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8: Novak – ‘Shimmer’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Teen), Natalia Novak (Child)

Kelly Novak wasn’t the best at video games, but she endured them for her youngest and only daughter, Natalia.  Natalia was usually a pretty active girl involved in ballet and painting, but every now and then she got the competitive itch.  If Andrew was too busy to play with her, she’d drag Kelly down into the den and beat her silly in video games.

Andrew was a lot busier lately.  He was moving through high school faster than Kelly liked.  He was even driving now.  Regan and Lucy were the same age, so they also had their licenses.  This meant that the girls were over a lot and Andrew was usually preoccupied with them.  Lately, though, a shift had occurred.  Lucy was coming over less and less.

Eventually, it was just Regan and Andrew.  They did their homework and jumped on the trampoline as they always had until Regan said:

“Hey, can we stop a minute?  I want to talk to you.”

Regan had always been the more outgoing twin.  She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and she’d often say things that even made Andrew balk.  Now she was close to him and her hand was reaching for his.  She flirted a lot, but it was all in fun… or at least, that’s what Andrew had assumed.

“I like you, Andrew,” she began.  She wasn’t embarrassed, she didn’t even seem nervous.  She said it like someone would say ‘the sky is really blue today.’  “I know you and my sister… well, I don’t even know what you guys were doing other than arguing.  I knew she liked you, but the way she’s been acting… I don’t think she knows what she wants, but I do.  I think you like me, too.  More than Lucy.”

Andrew wasn’t really sure how to respond.  Weren’t teenage girls supposed to play games?  Then again, this was Regan.  She was nothing if not forthright.  She was the polar opposite of Lucy.  He did like her, quite a bit.

“What about Lucy?” He asked and was surprised that he didn’t really care.  It just seemed like the right thing to say.

Regan shrugged and moved closer.  “She had plenty of time.  She’ll deal.”

Andrew knew that Regan wasn’t that heartless.  She had talked to Lucy before she’d done any of this.  He didn’t need Lucy’s approval, but Regan did.  They were twins.  It was only right.

She looked up at him through her thick eyelashes, “so, are you going to kiss me or what?”

The answer to that one was simple.

Regan hadn’t lied.  When they all met up a few days later, Lucy was there and she wasn’t angry.  At least, she didn’t look angry.  There was something off, though.  Andrew could see it in her face.  He should have known this would happen when he befriended two twin girls.  It was only inevitable that hormones would catch up and ruin everything.

He tried not to think about it.  It was just easier that way.

Lucy was quieter than usual, but she still acted fine.  She didn’t make any little comments and she refrained from glaring at either one of them.  She and Regan seemed to get on as well as they always had.  It was as if nothing had happened… on the surface.  Beneath that, Andrew wasn’t sure what she was feeling… but he was certain it was going to come back and bite them all in the ass eventually.

She wandered off to do her own thing, leaving the two alone.  They went swimming and forgot all about the tumultuous triangle they’d found themselves in.

Regan was definitely a good girlfriend.  She was hot and smart, too.  In fact, she was way smarter than he could ever hope to be.  He wasn’t intimidated by it at all.  She never flaunted it outright.

They didn’t really argue at all, which seemed a small wonder for teenagers.  He’d seen his classmates get into screaming matches in the hallways at school.  He was definitely thankful Regan wasn’t like that.

It was easy to forget how smart she was, though.  He tried pointing out a constellation only to have her correct him with a giggle.  He felt a little stupid, but it was okay.  He was good at things she’d never hope to be.  He was athletic and thanks to his mother, was becoming quite the good cook.  Regan burned anything she touched and could barely walk two blocks without panting!  Their strengths complemented one another.

Oskar finally convinced Kelly to use the hot tub they’d installed on their back patio.  Kelly had a notorious fear of water, but once she was submerged, she relaxed a bit.  The strong drink at her side probably helped.

“So, Andrew has a girlfriend now.  I always thought he’d pick Lucy.”

“Me too,” Kelly said, trying to think about the hot, refreshing jets and not the fact that it was all water.  “But Regan is nice, and she’s stable, too.  She’s really smart.  I heard her mother, Callisto, talking about the IQ test they had done.”

“I’ll just be glad if he doesn’t end up like Paula and Stefan.  You could never get them to do any chores and look what happened!  Now they’re tearing up the town…”

Kelly sighed.  “They’re young, Oskar.  Let them have their fun.  They’ll get over it eventually and realize there are better things in life than partying all night.”

“All that I know is Andrew always did his chores and now he’s got himself a decent girlfriend.  As long as he doesn’t get her pregnant, he’s a step up from the rest!”

“I really hope Natalia’s okay.  She’s been acting oddly ever since her birthday…”

Natalia had taken to sleeping outside under the stars since she had joined the ranks of the teenagers.  It was odd behavior, but until she did something really bad like sneaking liquor from the cabinet, Oskar wasn’t worried.  Knowing Natalia, she probably just wanted to ‘commune with mother earth’ or something silly like that.

She was an eccentric child.

Oskar was glad that she had remained friends with her cousin, Catherine McMaster.  They shared a love of black and a hatred for homework.  Natalia was definitely more artsy than her rough and tumble cousin, but Catherine kept her grounded.  There was still the Ryder girl, Jessica, too.  She was the best influence of all on Natalia.

Still, Jessica couldn’t be around all of the time, so when she wasn’t, there was Catherine.  She loved the water slide in the back yard.  Natalia liked it, too, but not nearly as much as her brother.  It was his daily ritual to do his homework and then slide until it was dark.  He usually had to fight Catherine for it when she was over!

Kelly wasn’t as hands-off as her husband, Oskar.  She preferred to keep her children in line the way that her mother had, by being obtrusive.  She called Andrew in to light the fire for her while she read a cooking book.

“Why don’t we just get a remote or something?” Andrew complained as he tried to ignite the fireplace.

“Look, Andrew…”

“Oh no, mom, don’t.  Please.”

“What?  Would you rather I have your father do this?  Just listen, okay.  I want you to be safe.”

Moooooom,” Andrew whined, trying to block her out.  “Stop!”

“No, I will not!  I’m still too young to be a grandmother.  You have a girlfriend, you’ll be a senior soon, and I just want you to know that I trust you to make the right decisions… but make sure you’re safe if you’re having sex.  Babies can change everything.”

“MOM!  Don’t say ‘sex’, that’s just gross coming from you!”

“What?  It’s perfectly natural–”

“That’s it, I’m leaving,” Andrew said, throwing down the poker.  “This is just too much.”

“Remember, you have that credit card if you need buy anything!”  Kelly shouted after him, trying not to grin.  Now she knew why her mother had done this to her and Patrick.  It was kind of fun to mortify your children.


So, Andrew committing to Regan Canales was part of the ROS – Hurried Decision.  She was his highest relationship.  I was kind of shocked it wasn’t Lucy, but hey, that’s why it’s ROS!  I’m interested to see how this develops.  Lucy is clearly not the happiest of sims right now.  The two girls have been vying for Andrew’s attentions for sim years now.  Who wouldn’t want two hot twins fighting over them?  The men in this hood are lucky buggers.

Natalia is such a weird teenager.  I’m afraid she’s going to be a hippie or something.  All she needs to do is roll ‘Eco Friendly’ and I’ll have no choice.  She’s fun, though.  She looks almost identical to Paula, but she may end up looking like Kelly.

Jessica wasn’t in this update because she is still a child.  A lot of these kids are in-betweeners, which means they age in the midst of a round.  Their ages blur together because of this, but even out once they get to YA.  Then it’s easy to tell who is a few days older or younger.

Contrary to Kelly and Oskar’s worries, there has been no teenaged woohoo in this house.

Title is Fuel – ‘Shimmer’.

8 comments to 8: Novak – ‘Shimmer’

  • LOL, Kelly! It must be fun to embarass your kids, seeing so many parents like to engage in it!

    Poor Oskar…his older kids have given him so much stress that it’s only natural that he’d worry about Andrew. I can’t see him turning out like Stefan or Paula though. But of course, we don’t know what trait he’ll get when he transitions to YA, so I guess things could still change!

    That’s got to be tough for Lucy, with Andrew and Regan officially being a “thing” now. No matter how she feels about Andrew, it can really suck being the third wheel. :\

    • Mao

      I imagine it is! Haha!

      Oh, Oskar is not at all pleased with his eldest children! He is always rolling up wishes to call them, which I take as him wanting to ‘check in’ and lecture them on their bad behaviors. ;)

      I don’t see Andrew doing anything like Stefan and Paula. I’m sure this situation with Lucy and Regan will get messy, though! It almost has to…

      I feel bad for Lucy. I wish she hadn’t been such a brat!

  • Josh

    Regan is a girl after my own heart, she slays. Andrew is super cute and super lucky! I always end up missing the adults when the kids start to grow up, but even I agree that elders are boring.

    I feel like all I do is say your Sims are pretty but omg Natalia is insanely pretty as well. And why does Catherine look like Beryl to me?

    • Mao

      Hahaha, she’s quite the go-getter! He really is lucky. I still try to include the adults, but I don’t like to make the updates the size of a novel, so it can be hard to put everyone in. :(

      Natalia turned out really well, I can’t wait to see her as a YA! I’m glad they aren’t turning out like pudding. I think it’s the nose!

  • Oooh, twin drama! This should be fun to watch!

    LOL at the idea of Natalia being a hippie. I also love Kelly’s delight in embarrassing Andrew. :)

  • lol that is a hilarious conversation from Kelly! Poor guy! I can’t believe he picked regan. I feel bad for Lucy and I like that his parents thought it would have been Lucy too. Natalia is adorable sleeping under the stars. And honestly if she became a hippy, that’s still better then oskars other children! I think his hands off approach was the worst for parenting and that his three older kids prove the results of that! And lol that he thought it had to do with chores, if only raising good kids was as easy as them washing a dish!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, at least Kelly has more sense than Oskar. She’s not going to let her kids fall down the rabbithole! She’s going to embarrass them into behaving. ;)

      I was surprised, too. I think it’s because Lucy was being such a pill in the last update. It dropped their relationship a little. This is what happens when you can’t make a decision, ladies, lol!

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