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8: Martel/Mosley – ‘Wild’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Luis sighed and turned away from the jail cell.  Paula had been locked up for twenty-four hours.  Being the low man on the totem pole had meant that Luis was stuck on ‘cell duty’.  There was no remorse for the past when you were a cop.

They hadn’t spoken much.  Luis had made sure of that.  He let her call her father and he’d been in several times now.  He was pulling every string he could to get her out.  Truth be told, they didn’t have any evidence, even after sweeping the scene.  The worst they could get her on was intent.

Paula had tried to talk to him, but he brushed her off.  Luis wasn’t really interested in hearing whatever it was she had to say.  The worst part of all was that he wasn’t even angry with her, he was just disappointed.  He’d felt it the moment he recognized her voice.

“Look, Paula, I’m not here to chat.  I’m here to watch you.  I’m sure your boyfriend’s political ties or even your dad’s crazy lawyer skills will get you out of here soon enough.”

Paula cringed at the word ‘boyfriend’.  “Actually, that’s probably not going to happen.  We kind of broke up.”

“Leave it to you to dump a guy with connections right before you get busted.”


“You know what, fine… just tell me one thing.  Tell me you didn’t have anything to do with what happened to the Steel family.”

She blinked, obviously startled by the direct question and the accusation within it.  “W-What?  No!  What do you think I am?”

“A felon, Paula.  That’s why you’re in custody right now.”

The word seemed to settle in her brain a moment before it registered on her face.  Tears formed in her eyes.  “…I’m going to have a record, aren’t I?”

“Pretty damn likely.  Why would you let him do this to you?”  Luis sighed and shook his head.  He turned away from her, unable to stand the conversation anymore.  It made him feel guilty.

It was awkward enough that Gwendolyn was dating Stefan, but only got worse when Luis arrested Paula.  Gwendolyn wasn’t exactly neutral in the whole thing.

“Paula’s not like that,” she insisted.  “You know that, Luis.  She doesn’t have what it takes to be completely evil!”

“Oh, yeah?  Then why did I bust her outside of the warehouse, Gwen?  She’s a crook, just like her brother.”

Gwendolyn sighed.  “But that’s not evil.  She’s never hurt anyone.  She’s not in a crime family and neither is Stefan…”

“Yet.  It’s only a matter of time.”

“Paula isn’t like Stefan, either.  She’s just… Paula.  She doesn’t have direction, she’s really lost, Luis.  You know that.”

“Not my problem,” he said, though it didn’t sound as convincing as he’d have liked.  “Let her lawyer daddy fix it all for her with his money.”

“Don’t be rude, Luis.  You know Oskar isn’t like that.  He wants her out because he wants to try and save her.  He’s been trying this entire time.”

“Geeze, why is everyone trying to make me feel guilty for doing my job?  I’m a cop and I arrest felons.  Paula is a felon.  She was caught at the scene of a pretty big B&E!  It’s not my fault she’s ‘lost’ and I’m not going to let everyone crap on me because of it.  She’s not ‘lost’ because I dumped her for sleeping with half the graduating class in high school.  She was lost long before that.”

Gwendolyn watched as he stood up and walked away.  She wasn’t trying to cause strife, but all of this had opened her eyes a bit.  Paula needed to an out or she was going to be Stefan’s scapegoat forever.

The only person who didn’t seem to come down on Luis was Philip.  Since becoming a uniformed officer, Luis had decided to keep himself in good shape and Philip was his workout buddy.  Unfortunately, all of manual labor Philip did on a daily basis made him quite a bit more fit than Luis.

“Geeze, man.  You’re not going to get anywhere just walking like that.”

Luis sighed.  “I just can’t get over everyone hating on me for Paula.  I mean, what kind of messed up world do we live in where burglars are defended?”

“She’s a Novak, Luis.  You should know how that goes better than anyone.  It’s not good to be one of the nameless in a sea of celebrity.”

“Wow.  That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard you say, Philip.”

He shrugged easily.  “It’s true, though.  Paula can be anything she wants; as long as she has a dad who has money and a pretty huge degree in all things law… it doesn’t matter.  She can be as lost as she wants, there will always be someone there to rescue her.  It isn’t crime if there’s no risk.”

“How humiliating.  This is my biggest bust and it’s going to end up with nothing.  We’ve got no evidence tying her to the scene past catching her just outside of it.  I know Stefan was on the inside with someone else, but we’ve got nothing on anyone.  Paula’s going to get off with hardly anything at all.”

“Meh.  That’s where you’re wrong, dude.”

“How so?”

“‘Cause she’s going to have this following her around forever.  It’s been in the papers and everything else.  Money can’t erase everything, you know.  She’s going to be stuck in crime for the rest of her life because no one is going to hire a girl with a history of stealing.”

“That’s kind of sad, when you think about it.”

“But it isn’t your problem anymore, Luis.  Just try not to think about it, okay?  Paula Novak stopped being your problem a long time ago and thank everything for that.  She’s hot, but she’s a train wreck and a half.

Luis tried to follow his best friend’s advice, but it was hard.  The way Philip had put everything just made Luis see it all in a different life.  Paula was ‘marked’ now.  Even if she got off without any actual charges, she was screwed.

“You talked to Philip?”  Gwendolyn asked, breaking through his thoughts.  She was browsing the web while Luis tried to work on his chess game.

“Uh, yeah… we hang out all the time, Gwen.  He’s my best friend.”  Luis took a deep breath, preparing himself to say the next words as carefully as he could:  “And you’d do everyone a favor if you tried to fix this mess you made.  It’s so awkward living with my best friend’s ex-girlfriend who is now sleeping with his evil cousin.”

“I’m pretty sure he still hates me, Luis.”

“He doesn’t.  I’m not telling you guys to get back together or anything, but at least make things a little less awkward around here.”

Gwendolyn wasn’t sure why she had listened to Luis.  She was standing outside the house, completely overcome with nerves.  Dolly had recognized her and trotted over.  That had calmed her a bit.  She’d nearly missed Philip completely.  He was walking up the steps when she rounded the corner, calling out.

“Philip!  Wait.”

“Gwen?” He said, visibly confused.  “What are you doing here?”

“Can we talk?”

He peeked in the windows and motioned her over.  “Come on, quick.  If my family sees you, they’ll freak out.”

“Wow, I feel like some sort of spy in enemy territory,” Gwendolyn remarked as Philip quickly shut his bedroom door behind them.  “Your family is still pretty mad, huh?”

“They’re a bit more dramatic than I am,” he replied, the comment harkening back to their pretty weird breakup conversation.  “So, what is it?”

“Why don’t you hate me?  You should.  I’ve done just about everything to guarantee it.”

Philip shrugged easily, as he always did.  “Look, Gwen, I’m not going to tell you I wasn’t upset and that I’m not still a little upset… but I don’t hate you.  If you were unhappy, then it was your right to try and do something that made you happy.”

“That’s so cliche.  Next you’re going to tell me that you’re happy as long as I’m happy.”

“It’s true, though,” Philip said, unable to hide his embarrassment.  “When you care about someone enough, that’s all that really matters.”

“I feel really bad, if that helps.  I mean, the way it happened and all.  It could have gone better.”

“You think?”

Gwendolyn made a face and tried not to laugh.  “From sweet to jerk in five seconds flat.  You haven’t changed at all.”

The familiarity was almost too much.  Gwendolyn hadn’t spoken to Philip since they’d broken up.  It was obvious that things would never go back the way that they were.  It didn’t seem to matter.  Instead of thinking about the future and what Gwendolyn couldn’t see in it, she remembered the past.

Gwendolyn still cared about Philip, even if they were no longer together.  It was hard to be with someone that long and then just stop whatever you felt.  She really hadn’t gone to his house with the intention of making things even more confusing, though.  She certainly had not intended to stay the night.

Gwendolyn had escaped the McMaster house without getting caught.  She’d had one close call, but it turned out to just be the elderly dog.  It was a relief.  She’d snuck out in the early morning.  If she was lucky, Luis wouldn’t notice how late she’d come in.  The sun would be rising in the next hour.  Gwendolyn wasn’t going to get much sleep.

She really wished she could figure out what it was that she wanted.

Her guilt was compounded when Stefan called her.  She didn’t feel bad about going behind his back, she felt bad for messing with Philip’s head even worse.  He hadn’t called.  She was kind of relieved.

“Stefan, what’s up?”

‘Paula’s getting released.  Figured you’d want to be there.’

“What?  Wow.  Okay, yeah, I’ll be there in a few.”

“You know, you guys aren’t supposed to be back here,” Luis warned wearily.  He knew it fell on deaf ears.  He was just lucky Oskar was too busy filling out paperwork to insist on coming back.

“Cut the cop business and let her out, Martel.”

“Be nice, Stefan.  He’s just doing his job.”

Luis shook his head, but said nothing.  He unlocked the cell and let Paula out.

“Stefan!”  Paula cried, giving him a big hug.  “Don’t get busted.  Jail cells are the worst.  Where’s daddy?”

“Calm down, Paula.  All in good time.  He’s still moving through the tower of paperwork outside.  Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little cramped up from not moving around a whole lot.”

“Then let’s get the hell out of here,” Stefan said, motioning towards the doors.

“Um, go on ahead.  I want to talk to Luis.”

Stefan gave her a look, but he couldn’t argue.  Gwendolyn was dragging him behind her.

“You’ll get your personal effects outside, Paula.”

“Look, Luis, I just wanted to–”

“Stop.  Stop right there,” Luis said, backing away from her.  “We’re not going down this road.  I’m a cop, Paula.  What part of that are you missing?  My job is to protect society from people like you and your brother.”


“Just go, okay?  And don’t let me catch you again.  I’m not just going to ignore the fact that I now know your brother has his own little ‘band of thieves.’  I’m going to be watching and waiting to bust him… and when I do, it’s going to stick.  So, make sure you’re not there when it happens.”

Paula looked at him, devastated.  She didn’t say anything more.  Instead, she turned and walked away, unable to hide her sadness.  The line in the sand had been drawn and they were on opposing sides.

“It’s for the best, Luis,” Kelli assured him later that day.  She’d been one of the voices in his head ushering him to send Paula on her way.  “She’s just going to keep following her brother around like a puppy.”

“I know that you’re right, but… I still feel bad.  I don’t know why, but I do.”

Kelli grinned at him.  “I can fix that.”


Hahahaha, I don’t even know where to begin.  This update made me want to headdesk a million times over.  One, because I had to stage jail cell scenes… which sucks.  Why can’t sims that are truly arrested have a real jail cell and people visit them/etc?  At least have the police station open or something.  Geeze.  What a pain.

Second, the Philip/Gwendolyn thing was not intended.  She had a wish to talk to him and I figured it was about time they made things significantly less awkward.  Instead, they made it worse.  Autonomous woohoo kicked in and they got busy.  The entire house crowded into Philip’s bedroom to scold Gwendolyn for being a RUDE GUEST… AHAHAHA!


Oh, God.  This situation has just gone from bad to worse.  All my sims are either doing Try for Baby or Risky.  Thankfully, nothing came of this… except more confusion as to what these freakin’ sims want.

Also, Gwen is a PERV.  This girl has needs, lots of them, and no one can satisfy them.  NO ONE!

I’ve had Nraas’ woohooer/etc mods for a long time and I’ve never had a sim do this on the computer.  Too funny.  This girl needs help.  Poor Luis uses that to write his reports on!

Finally, when Luis let Paula out of her cell, she tried to flirt with him.  He wasn’t having any of it.  He immediately accused her of being evil.  So, yeah.  Sadface.  Poor Paula!

Title is Poe – ‘Wild’.

8 comments to 8: Martel/Mosley – ‘Wild’

  • Josh

    I like when Propserity Sims marry each other, so it makes me sad Paula and Luis are definitely never happening again. As for Gwendolyn, I will kill her myself if she hurts King Phillip. He needs to get over her as well, she’s playing games and I’m never here for it.

    • Mao

      I like it, too! I can see the range of genetics better. I am still hoping against hope for those two, because Luis is about the only thing that will save Paula. Sigh. I can’t blame him for wanting nothing to do with her, though.

      Gwen is getting to the point where it is no longer going to be her decision… someone else is going to make it for her and I don’t mean me!

  • You know, I don’t know why, but it somehow fits that the McMasters would be the type to get on Gwendolyn’s back, lol!

    But wow, Gwen! I’ve never seen a Sim have random cyber woohoo either. She’s gotta have it, apparently!

    You know, I didn’t realise I was still holding out hope for a Gwen/Philip reunion until that picture of them kissing. But I think I am! Maybe not now, because she still seems pretty messed up. But maybe in the future, if she ever sorts herself out. And gets herself away from Stefan. He’s such bad news for her.

    • Mao

      LOL, it really does, doesn’t it? I laughed so hard as they all piled into the room. Awkward!

      She’s something else, that’s for sure. That girl has more issues than a magazine.

      With Philip, I think one of two things is going to happen–he’s either going to be over her now with some closure or he’s going to more apt to tell Stefan to take a hike. There’s still Bianca to consider and given how completely enamored with Philip she is, I doubt she’ll let Gwen just step back in. I’ve been checking and Bianca hasn’t even been flirting or dating around like my other non-playable people.

  • I forgot about Bianca. Hrm. I wonder what will happen with the Gwen Phillip Stefan triangle. I really, really wish that Paula had been able to talk with Luis. And who is this Kelli with an i?! She’s bad news, ruining all my hopes for a Luis and Paula reunion. I could totally picture it. It’d be a sorta happily ever after and Stefan would go down his path and Paula would be rehabilitated by Luis. Soooo cheesy but not any less good! I don’t want any of these people having a baby yet!! I don’t want a baby thrown in the mix and ruining the drama. Unless it was a Luis and Paula baby. I wouldn’t object to that. ;)

    • Mao

      LOL! Kelli is Luis’ coworker from the last update. ;) As far as the triangle goes… I’m not sure. I don’t think any of these sims know what they want!

      Oh boy. As much as sappy endings annoy me, I was kind of hoping for Luis and Paula to rekindle their romance, too. I was so sad when he was mean to her! :(

  • Gwen and her “needs” are hilarious! She tries so hard to be prim and proper, but perhaps her libido just won’t let her attempts be successful…

    I was a little disappointed that Paula couldn’t manage to get Luis to talk to her, but perhaps it is a for the best that he’s moving on with Kelli. I’m still holding out hope she’ll turn herself around.

    • Mao

      I know! She’s such a strange combination of things. I laughed so hard when I caught her doing that.

      Unfortunately, Story Progression caused Kelli to get engaged, so that was just a fling. Someone else does end up hooking up with Luis, though!

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