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8: Novak 2 – ‘Touch, Peel, and Stand’

Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Paula Novak (Young Adult)

Paula, Stefan, and Gwendolyn were sitting around the television when the news came on.  Stefan liked to watch it just in case any of their heists were mentioned.  Instead of the typical, nightly news, they were shown a display of images and a reporter talking live about the disappearance of the entire Steel family.

“Ugh, that’s creepy,” Gwendolyn said, unable to suppress the shudder that crept down her spine.  “I wonder what happened to them?”

“Maybe they just left,” Stefan replied, completely unfazed.  “It happens.”

“I don’t know, Stefan.  This is just weird.”  Paula added, sharing Gwendolyn’s discomfort.  “Entire families don’t just disappear.”

The news broadcast finished and no one said another word about it.  Paula wandered off to her bedroom once it was clear that Stefan and Gwendolyn had forgotten she was even there.  It was awkward to be in the same room with your twin brother when he was making out with someone.

Paula hadn’t seen any action herself lately.  She just felt empty and random hookups had stopped working.

Gwendolyn wasn’t sure why she was ‘hooking up’ with Stefan.  She had never intended to let it go that far, but it had.  It wasn’t the big deal she’d made it out to be.  They weren’t even technically ‘together’.  It should have upset her, his refusal to commit, but it didn’t.  Gwendolyn still wasn’t even sure what it was that she wanted.  She just felt lost.

Stefan was the opposite.  He knew exactly what he wanted and he didn’t sit around waiting for it to come to him.  It was comforting to be around someone who was just so sure about everything.

Paula didn’t understand it at all.  She’d seen Philip and Gwendolyn together.  It just didn’t make sense to her.  Why would she just dump Philip and then hook up with Stefan?

“Every time I see you come out in your pajamas, I expect dragons to pop up,” Paula said, shaking her head.  “This is just too surreal.”

Stefan, who overheard, quickly sniped: “Shut up, Paula.  At least my bedroom doesn’t have a revolving door.”

Gwendolyn sighed.  She’d been around the two enough to learn that when it came to dealing with one another, they still acted like kids.

Gwendolyn wasn’t around when Stefan called a meeting of their little thieves group.  She had no part of that.  She actually didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever past they did some shady things for a living.  It was safe that way.

No one had been more shocked by Stefan and Gwendolyn than Lola.  It seemed to change her tune a little when it came to dealing with Stefan.

“Still messing around with that little goody-two-shoes?  She’s going to get us busted.”

Stefan grinned at her.  “Jealousy really doesn’t suit you, Lola.”

“Ugh, I am so not dealing with this all night without a drink!”  Paula lamented, smacking her hand against the bar.

They were going over their next job.  The details were simple enough.  It would be hard to botch this one.  It was out in the middle of nowhere and under the cover of night, even Paula wouldn’t have trouble sneaking around.  Of course, all discussions of their job were interrupted by the random comment here and there from Lola.  She just couldn’t get over Gwendolyn.

“Girls like her want white picket fences and rings, Stefan.  It’s just cruel to lead the poor girl on.”

Paula was too drunk to care at this point.  This didn’t stop her from owning them both in darts, though.  Her coordination seemed to improve when she was drunk.

“I mean, next you’re going to tell me that you love her or something.  Please.”  Lola usually tried to mess Stefan up when he was shooting, but this was beyond her usual behavior.

“Geeze, Lola,” Stefan said after just narrowly missing the bull’s eye.  “If I’d known that Gwendolyn was your kryptonite, I’d have slept with her months ago.”

Lola huffed.  “What?  I don’t care about that side piece.  I just don’t want you messing up on the job because of her, that’s all.”

“Sure, sure…”

When Lola wasn’t around, Gwendolyn was.  Paula and Gwendolyn had never been close, but her connection to Stefan had forced them to communicate a bit more than high school had.  Gwendolyn was surprised to find that they had some things in common.  Paula wasn’t the person people made her out to be.  She was actually pretty cool… when you removed all the bad stuff, like the alcoholism and the sleeping around.

“I live with Luis, you know,” Gwendolyn said as they moved to the music.  She had taken to drinking a bit more now that she was around the Novak twins.  “He never brings girls home.”

Paula’s eyes were hidden by her huge, designer sunglasses.  “He never really did that kind of stuff.  I bet he’s a complete gentleman to you, too.”

“Yeah.  He’s like my brother at this point…”

“Do you still care about him?  I mean, I saw that you still have your picture from prom and everything…”

Paula sighed.  “You know how you burned your bridge with Philip?  Think like that, only ten times worse.”

“Oh, yeah,” Gwendolyn said, recognition washing over her face.  She’d nearly forgotten why they broke up.  “I forgot, sorry.”

The two girls moved to the music, their conversation having met an abrupt end.  It wasn’t until Gwendolyn spotted a creepy guy leering at them that she spoke again.

“Eww, who is that?”

“Some jerk that lives in our building.  He’s gross,” Paula said, giving the man a glare from beneath her heavy shades.  “Piss off, you perv!”

“Meh, Paula, you’re old news.  This blonde, though… she’s quite the fresh looking one.”

Gwendolyn shuddered.  Paula was about to step up when Stefan came through the gate and chased the guy off.  He knew better than to stick around.  Even when he’d just spied on Paula, he’d always made a quick getaway.  Paula wasn’t exactly a ‘delicate flower’–she’d beat his face in and he knew it.

“You know, if you don’t want creeps rolling up, you girls might not want to act like a bunch of lesbians,” Stefan joked, pulling Gwendolyn to him.  “A little early to be drinking, don’t you think?”

“Meh, it’s a Sunday,” Paula said in Gwendolyn’s defense.  “It’s better than me drinking alone, right?”

“I’m fine,” Gwendolyn said suddenly.  “I could totally drive right now.”

“Yeah, off a cliff,” Stefan sighed, ushering her back towards the building.  “Stop getting Gwen drunk, Paula.  She’s not like you.  You’ll end up killing her.”

Paula rolled her eyes and went back to dancing.

Lola didn’t come by as often, which Paula attributed to Gwendolyn.  She was pretty sure Lola wanted to tear Gwendolyn’s innocent little face off.  Paula chose not to broach the subject.  Instead, she complained about Lloyd Klein, her ever-suffering boyfriend.

“He’s talking about babies and marriage, Lola!  Do I look like that kind of girl to you?!”

“You don’t even want to know what kind of girl you look like, Paula!”  Lola joked.  “But seriously, you need to drop him.  He’s dead weight.  Any guy that just tolerates you sleeping with half the city isn’t the kind of guy you want to be with.”

Stefan wandered in, mostly because he heard Lola.  He glanced out the window, trying to pretend that he wasn’t listening in.  It was a small apartment, though, and so the girls knew better.

“Geeze, Stefan, for being a thief you are lousy at being inconspicuous,” Lola teased.  “Why haven’t you made Paula break it off with Lloyd yet?”

“Breaking up is the worst.  It just makes me want to drink even more.”  Paula whined.  “Can’t you do it for me, Stefan?”

“Hell no, that’s your mess to clean up.  Have fun.”

Paula eventually wandered off to get another drink, leaving Stefan and Lola alone.  A whole twenty seconds passed before Lola said:

“So, where’s little miss innocent at?”

“Not sure.  I don’t keep tabs on her,” Stefan lied.  He did and he knew exactly where she was, but he wasn’t about to admit that to Lola.  “Why?”

She moved closer, watching him closely as she did.  “You’re not serious about her, are you?  It would be such a waste.”

“Oh, really?”

By the time Paula came back, Stefan and Lola were too busy crawling on one another to notice her.  She sighed, took a long drink, and sat down.  It wouldn’t be long before they wandered back into Stefan’s room and she’d be left to herself.  She spent a lot of time watching television lately.

Sure enough, a minute or so later, Stefan and Lola were gone.  Paula didn’t really know how to feel.  Lola was a good friend of hers, but it was obvious that she was eventually going to hook up with Stefan.  She just hoped Gwendolyn and Lola weren’t expecting Stefan to pick between them.  It would get messy if they did.

A few days later, Paula found herself standing in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, waiting.  It was their latest heist.  They were knocking over an old warehouse out in the boonies.  It was a simple enough mark.  Lola and Stefan were inside, getting the goods.  Paula was stuck outside on guard duty.  Everything had been going fine until Stefan’s voice came over the radio, frantic:

‘Damn it, Paula, get out of here!  It’s a trap!’

“Yeah, I’m here.  I don’t get what I’m supposed to see, though.  There’s nothing here.”  Luis sighed, trying not to sound exasperated.  He was a patrol officer now, but he always got stuck with the dead ends.

This one had to be weirdest yet.  Some anonymous caller had phoned him directly and told him to head out into the countryside of Aperture Valley.  The caller insisted someone was planning on knocking over a warehouse of stolen goods.  It was too good to pass up if it turned out to be true, but so far, it seemed to be a bust.

‘Is it the warehouse from the photos I sent?’

“Yes, it matches the pictures, but–… wait, I heard something.”

Luis clicked off the phone and reached for his gun.

Paula had taken off as soon as she heard ‘trap’.  Stefan was still talking to her.  He and Lola were a safe distance away.  Paula assured him that she’d be there and insisted he head back home.  This had happened before and they had always made it out.  Stefan eventually gave in and broke off radio contact.  They would meet at home.

She was about to give a sigh of relief when she heard a voice cut through the darkness, followed by the click of a a gun being cocked.

He’d had enough training to not only run her down if she continued to flee, but also to apprehend her.  It was clear that she was the one that the caller had referenced–she was dressed entirely in black.  Only thieves wore black and skulked around old warehouse in the dark.

“Stop!”  He yelled again.  “Put your hands where I can see them!”

Paula tried to quell the fear that swelled in her stomach.  This was it.  She was busted.  It was all over.

“I’m unarmed,” Paula managed, her voice trembling.  “I won’t run…”

Luis squinted against the darkness.  It was hard to discern with all the black clothing, but the voice.  He knew that voice.  It had changed a bit, it was a little rougher than when he’d first heard it, but he knew it all the same.  His stomach flipped as the realization hit him like a sack of bricks.

“Paula, is that you?”

“L-Luis?” She croaked, turning around to face him.  “Oh God…”

Stefan’s phone rang.  He answered it hurriedly, hoping against hope that it was Paula.  It wasn’t.

‘I’m afraid your sister is a little ‘tied up’ at the moment.  Handcuffs can make things a bit difficult.  Good thing your daddy is a lawyer.’

“Who is this?!”  Stefan demanded, unable to hide his anger.

The voice on the line chuckled.  ‘You were warned.  You chose to ignore it.  Now your poor sister pays the price.  Maybe next time you’ll be a bit more receptive to our offer.’

The line went dead.  Stefan threw the cellphone against the wall in a fit of rage.  Paula had been arrested and it was entirely his fault.


So, Gwendolyn and Stefan have been messing around.  Things remained innocent until Gwendolyn popped up and autonomous woohoo kicked in.  Stefan is a risk taker, it seems, because almost all of his autonomous actions are ‘risky’.  These two girls better watch themselves!  As far as partiality, I’m not sure which one Stefan favors more and I’m sure he’ll take his sweet time figuring it out.

Poor Paula.  Her sim was just a mess this round.  I don’t have any pictures of her with Lloyd, but it’s mostly him talking about commitment stuff and Paula just looking disinterested.  Poor girl also got arrested in the game.  I had been waiting for that, but I didn’t get pictures because I was multitasking at the time, darn it!  But when it happened, I had planned on staging Luis busting her.  So, those two are forced to deal with one another again…

The creeper by the pool did that on his own.  He came over, stood and leered for a bit, and then quickly wandered off when Stefan joined the girls.  He lives in the building.

Title is The Days of New – ‘Touch, Peel, and Stand’.

10 comments to 8: Novak 2 – ‘Touch, Peel, and Stand’

  • Josh

    THESE KIDS ARE RIDIC. I want Stefan to prevail but he’s dealing with a vampire overlord and I’m worried about Paula. I think some Sims are just destined to make awful decisions. Gwen needs to stop having unprotected Woohoo before she ends up with a Novak bastard! SHE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Phillip would be crushed. AND LUIS OMG. I cannot.

    • Mao

      Hahaha, Josh! Your reactions are always the best. :D

      Stefan is definitely playing with fire. Paula is such a disaster. I keep hoping she’ll do something good, but it’s not seeming likely… I have no idea what’s up with all the unprotected woohoo! That’s one thing Paula doesn’t do.

  • ‘I’m afraid your sister is a little ‘tied up’ at the moment. Handcuffs can make things a bit difficult. Good thing your daddy is a lawyer.’

    Ha, yes! But Oscar is going to be pissed! Can you even imagine what is going to go down?

    But of course, that’s nothing compared to what Paula and Stefan have on their hands with Clark now. That’s kind of scary.

    Like you, I obviously have no clue who Stefan prefers – Lola or Gwendolyn. I kind of hope he sticks with Lola though and lets Gwendolyn sort herself out. I don’t think she knows what’s she’s getting herself into with Stefan but I think Lola does. But who knows what these nutty Sims will do?!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, yes. Oskar was NOT happy. We probably won’t see his reaction until his update, but I can tell you, it won’t be pretty…

      Oh man, I don’t even know who I WANT Stefan to go for. Either way, it could end up bad. I just found something out about Lola that I didn’t realize. These sims are definitely nutty.

  • I think I like Gwendolyn more than Lola, which is why I want Stefan to end up with Lola, and leave poor Gwen out of it! She does seem genuinely sweet and I know I sound like an overprotective father or something but I don’t like her getting involved with criminals!

    Also I find it ironic that Camilla was the ‘problem child’ yet it’s these two that are crooks. Of course Camilla isn’t doing to well either right now… Oscar’s probably getting some (more) gray hairs each day! Here’s to hoping that Andrew and Natalia can get some happily ever afters for the Novak family!

    • Mao

      Haha, I like that you want Gwen to get away from her. I’m not sure what’s going to happen there. I don’t think Stefan will let her just ease out of things, though. He’s not really the type.

      Oh, yeah. Oskar’s kids are such a mess! I hope the other two can avoid becoming such disasters…

  • This is getting good! I can tell its just getting started and going to be one heck of a mess! Love this blog! Stefan is super outmatched and poor Paula. I thought it was gonna be her that got the short end with this whole ordeal. Luis and Paula. I cannot wait to read that! I’d love for her and him to get back together. And gwendolyn! And the risky!! A baby would be super bad timing. And duh, I’m so risky lets play baby making roulette. You can’t win that game stefan! Can’t comment more! I have just enough time to read one more update tonight… Off I go!

    • Mao

      Hey, Maisie! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I know my soap operaness isn’t everyone’s game, but I really love how ridiculous my sims are sometimes! I have no idea what Stefan is thinking, but I’m sure he’s wizened up a bit now. As for Luis and Paula, he wants nothing to do with her. I was hoping for a reunion, too. There’s still a chance!

  • Uh oh…it looks like Gwen is definitely in some sort of rebellious devil-may-care stage. I kinda hope that Stefan ends up dropping her for Lola, for Gwen’s sake.

    I’m pretty excited to see how this reunion between Luis and Paula goes! :)

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