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8: Klein – ‘Everything Counts’

Camilla Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult), Rhys Klein (Toddler)

Camilla Klein was not what you’d call a ‘natural mother’.  Her son would be entering the school system soon and she was still battling with motherhood.  She just didn’t have the patience for it.  She had tried to get involved, but it was just difficult.  Maybe when Rhys was older, she’d be better at it, but right now?  He’d just have to be happy that she was around at all.

At least her career had recovered from its slump.  She was now at the top of her game.  Her albums sold as soon as they hit shelves and she sold out even the biggest venues.  It brought in quite a bit of money, which was good, as Alex was planning on running for Mayor and that was an expensive goal.  He held fundraisers and parties every chance he got.

Camilla did her best to help out.  She wasn’t really good at being a politician’s wife.  She didn’t have the elegant poise or careful manner of speech necessary to do it properly.

Lana attended all the parties and every time Camilla tried to speak with her, she just acted odd.  Camilla didn’t have time to figure out what her deal was.

She was too busy trying to keep that tramp, Sacha Harcourt, away from Alex.  Camilla wasn’t sure how she did it, but Sacha always found a way into the parties. Camilla wanted to tear her apart, but she had to play nice for the sake of Alex’s public image.  Alex never returned her flirtations, but that was beside the point.  This little whore was flirting with danger, as far as Camilla was concerned.

One of these days, she’d overstep and Camilla would be there to put her in her place.

It was at one of the fundraisers that Lana approached her brother.  It wasn’t going to be easy, but she had to do it.  She had never intended to overhear what she had at Sacha’s party, but the fact that she did made her liable.  She couldn’t keep it from her brother any longer.

“Alex, can we talk outside?”

“Outside, why?”

“Um, it’s about Camilla and her… exercise.”

“What are you talking about?  You’re not making any sense–”

“Just come on,” Lana said, grabbing him by the arm and dragging him out to the patio.

Rhys was older now and able to hang out during the parties.  They weren’t terribly interesting for him, but they did offer some good company.  He mostly hung out with his grandpa Oskar and watched television.  His grandpa wasn’t much into the party scene, but he came to be supportive.

Neither one of them missed Lana pulling her twin brother outside.  Oskar didn’t know what it was about, but he knew it was important for Rhys not to concern himself with it.  He did his best to preoccupy him by pointing out something that had just happened on the show they were watching.

“What’s this about, Lana?”  Alex demanded.

“Camilla is having an affair,” Lana said quickly, releasing a long breath after she’d finished.  It was like a huge weight had lifted off her shoulders with those words spoken aloud.  “I’m sorry.”

“W-What?  You can’t just say that and not back it up!”

“Geeze, Alex!  I’m your sister and her best friend.  Do you really think I’d lie about this?  I overheard Dominic talking to Asha about it at Sacha’s party…”

Alex paused, the realization hitting him suddenly.  “Dominic?

Lana nodded, not wanting to add fuel to the flames.  She didn’t want to cause trouble, but she’d warned Camilla not to put her in this position.  Now she was forced to to watch Alex do what their father had always done–internalize it.  He took a minute to regain his composure and rejoined the party as if nothing had happened.  Lana knew better, though.  It would come out, eventually.

Camilla had noticed a change in Alex, but she didn’t comment on it.  She didn’t have the opportunity to.  He avoided her like the plague.  She hadn’t noticed Lana and Alex out on the patio.  She’d been too busy indulging her thirst.

She glanced down at the glass and felt guilty.  She knew it was wrong, but she couldn’t stop.  The familiar sensations were there, they’d been there for a month or two now.  She had tried to wish them away, but such things rarely worked.

Camilla didn’t need a test or a doctor to tell her she was pregnant, but she still did both things in an effort to force herself to come to terms with it.  It hardly worked.  Camilla had never pictured her life being like this.  She had envisioned herself as a pop star that traveled the world and played at exotic venues.  She had the pop star part, but the marriage, the children… it just seemed so separate from her.

There was no question about the paternity, she wasn’t an idiot.  It was Alex’s.  She could probably even guess the exact night it occurred.  Alex was so busy that their encounters were few and far in-between.  That wasn’t why she had the affair.  It would be simpler if it was.

It eventually got to the point where she could no longer hide it.  She had to cancel her big shows and apologize to fans.  She had a big tour planned immediately after the baby’s birth to make it up to everyone.  She was actually looking forward to it.  She felt like she needed a break from this life.

Camilla approached Alex when he came home from work.  He’d been so quiet and distant lately she almost feared telling him.  Still, it wasn’t something she could avoid any longer.

“You cancelled your shows, why?”  Alex said before she could speak.  He’d seen it in the papers at work.  They’d spoken so little it was the only way to keep tabs on her.

“Um, we should probably talk outside…”

Rhys was at the table, doing his homework.  She’d have to find a different time to tell him.

The last time Alex had been pulled out to the patio, his sister had told him that Camilla was cheating.  Was she going to confess?  No, she wouldn’t.  That wasn’t in Camilla’s nature.  She wasn’t a bad person, she just had really twisted views about things.  He watched her carefully as she said:

“I’m pregnant.  Several months, actually…”

“Is it mine?”

He couldn’t stop himself.  It just came out, filled with repressed anger and hurt.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Camilla snapped back.  She was a fighter like that.  Even in the wrong, she’d stand tall.

“You know exactly what it means, Camilla.”  Alex countered, not budging a bit.  He always gave in, always.  Not this time.  He wouldn’t apologize for being angry.

“Augh.  I knew it was a mistake to even bother telling you!  You’ve been too busy with your stupid campaign to notice anything around you.  Anyone with half a brain would have figured it out on their own by now!”

“I guess I was just too busy thinking about the fact that you’ve been screwing Dominic Cosaro behind my back!”  It came out louder and angrier than he had intended.  Every second that passed where he looked at her and thought about it, his rage only multiplied.

Camilla, for her part, was visibly stunned.  She hadn’t expected that at all.  How had he found out?  How long had he known?  She had been so careful!  Dominic, that idiot.  He’d slipped up and said something to someone.  He didn’t have anything to lose, but she did.  It was hard to recover.  What would she say, no?  She couldn’t.  Camilla wasn’t a great liar when faced with the truth so plainly.  So, she diverted.

“Oh, right, like you haven’t been doing anything with that little slut Sacha!”

“Oh, don’t even, Camilla!  You know I have not and would not do anything like that, unlike you.  I guess now maybe I should, so we’re both even.”

Silence passed between them, the threat hanging in the air.  It was an idle one.  Camilla knew Alex wouldn’t do it.  He was just angry.

“What do you want me to say?” Camilla said, unable to come up with anything better.  “The baby is yours, Alex.”

“How selfish can you be, Camilla?  Throwing that at me like it makes a difference!  I can’t even talk to you right now.  I can barely stand to look at you.”

Camilla made a frustrated noise, her arms cutting through the air, “what are you saying?  You want a divorce?”

A small vibration sounded from his pocked–his phone was ringing.  He would rather deal with work a thousand times over than Camilla’s insane drama.  He really didn’t even want to look at her right now.  He turned away from her and moved to turn on his wireless headset, waving her off over his shoulder.

“I can’t even deal with you right now, Camilla.”

Camilla watched as he took the call and walked inside.  It was obvious Rhys had seen them yelling at each other.  Alex walked past him and mussed his hair affectionately.  It seemed to comfort him for the time being.

Alex wasn’t going to divorce Camilla.  It was obvious that he should and anyone else in his position would have thrown her to the curb.  He had children to consider and a campaign he couldn’t abandon.  A divorce would cause a huge scandal and pull poor Rhys down into it.  He wouldn’t do that.

He wasn’t entirely sure he could forgive and forget Camilla’s transgression, though.  Alex wasn’t sure what he was going to do about that yet.


The fight was the result of the ROS – Ministry of Silly Fights.  I had no idea what they would fight about until I saw that Lana was standing in the background of the one picture in the Cosaro update where Dominic and Asha talk about his affair.  Then it clicked.  I had wanted things to go on longer before Alex found out, but this works, too.

The fight bottomed out their relationship.  They were each other’s highest relationship before the fight, but now they are like strangers.  It makes sense.  This isn’t something Alex is just going to ‘let go’ and I don’t think Camilla is ready to admit defeat, either.  Camilla getting pregnant was their own doing.  Maybe she thought it would keep Sacha away?  They autonomously tried for a baby almost as soon as I went to their house.

This moodlet amused me greatly.  Rebellious sims are funny!

This is what happened every time Alex throws a party!  Look at that crowded elevator.  There’s like 10 sims in there, BTW.  HURRY EVERBUDDY, CLIMB ABOARD THE DEATH TRAP!

They all got relationship plus signs anytime someone boarded, too, which amused me.

As for Camilla and Alex’s marriage, I leave you with this:

 Camilla better watch out!

Title is Depeche Mode – ‘Everything Counts’.

10 comments to 8: Klein – ‘Everything Counts’

  • Josh

    I AM DYING. The ROS is really shaking things up. Rhys looks so much like Oskar, it’s a shame he has to grow up in this super messy family. Camilla needs to get her act together- you never cheat on the ones that love you, gurl! UGH.

  • Oh Camilla you are just digging yourself deeper and deeper…

    That ROS certainly fit the story that was already brewing though! I love it when that happens, it gives me the warm tinglies~

  • Rhys looks so much like his grandpa! It’s a shame the poor kid is growing up in such turmoil. At least his parents seem to be trying to keep him out of it as much as they can. That’s one thing they’re doing right.

    And wow! Alex wants to be friends with Sacha! Will he stop at friends? I think in his nature, he would but he’s pretty pissed off right now. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Your Sims always bring the drama!

    • Mao

      He really does. It’s amusing. I’m hoping that Rhys makes it through this okay. I think his younger sibling might actually be the one to suffer more. Poor thing!

      I know, I was so surprised when he rolled that wish up before I left their house. Oh boy!

  • Poor Rhys. It’s going to be tough on him to see his parents so strained. And poor Alex–in general he is a good guy and Camilla is such a diva in comparison. She doesn’t want most of the things she has, but she is unwilling to do anything direct to make her life more like the one she really wants.

    Wow…so Alex wants to be friends with Sacha. I’m wondering how that will work out (and I’m sure that Camilla isn’t going to like that, at all).

    • Mao

      Ahhh, that’s such an astute observation! Camilla really doesn’t put forth the effort necessary to change her life… but she feels “trapped” because she kind of walked into the whole marriage thing. Poor Alex, indeed! I don’t think he knew exactly what he signed up for, haha. ;)

      Oh, I can’t wait to fulfill that wish!

  • Oh man! Poor Alex in this. And horrible timing with the baby! I am glad it’s Alex’s baby though for sure! I hate that he wants to be friends with Sacha. That would be really bad publicity though so hopefully that feeling of revenge goes away and he can focus on his career again.

    • Mao

      I really do feel bad for him. But then again, I’ve felt bad for him the entire time! I knew when he started falling for Camilla he was doomed, lol.

      If he does anything with Sacha, I doubt it will be romantic. He probably just wants to get under Camilla’s skin. But you’re right, there’s a chance that something else could happen, too…

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