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7: Novak – ‘Gives You Hell’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Teen), Natalia Novak (Child)

Oskar hadn’t really looked forward to hitting fifty-six.  It wasn’t exactly ancient, but it was a still a bit older than he wanted to be.  Kelly insisted on having a party, but was convinced to scale it back to just family.  The twins visited, Stefan nearly shocking them both with his recent ink work.  Paula kept mostly to herself and refused to let anyone take pictures of her.  She looked like she’d had a rough night.

Camilla was there, sans Alex.  He was away again on city business.  It was shocking to see her pregnant.  Oskar had never really expected her to get married, much less have a baby.  Now she was doing both.  He hoped she was being good.  Alex was a good, stable person for her to be with.

Natalia spent most of her time showing off for her relatives while Andrew was hanging out with his friend, Regan Canales.  It was almost always him, Regan, and her twin sister Lucy.  Lucy and Andrew had always been the closest of the bunch, but Lucy had begun to act oddly as of late.  She even left the party early, saying she had homework.

Regan dismissed her behavior easily, but something about it irked Andrew.

Anytime she did stick around and hang out, she acted mad.  Andrew would try to lighten the mood and she’d just get angrier.  He splashed her jokingly and she stormed out of the pool in a huff, leaving him very confused.  He couldn’t even begin to understand teenaged girls.  This had all started the moment they hit high school.

While he’d never been as close with Regan, that was changing.  Lucy always left them behind, so they spent most of their time talking.  Regan was a smart girl with a mischievous streak.  She flirted with him constantly, but it was always a joke.  He ignored her blatant propositions and just waved her off.  It was just the way that Regan was.

“Your sister is a mental case,” Andrew sighed, unable to focus on the chess pieces in front of him.  Regan would beat him, anyway.  She always did.

“She’s got issues.  She’ll sort them out.”  She winked at him as her deft fingers moved a piece forward.  “Bad move.  I’ll have you at checkmate in two moves!”

Oskar wasn’t the only one getting older.  Kelly was feeling it, too.  She’d found a gray hair and the studio had started to apply even more makeup to her before she went on screen.  High-definition was surely going to be the death of her.

She’d even taken to innocently flirting with random fans to try and make herself feel better.  It didn’t work.

If Oskar noticed that his wife was going through a midlife crisis, he didn’t say anything.  Whatever she wanted, she got.  It was the way that things usually went.  They’d begun renovating and adding things to the house as per her wishes.  They were even get a hot tub, much to the delight of Andrew.  He was tired of walking to the pool.

Andrew eventually grew tired of Lucy’s erratic behavior and tracked her down.  She wasn’t at home, but Regan hinted that she might be at the playground down the street.  She was there, alone, on the swings.  She noticed him and shook her head.

“Go away, Andrew.  I want to be alone.”

He grabbed the chain on the swing, nearly ejecting her out of it.  She was forced to stop and face him.

“You’re such a jerk!  I nearly fell!”

“Why are you being such a bitch, Lucy?”  Andrew may not have been like his older step-siblings, but he had learned a thing or two about bluntness from them.  “I didn’t do anything to you!”

Her eyes narrowed, but she didn’t say anything.  She just glared at him.


“Argh!  I can’t even stand to look at you, you make me so mad,” she snapped, her hands balling into fists.  “I just want to punch you!”

Andrew was aghast.  “I didn’t even do anything to you!”

“I’m not an idiot, Andrew!  You and Regan aren’t really subtle.”

“W-what?  I’m not messing around with Regan!”

“But you guys flirt all the time!”

“No, Regan does.  It’s just how she is!  She’s your sister, how can you not realize that?”  Suddenly, he was the one giving her a look.  “Why does it matter to you, anyway?”

“It doesn’t!”  She snapped, turning on her heel and stomping off.  “Just… just leave me alone!”

While her brother was wading the treacherous waters of teenage hormones, Natalia was enjoying the much more neutral seas of childhood.  She’d thrown a slumber party and invited her cousins and her best friend, Jessica Ryder.  They had met at school and had been almost inseparable since.

Catherine was there, too.  Juliet didn’t come.  Natalia had the feeling that she didn’t like her very much.  Still, they had a good night.  Jessica kept kicking their butts at video games.  They set up their sleeping bags in the den and made a fort with the couches and blankets.  Kelly and Oskar could hear them giggling and laughing well into the night, but they didn’t dare scold them.  They were having fun being kids.

Kelly, still in the throes of her crisis, decided it was time for something drastic.  She’d had the same hair since she turned twenty.  It was time for a change.  She went to her stylist and chopped her hair off.  The studio had been angry.  She should have warned them so they could write in the character’s style change, but otherwise, everyone seemed to like it.  It definitely made her appear younger and a bit more mysterious.


Kelly turned into an Adult and immediately experienced a mid-life crisis!  I was kind of surprised.  I didn’t really peg her as the type, but I guess getting older in the spotlight isn’t an easy thing.  I’ve wanted to change her hair for awhile now and I was glad when she got the wish to do so!

Poor Andrew.  He’s been friends with the Canales twins since he aged to a child.  I was wondering if he’d develop any romantic feelings for one of them.  I thought it would be Regan, as she always autonomously flirts with him.  Instead, he spun up this wish:

Looks like he’s into Lucy, but Lucy is being a little brat.  She had been dating a sim who had already aged to YA, so I had to rid of that, but even with it gone, she’s still acting strange.  Maybe she’ll get it worked out by the next round!

The slumber party was cute.  I’d never thrown one before!  The girls had a blast and it was hilarious to see them pop into their sleeping bags.  They got the above moodlet, which amused me.  I had Natalia invite both of her cousins, but Juliet refused to come.  Do I smell possible rivalry?  Hmmm?  Time shall tell…

Title is All-American Rejects – ‘Gives You Hell’. Freakin’ MIL used to be obsessed with this song.

6 comments to 7: Novak – ‘Gives You Hell’

  • Josh

    I LOVE THAT SONG. The Canale girls are cute! Andrew is cute too, who does he take after? I love how everything goes to hell as soon as your Sims turn into teens!

    • Mao

      Haha, I think that Andrew takes primarily after Kelly. That could change once he’s a YA… TS3 sims are so random!

      My teenagers are out of control! Geeze.

  • You were lucky Kelly didn’t roll a more annoying mid-life crisis wish. The last one I got was “move to a new house” Um, no. You’re staying where you are, because I am lazy.

    But ooh, I am liking this drama with Andrew and the Canales twins. I wonder if there’s more to Regan’s flirting than Andrew thinks. That could definitely cause some friction with Lucy. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Natalia’s sleepover was adorable. Enjoy all the innocence of childhood while it lasts, lol!

    • Mao

      Oh, she did. She wanted to move and I was like, “hellll naaaw!” I fulfilled several of them. I was trying to get it so she’d be ‘satisfied’ once it ended.

      I was glad something developed between them. It’s easier to build on teens when there’s drama. I just wish they weren’t all so out of control!

      LOL, how about it? Everything goes straight to hell once they pass childhood!

  • Poor Kelly, but she should feel young, her husband just turned elder for pity sake! He should be flipping out! I like her new hairstyle, looks great on her. I can’t wait to see what Paula is up to know! And man Camilla is making me nervous. Adam out of town all the time. I’m afraid he’s a pawn in daddy’s master plan and id hate for him to be. Does Kelly still talk with asha or not much since the split?

    • Mao

      You’d think! Kelly is an odd one, though. I won’t pretend to understand her moods!

      Alex has his own mind, but Clark has him in his fold, yes…

      Kelly is more of Dominic’s friend. She is technically still in-game friends with Asha, but she calls Dominic and such more.

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