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8: Ryder – ‘Outshined’

Cherie Ashton (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Lily Ashton (Teen), Jessica Ryder (Child), Jack Ryder (Child)

Cherie had not looked forward to her milestone birthday at all.  Getting old wasn’t something she’d ever really come to terms with, but here she was, old.  The tiny age gap between her and Khalid seemed like a chasm now.  The only thing that kept her feeling young was that she didn’t have any grandchildren yet.

She wasn’t quite ready to be a grandma!

Lily wasn’t a star pupil at school, but she got A’s and B’s pretty reliably.  Poor Jack was struggling.  School just wasn’t something he could put a whole lot of effort in.  His mind was always wandering off somewhere else.  So, Lily tried to help him out when she could.  He didn’t have to be an Honor Student, but he could at least  make it to middle school.

Jack idolized his father and was pretty sure he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up.  You didn’t have to get straight A’s or go to college to be a firefighter, you just had to be fearless and heroic.  Jack was pretty sure he was both of those things.  He wasn’t afraid of anything… except his teachers, but that was understandable!

Khalid was proud of his ambitions, but told him to always keep his mind open.  He had a long time before he had to settle down on what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.  Maybe something else would strike his fancy.

Lily’s senior year was approaching fast.  It was customary to give a graduation present, but Khalid was impatient.  He gave Lily an early present and she was beyond excited.  It was a guitar.  She’d wanted one for years!  She wasn’t necessarily artistic, but she did love to sing along and she did have some musical aptitude.  Now she would be able to hone it properly.

Jessica would be joining her older sister in high school.  She’d be a lowly freshman, but that was okay.  Lily was popular enough that it really didn’t matter who she hung out with.  Rosalind’s attempts to usurp her throne had failed and backfired in her face.

Lily was a little jealous of Jessica, though.  She was gorgeous.  She looked every bit like their mother.  Jessica could have cared less about her looks.  She was more interested in earthy pursuits like fishing or hiking.  She had grown into a tomboy.

Natalia Novak was decidedly not a tomboy, but that was okay.  They were still best friends.  Natalia and Jessica shared their respect and enjoyment of nature at the campground outside of Aperture City.  It was Jessica’s favorite place to go fishing and Natalia liked to sit under the shade of the trees and do her school assignments.

Any time Jessica invited Natalia over, Jack would follow them around.  He’d done it since they were children.  Jessica had always teased that he had a bit of a crush on Natalia, despite her being a year older.  Natalia had always glared at her friend when she said those things.  Jack was just happy to have someone who shared his love of artistic pursuits!

Now older, Jack was less charming and more of a pain.  He still had the same interests, but his teenage impulses made them take the backseat to grossing Natalia out with his crazy stunts.  She was not impressed.  Lily was so glad she’d never have to share a high school hallway with her younger brother.  That would be a disaster.

Cherie wasn’t sure she could handle six more years of pranking, either.  Between making her burn the food and then booby trapping the sink, it was more than she could take!  No one was safe from Jack’s tomfoolery.  He was quite the active youth.  Of course, Khalid just laughed it off.  He was being exuberant!  That’s what teenage boys did.

If he kept it up, he was going to be ‘exuberantly’ grounded.


Not a whole lot going on in this house.  It’s mostly just aging and whatnot.  Lily will be a YA next round, since she’s only got three days of being a teen left!  Shock!  The same can be said for Andrew and Mark, too.  Geeze.

Jack rolled Daredevil for his teenage trait.  It suits him.  He does love to gross out his family and especially Natalia.  Her face in this is just perfect:

Jack definitely favors Khalid.  He reminds me of a surfer dude.  Unfortunately, he grew up a little confused:

Wut?  Seriously?  That’s just wrong.  You are NOT skinny dipping with your mother!  He really is a daredevil.

Jessica is almost a perfect mirror of Cherie!  Poor Lily.  She’s the only one that doesn’t look like either one of her ‘parents’.  I’m pretty sure she takes almost everything from Jean… except maybe her lips.

Title is Soundgarden – ‘Outshined’.

8 comments to 8: Ryder – ‘Outshined’

  • Wow, I can’t believe Cherie is an elder now! Time flies! That shocks me more than Lily, Andrew and Mark aging up, for some reason.

    I always thought Daredevil was kind of a useless trait and I guess it still is but now that I see Jack grossing out Natalia, it does seem to make sense for a certain kind of teenage boy! I have to wonder if Natalie might start taking a liking to him once he grows up a little though.

    I got that skinny dipping want with a mother and son the other night. Creepy! Ugh.

    • Mao

      I know! When I looked at my aging spreadsheet, I went, “what? No way!” It was kind of a surprise.

      I’ve had a lot of Daredevil sims and they amuse me! It’s a pretty useless trait, though. It doesn’t really add or take anything away. For Jack… it’s kind of a perfect addition to his traits. ;)

      Oh man, why does that skinny dipping thing happen? So freaking creepy.

  • I’m guessing since Lily got a guitar she’ll want to be a performer like her mom was?

    Also, that picture of Khalid giving Lily her graduation present had me laughing only because he was wearing his uniform with those big sunglasses!

    Cherie has nothing to worry about, she always was pretty, and she still is despite being an elder. For a few seconds I thought that first picture was taken before she aged up!

    • Mao

      Khalid pretty much LIVES in his uniform now that he works from home! He struts around all day in that getup. ;)

      As for Lily, I’m not sure. She spun up the wish for a guitar and she IS a Diva. We’ll see, I guess!

      Cherie aged up pretty well. I’m trying to make sure my elders don’t look instantly VERY old… it’s a very jarring change in this game!

  • Aww, Cherie as an elder?! Man.

    Those kids are definitely growing up fast! I’m glad that Jessica caught up to Natalia–Natalia could use a few more friends probably.

  • Whoa! Skinny dipping with your mother is not daredevil. It’s just gross! The pranking is fun to watch, I’m sure not so much fun to live. Add me to the group that is shocked at Cherie turning elder!! I had to do a double take! I’m curious what will happen with lily and for what it’s worth I like her looks! She really does look different then her siblings though.

    • Mao

      I KNOW! How disturbing!! I love the pranking. The reactions KILL me! The sink, I think, is my favorite. Too hilarious.

      I can’t wait to see what Lily looks like as a YA!

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