of him asking her about the bungled burglary. She’s the one who got all flirty and whatnot!

      Oh, Camilla. She likes to spring up on you when you least expect it. ;)

  • Wow, so Sacha swung right from pawing all over Alex to being all about Luis! That might make things a little easier for Camilla. I really like Alex…it’s too bad Camilla is such a train wreck. I love this observation: “Perhaps she’d eventually learn you don’t get good guys by trying to get them to cheat.” LOL. Silly Sacha.

    I’m really curious about how Paula will take this situation with Luis. I have to say I’m not all that sad that Kelli is out of the picture–but now I’m not sure who I’d rather have him end up with between Sacha and Paula. :)

    • Mao

      I know! Sacha works quick, but she’s young and kind of fickle. ;)

      I am so torn. I really wanted Luis and Paula to somehow end up together in the end, but Luis has zero interest, which makes me so sad!

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