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8: Steel-Klein – ‘Darkside’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Morrigan Hemlock (Vampire), Asha Steel (Adult), Emma Steel (Child), Julian Steel (Toddler)

It had taken a great deal of time and patience, but Clark finally managed to get through to the ancient vampire.  Morrigan had never faced such a cunning mortal before.  He’d not only tricked her out of her gift, but he’d somehow convinced her that aiding him was in her best interest.

“Sell tickets.  It’s going to be quite the show.”

“Just remember our deal, Morrigan.  There’s no need for this to get any messier than necessary.”

“Hmph.  You cannot curb the vampire within forever, Clark.  You will realize that soon enough.  We are killers.”

“There’s no margin for error here.  This means everything.  There’s a lot to be gained.”

“I will do my best, but I make no promises.  Unlike you, I have no desire to suppress my true nature.”

Emma was growing faster than Asha liked.  She was a child now and she was getting ready to start school.  Julian wasn’t far behind.  It was hard to believe so much time had passed by already.  It seemed like only yesterday that Asha was fearing for those around her.

She was glad that Emma and Julian had the opportunity to grow up without fear.  They didn’t have the life that she did.  They would never be forced into anything they didn’t want for themselves.

The fact that Clark was a vampire never really bothered Emma.  Her first real memory of him was with fangs.  It’s just what he was.  There wasn’t any huge revelation.  When Asha had explained it to Emma, Emma just accepted it.  It was like telling her why the sky was blue.

Of course, most people would balk at pillow fighting with the vampire, but Emma was unafraid.  She was a courageous girl.  Clark was practically her step-father, so she really didn’t feel any need to fear him.  It was definitely a relief to Asha that everyone got on so well.

As ‘the day’ drew nearer, Asha was getting nervous.  This wasn’t something she did.  She wasn’t that kind of person.  Desperation had led her here.  She wouldn’t let them hurt her children, not the way they had hurt her.  Still, it didn’t sit well with her.  She understood that there was no other way, but it didn’t change anything.  Asha just wasn’t a murderer.

“You need to stop thinking about it,” Clark said, breaking through her thoughts.  “Your involvement is minimal at best.  If I could make it so you didn’t know at all, I would… but that’s impossible.”

“It’s just so… grisly.”

Grisly wasn’t enough to describe what was going to happen.  Of course, Asha should have developed a tougher skin by now.  Her boyfriend was a vampire who fed off her.  She allowed it.  No one ever told you this, but being a walking meal actually had its perks.  She was an Adult now, but she looked as young as she had years before.  It was definitely a boon to her career and with little risk.

Who needed plastic surgery when you had an easier way?

“I really wish you’d reconsider my offer, Asha.”

She was still dizzy.  It took a minute before she responded:

“No.  I mean… I just, I can’t even wrap my mind around what we’re doing to my family… and that?  That, I can’t even think about.  Not right now.  What about my kids?”

“They’ve adjusted well to me.  It would be nothing for you.”

Asha pulled away.  “I need to go check on Julian.”

She left the room as quickly as she could.  This wasn’t missed by Clark.  He’d allow her time to adjust, but with what he was doing and the risk he was bringing upon himself, Asha would be hard-pressed to tell him no forever.

When the day finally came, Clark was calm.  He’d been waiting for this moment for a very long time.  Once the Steel family was gone, he would have complete control over Aperture.  There wouldn’t be anyone left to challenge him.  He would have everyone under his thumb.

It was a very sobering concept that held a lot of responsibility.  He was prepared.

“Stop pouting, Emma,” Asha chided as they walked to the car.  “You usually love going to your dad’s.”

“Yeah, but for the whole weekend?  I don’t think I can stand Sacha that long!”

Asha laughed.  “Sacha is a nice girl, Emma.  She’s just trying to make you feel welcome.”

Emma rolled her eyes.  “It’s my dad’s house.  She’s the one who needs me to make her feel ‘welcome’.”

The kids had no idea what was about to happen.  As far as they were concerned, it was a routine weekend with their dad, Dominic.

Against their better judgment, the pillars of the Steel family arrived on time.  Asha hadn’t seen her father in years.  The man had become intensely reclusive in his old age.  With him was his sister, Latoya.  They’d never really seen eye-to-eye, but they had managed to run the business together since the death of Asha’s mother.  They made the mistake of bringing Latoya’s youngest son and protege, Jordyn, with them.  Asha’s brother, Xavier, was not present.  He was elsewhere.  He would be dealt with by the underlings.

It wasn’t long before they were inside that Clark and Morrigan appeared.  Asha had convinced them to come over in an effort to ‘talk things through’.  They certainly weren’t expecting to come face-to-face with two vampires.

“The old man’s mine,” Morrigan declared, a sinister smile on her face.

Clark said nothing.  He simply met eyes with the Steel patriarch and said: “This city is mine now.”

“Asha, you’d better go.”

She didn’t have to be told twice.  She tried to ignore the fear on her cousin’s face.  It was hard to remember all the bad things they’d done as fear swept over them.  They seemed so human.

But they weren’t human at all and they never would be, for all their declarations and pleas otherwise.  They were monsters.  Asha fled without looking back.  She didn’t want to see anything.  She got in her car and she sped away.  She needed alcohol.

Clark and Morrigan wasted no time.  The elder Steels put up a fight, but they were no match for two vampires.  Their entire family was wiped out in a matter of hours.  The rest of Clark’s crew was cleaning up around the city.  It had all been part of his plan.

When they were finished with the three that had arrived, they loaded the bodies into a pickup truck that Morrigan had ‘confiscated’.  They wouldn’t leave any trace of the Steel family behind.  As far as anyone knew, they just up and disappeared.  He’d given very explicit instructions to all of his followers to be as discreet as possible.  All the bodies would go to the same place.

Morrigan and Clark got in the truck and disappeared into the night.

The next few weeks passed by quickly.  It was strange to continue on as if nothing had happened, but Asha did her best.  She had to admit, she slept better.  There was no more fear that somehow, her family would find a way to get to her children.  Emma and Julian were safe now.

Clark still hadn’t returned.  He had missed Julian’s birthday.  Whatever he was doing, Asha was sure she didn’t want to know.

Emma and Julian got on great.  They didn’t fight like typical siblings.  Instead, they banded together and spread terror.  They liked to trick ‘the help’ into coming out to the tree house where they would promptly dump water on them.  Asha had yelled at them several times–they had gone through five maids in just a few weeks time–but they just came up with a new prank to pull.

While Asha was no longer afraid for the safety of her children, she was a little upset over Emma.  The young girl just seemed so old.  She acted and spoke like someone several years older than she was.  Clark had assured her that it was just her personality, but Asha felt like it was the environment she was in.

After all, it wasn’t normal for a child to talk about vampires like it was no big deal.

When Clark finally did return, he said nothing about Asha’s family.  He didn’t mention that night at all or what he’d been doing or why he’d been gone.  Asha wasn’t about to ask.  She knew better.  There were just some things she didn’t want to know.

“I see Julian is turning into a little Dominic,” Clark joked, glancing sidelong at the mohawked youth as he ran by, chasing Emma.

“Not quite.  He’s a bit more wild than I think Dominic ever was as a kid.”

“How are you?”  He asked, his hand cupping the side of her face.  Every time their eyes met, it felt like he was staring through her.

“I’m okay… I mean, as okay as I can be.  Relieved, I guess.  I don’t completely know yet.”

“Maybe this will help?”  He said with a grin, his hands deftly producing a very large and impressive ring.

“…w-what is that?” Asha asked without thinking.  She knew what it was.  There wasn’t a woman alive who didn’t know what that kind of ring was. “Clark–”

“You’ve declined my other proposal, so I figured this one was more to your taste.”

Asha blinked as he slipped the ring on her finger.  It fit perfectly.  Where had it come from?

“It’s legitimate,” Clark said, reading her mind.  “Don’t worry.”


This cracked me up.  Julian and Emma were watching the entire time.  Emma was cackling while Julian was kind of grossed out:

And then he decided it was pretty funny.  Morrigan is just like, ‘oh, that’s nice.  Hot tub time!':

Asha has had the ‘get married’ wish since she moved in with Clark.  Clark wants desperately to turn Asha into a vampire like him, but I can’t see her as someone who would immediately jump at the chance.  So, this is his way of easing her into the process.

The Steel Family coming over was actually the result of the ROS – Family Reunion!.  Which is hilarious, when you think about it.  I mulled over it for awhile and figured that if Asha’s family was coming over, they were going to die.  The Steels have officially been wiped out.  Asha is the only one that remains!

Morrigan is going to hang around because she’s now Clark’s #1 crony and she kind of likes this mortal life of crime.  It suits her.

That’s it for the ROS rolls this round.  I can’t wait for the next set!

I am leaving again for a week, this time to visit home.  I have two other posts scheduled to go up while I’m gone.

Title is Rosetta Stone – ‘Darkside’.

6 comments to 8: Steel-Klein – ‘Darkside’

  • LOL, only this family could have had a Family Reunion ROS end this way! I have to wonder if all the vampires Asha has surrounded herself with now won’t end up being more dangerous to her than her family though. And now she’s marrying one. Hmmm…this is certainly intriguing!

    I’m kind of cracking up at Julian in that last picture! What is he doing, pointing and laughing?

    Enjoy your visit home!

    • Mao

      Haha, you are SO right about that. No happy family reunions for this bunch!

      That’s an interesting thought. I guess only time will tell what kind of danger lurks around the corner…

      Julian was pointing and laughing. Silly kid!


  • That’s one way to have a family reunion….especially for such a messed-up family!

    Well, at least now they can’t hurt Asha anymore, but like Carla, I’m wondering whether she’s just traded one type of danger for another. Clark is great to Asha, but he’s absolutely ruthless to just about everyone else.

    I’m looking forward to see the ramifications of all this on Aperture Valley!

    • Mao

      So true. I am really having fun with how this situation is working itself out. I’m trying to let the sims give me insight with their wishes and actions and so far, it’s working out really well. It’s definitely dangerous to have Morrigan around. She’s unpredictable!

  • Eek if there is their idea of a family reunion, I’d stay home! I was surprised by a few things on this one, one that he can feed off asha. And two that she may become a vampire sometime and of she didn’t that clark might not be so forgiving to her. He’s pretty freaking scary! Asha said yes but it seems like she was having second thoughts about raising the kids with Clark. I don’t know makes me nervous. I haven’t ever really trusted her relationship with clark and have been waiting months to see this update happen!

    More lightly though I totally loved his line about a mini Dominic running around.

    • Mao

      HAHAHA! Too funny. It isn’t all ‘Godfather’ and whatnot in this family with reunions in weddings–it’s bloody!

      Clark is super scary because he’s so calculating and… I don’t know. He just has it all together, you know? He really isn’t afraid. When I was writing Gordon for Boreal Springs, it was more of the man who was trying to save the people around him from his fate. He took it all on and was burdened by it. Clark isn’t like that, he’s empowered by it. He enjoys the fact that he has control of everything.

      He’d never hurt Asha, but he’s not above manipulating her to get what he wants, we’ve seen that first hand! He’s also super good to the kids, so at least there is that.

      Haha! Julian really is kind of like a mini-Dominic. He’s so active and mischievous!

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