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8: Cosaro – ‘My Own Worst Enemy’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Sacha Harcourt (Young Adult)

Dominic had been seeing Sacha Harcourt on and off since he and Asha had parted ways.  She wasn’t really his girlfriend, but he did hook up with her quite a bit.  She was another model slash actress from Aperture Studios–Dominic definitely had a ‘type’.

Sacha was young, much younger than Dominic and even younger than Camilla.  It was hard to believe he had ever been that young and naive.

Sacha wasn’t like Camilla at all.  She didn’t have a husband and she didn’t have to sneak around, pretending she was at work just to see him.  Their little affair hadn’t gone anywhere dangerous, yet.  Dominic wasn’t sure he wanted it to.  As attracted he was to Camilla, he really didn’t want to invite the shit storm that would surely follow should they actually hook up.

Camilla had a completely different view of things.

She was busy and her career always came first, but Camilla always found time to stop by.  It would have been time better spent with her son or her husband, but Camilla just wasn’t that type of girl.  She went after what she wanted and at the moment, she wanted Dominic.  He had done his best to rebuff her advances, but it just wasn’t in his nature to turn down an extremely hot and willing woman.

Their affair was official.  It didn’t stop there, either.  Camilla continued to sneak away from her life and her career to be with him.  It was hard to define.  Dominic had never really been one for definitions, anyway.  He was more of the immediate gratification kind of guy.  He tried not to think about the fact that she was married to the crime lord Clark Klein’s son.

If Camilla felt guilty or regretted what they did, she didn’t show it.  Knowing Camilla, she probably thought it was perfectly okay.

Complicating matters further was Sacha.  She’d recently lost her place to live entirely and was currently homeless.  Dominic allowed her to move in, elevating their relationship.  She was still so young that she didn’t really care what Dominic did when she wasn’t looking.  She knew he wasn’t the guy to rely on, but he was nice enough to open his door to her.

He wasn’t a bad guy… he just wasn’t the kind of guy you put your money on at the end of the day.  She’d have to find someone else more permanent.

Until then, she’d enjoy the ride.  Dominic was a sports star and being associated with him elevated her career quite a bit.  She was suddenly doing swimsuit spreads in sports magazines and being cast in commercials.  It was quite the whirlwind, but it didn’t go to her head.  Sacha wasn’t your typical starlet.

Though she’d given up bar-tending to pursue her dream career, she still knew a few tricks and employed them quite frequently during parties.

It was an agreeable arrangement for the both of them.  Dominic had forgotten how nice it was to share a living space with an attractive young lady and Sacha was caught up in the rush of it all.  It was definitely a nice change from her previous place and with better company, too.

When she wasn’t working, Sacha spent most of her time throwing parties and getting to know the people of Aperture.  One party produced someone she had heard of, but never met.  It was Alex Klein.  She knew him because of his mayoral campaign.  He was definitely hotter than any mayor she’d ever seen before.

However, Sacha’s usual coy charm didn’t work on him.  He simply laughed her off and quickly changed the subject.  She was young, she was beautiful, but he was one of those guys that actually put stock in monogamy and loyalty.  It just fanned the flames.  He was the type of guy you wanted to end up with.

A lot of big names turned up, much to Sacha’s surprise.  She was definitely making her mark in the world.  Even Asha Steel stopped by.  Sacha tried not to be intimidated by the woman.  She was gorgeous–the staple for all models and actresses in Aperture Studios’ hire.  She was also Dominic’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two children.

“I don’t bite,” Asha said as she took a sip of her drink.  “Dominic and I share kids, but that’s pretty much it anymore.  I’m with someone else now.”

Sacha let out a long breath of relief.  “I-I’m sorry, I just didn’t–”

“It’s all right.  I wouldn’t have come if there was bad blood.  Maybe we can talk some time.  I can give you some tips.”

“That would be amazing…” Sacha said, noticing Alex out of the corner of her eye.  He was walking into the house.  She excused herself from Asha and chased after him.

He was washing his hands in the bathroom when she found him.  He seemed startled by her.

“You’re persistent.”

“Persistence wins the race.”

“Not this one,” Alex said, shaking his head.  “I’m married, I have a kid, and I’m in politics.  I’m flattered and you’re gorgeous, really, but I’m just not that kind of guy.”

Sacha frowned as she watched him walk away.  She wasn’t going to give up that easily.

She had plenty of time to formulate a plan, so she spent the rest of the night chatting up the locals.  She met a pretty cool girl named Gwendolyn.  They really seemed to hit it off.  Sacha was happy to have another female friend.  They were so rare when you were a model or an actress.  It seemed as if anyone you befriended was out to get you.

Dominic wasn’t surprised when he came home to find a party raging in his backyard.  He simply grabbed a drink and joined in the festivities.  It wasn’t until Asha pulled him aside that he even realized she was there.

“Going to date a teenager next?”  She joked.

“Very funny, Asha.”

“I’m just kidding, Dominic.  I just hope this keeps you from messing around with Camilla.”

“H-How… I mean, does he–”

She grinned at him.  “He knows, but it’s not his place.  He said he tried to warn Alex and he ignored him.  So, it’s his problem now.  Don’t worry, you’re not in danger.  But really, Dominic… of all the bad ideas you’ve ever had, that’s got to be the worst.”

“It wasn’t completely up to me!”

“Oh, right!  Like you could resist a hot girl hitting on you.  Please, Dominic.  I lived with you for years.  I know you.  Just try to think more clearly before you act next time, okay?  You have kids to think about now.”

It wasn’t long before Camilla was once again on Dominic’s doorstep.  This time, however, instead of looking seductive she just looked mad.  She stormed in and nearly bowled Dominic over, which was a feat for such a small girl.  Anger moved off her in waves.

“Damn it, Dominic!  I can’t believe you!”

“Look, if this is about Sacha–”

“Damn right, it’s about Sacha!”

“Cammy, look, we’re not really exclusi–”

“You idiot!  I’m not mad that you’re sleeping with her, I’m mad that she’s trying to move in on my husband!”

At this, Dominic chuckled.  “Are you serious?  You need to chill out.  I mean, it’s not like you’re a bastion for faithfulness or anything…”

“Keep that tart away from Alex, Dominic!  I’m warning you.”  She raged, arms flailing.  “You don’t even want to know what I’ll do to her if I see her!”

Dominic sighed.  “I’ll talk to her.”

“You’d better!  I’ll come down on her like a brickThey won’t even be able to identify her with dental records!”

“Your views are really messed up, Cammy.  Poor Alex.”

“Shut up and leave Alex to me.  Just keep your little skank under control!”

Camilla stomped out, leaving Dominic confused.  He wanted to laugh, but it seemed oddly inappropriate.  Poor Sacha.  What was she thinking, hitting on Alex?  She really was too young.

Camilla was likely the only person in all of Aperture that didn’t like Sacha.  She was just so charming and easy to get along with.  Even the hired help liked her.  She would make them sandwiches and ask them about their days.  She really did get along with everyone.

It probably wasn’t smart to set her sights on Alex, though.  Not even Sacha could weather the storm that was Camilla’s rage.


Dominic committing to Sacha was part of the ROS ‘Hurried Decision.’  Sacha Harcourt was a girl he messed around with a bit, she was a bartender at one of the clubs and his highest not-already-committed relationship.  I originally thought this would be boring, but it turned out pretty interesting.  It livened up Dominic’s house, that’s for sure!  Sacha is adorable.  I love her.  I just wish the little poppet wasn’t obsessed with Alex.  She has been since she met him!

As soon as he arrived at the party, she wanted to talk to him and ask him his sign.  She kept wanting to talk to him and only him the entire time.  She tried to autonomously flirt, but he wasn’t having any of it.  She rolled up this after he left the party:

Oh, dear.  She really isn’t giving up!

Also, this is hilarious!  What the hell?  How did I miss this?  There was “worry about commitment” before that, but it went away after I selected it and then I found this buried in the options.  Too funny.  I wonder what it does?  I’ll have to see later.

For those curious, Camilla was the initiator of the affair.  Also, Asha showed up on her own.  She does that.  She’s like Clark.  They are always skulking around, lol.

Camilla started reading Dominic the riot act, so I figured she was peeved that some hot young thing was hitting on her man.  Camilla is very much the ‘what’s mine is MINE’ kind of girl.  So funny.  She really could whoop Sacha, too.  She’s got level six martial arts and almost maxed athleticism from military school!

Title is Lit – ‘My Own Worst Enemy’.

12 comments to 8: Cosaro – ‘My Own Worst Enemy’

  • Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m really disappointed in Dominic giving in to Camilla. Ok, keeping it real, I want to smack him upside the head right now. Yes, I’m still hoping he and Asha will work it out somehow. I know I need to let it go.

    Camilla is a trip. I can totally see her being upset with Sacha even though she’s not the “bastion of faithfulness” herself.

    Yay, for Alex honoring his commitment. I like Clark’s attitude on the situation too. I was worried for Dominic for a minute there.

    • Mao

      Aww, Snarky! I’m sorry. I really don’t see them reuniting anytime soon. He’s never going to ‘step up’ and Asha needs someone who can. He’s just not really strong enough to handle all the stuff she has to deal with daily. They don’t even roll romantic wishes anymore, just friendly ones.

      Camilla wants to pound Sacha! I think it’s hilarious. She’s not really into someone stealing her spotlight.

      Alex is a good guy. Sacha kept autonomously trying to hit on him and he’d constantly brush her off.

  • ElectronicSim

    Wow. It feels like the end of an era, Dominic having another girl moving in with him.

    • Mao

      I know! It’s so strange. It definitely is NOT the same as when Asha moved in. Dominic actually cared about her on a higher level. :)

  • “For those curious, Camilla was the initiator of the affair”

    LOL! Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me one bit! It figures that she’d be the possessive type with Alex too. She can mess around with other women’s guys but hell will rain down on them if they mess around with hers!

    I have to say though, I’d be worried if I was Camilla. If Alex finds out, he could call in a favour from his dad!

    • Mao

      Oh, yeah! You don’t mess with what’s Camilla’s. She’s not really into sharing. ;)

      Alex could, but he wouldn’t. He’s not that shady. I do wonder what would happen if he found out, though…

  • Sacha is really cute making food for the maid and stuff! I really like her a lot, and I will punch Camilla in the face if she does anything, lol!

    • Mao

      Haha! I really like her, too. I wasn’t sure why, but she’s just so darn sweet to everyone. If only she hadn’t set her sights on a married man. She’s still young, she has time to find someone more suitable.

  • Sacha seems like a pretty interesting character–I can’t wait to see how things go with her. Camilla’s anger over Sacha’s pursuit of Alex is hilarious…the little hypocrite. :) The “Hurried Decision” ROS is kinda fun! I might have to steal it!

    • Mao

      Haha, feel free! I think I got it from someone else, anyway. My husband renamed most of them, so it’s hard to tell.

      I really like Sacha so far!

  • I really like Alex and I like how he rejected her further advances again. Actually made him sorta hot! lol so I can see why Sacha wants him even more! I’m relieved that his dad ain’t about to come and kill off Dominic though, of all the wives to sleep with! Alex should have known though, everyone else did. And Camilla flipping on about Sacha is so her character! I wonder where this will all lead.

    • Mao

      LOL! What is it with us women and wanting what’s a challenge? Hahaha, Sacha is definitely not giving up so easily.

      Yeah, Dominic is lucky! Camilla flipping out on him cracked me up. She really did come over and just start yelling at him. She does that with everyone, it seems.

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