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7: Novak 2 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’

Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Paula Novak (Young Adult)

Stefan Novak was not what you’d call a ‘nice person’.  He didn’t really about social convention and he enjoyed making people twitch.  One of his favorite people to do this to was Gwendolyn Mosley.  She wasn’t the type to really go ‘clubbing’, but he’d seen her several times in the past month.  It wouldn’t have been as curious if she hadn’t been alone.

“Hello, Gwen,” he began.  She twitched under his gaze.  “Does Philip know you’re out here exploring the world?”

“I’m a big girl.  I don’t need anyone’s permission to go out.”

“I guess not,” he grinned, undaunted by her quick rebuttal.  “But something tells me that he doesn’t even know.”

She looked away, unable to hide the guilt that spread across her face.  She wasn’t able to hide her emotions.  She wore them freely, on her face and in her eyes.

“Leave me alone, Stefan.”

“Oh, we both know that’s not what you want.”

“You’re such a jerk!”  She stormed off.

As much fun as it was to mess with Gwendolyn, Stefan had even more fun hitting on women that would actually respond.  The only one other than Gwen to rebuff him had been Lola Trebo, a friend of Paula’s.  She was new to the city, but not new to guys like him.  She brushed him off whenever he made a move on her.

“Ha!  Nice try.  Go find some other floozy to mack on.  It’s not working on me.”

Paula was still out of control.  She was technically dating Lloyd Klein, but that didn’t change anything.  They saw one another quite a bit, but whenever Lloyd was away, Paula was with someone else.

Her drinking had only gotten worse, too.

She spent most of her time getting wasted at the sports bar next to their apartment.  Stefan frequented it, too, but he knew how to pace himself.  Paula just went and got so smashed she ended up dancing on the counters.  It was always a pain to get her home at the end of the night.  He was about to throw her into detox if she didn’t shape up.

Stefan had his own life to worry about without having to shadow Paula everywhere.  He wasn’t as much as a blatant whore as she was.  He flirted a lot, but he didn’t sleep with everything that had two legs and was the opposite gender like Paula.  He actually had standards and a, if somewhat skewed, sense of decency.

“You really need to get your crap together, Paula.”  Stefan lectured her.  She had come in at 3am with some random dude who’d left an hour later.  “You’re going to mess up my plans if you get knocked up or go home with the wrong creep.”

“I don’t need you lecturing me, Stefan!”

“You need someone lecturing you!  You’re a wreck.  It’s hard to look at you sometimes.  You’re still wasted from last night and that was hours ago.”

Paula tried not to choke on her cereal at his accusation.  “I am not!”

“Sure.  You just forgot how to chew and swallow overnight… wait, what am I saying?  You’d never forget how to swallow.”

She threw her spoon at him, which he ducked effortlessly, and stormed out of the kitchen.  “You’re such a jerk!”

Paula probably should have tried to prove Stefan wrong, but she was too busy riding her destructive path to its horrible end.  It was like a train she couldn’t get off.  She’d sober up and just be sad.  It was easier to just do whatever and not care about it.  Things got unnecessarily complicated when you cared.

Hooking up made her feel better, even if it was just for the moment.  She didn’t ask if they were single or not–she didn’t care.  Some of them would be back, others would wander off, but it didn’t matter to her.  Paula hooked up because she wanted to.

“She steal your date again?”  Stefan asked, exiting the pool and approaching Lola.  “You should know better than to bring men around Paula.”

Lola took a long a drink before replying.  “It wasn’t serious.”

“It never is with you, is it?”

“Ha!  The pot calling the kettle black.  Too rich.”

“Don’t bother playing your mind games with me, Stefan.  I’m above it.”  Lola said quickly, watching him advance.  “I’m not like the rest of these doe-eyed girls with dreams in their heads.  I know how the real world works.”

“And that’s what makes you so terribly interesting…”

“Ha!  ‘Interesting’... you’re such a spoiled rich kid.  I’m interesting to you because I’ve actually struggled to get where I am?”  She shook her head and began to walk away.  “The word you’re looking for is ‘better’.  I’m better than you because I know what it takes to survive.  You never will.”

Paula usually slept in until noon most days.  It was her routine.  She rarely went to bed before 4am.  It was wearing on her.  She had allowed Stefan to drag her into the criminal underbelly with him.  They did small jobs, here and there.  She was always the ‘muscle’, the one who physically removed the threat either by knocking them out and seducing them while Stefan used his agility to nab their target, all while being unseen.

She was getting sloppy, though.  Was it on purpose?  She didn’t want to get arrested, she just didn’t care about it as much as Stefan did.  Paula had always known that her abilities would be better used elsewhere, she just didn’t know where.

She hadn’t really thought about any of it since her breakup with Luis.  She’d just do whatever Stefan did.

Stefan was the one who organized everything.  He’d developed a little band of thieves, which had recently welcomed in Lola.  She was like Stefan, agile and quick.  She could get in and out without ever being seen.  Their little band had finally gotten the attention of the bigwigs in the city.  Stefan had found a cellphone in his mailbox.  When he called the number attached, he was greeted with a low voice:

‘There’s an opportunity for you, if you’re interested.  It’ll pay well.’

“I’m listening…”

‘Keep the phone.  You’ll get a call.’

The line went dead before he could respond.  That’s how you knew you were dealing with the brass of the criminals–they didn’t do a whole lot of talking.

“So, what do you think about that call Stefan got?  Sounds like it could be big,” Lola said as she and Paula sunned themselves by the apartment’s pool.  “I hope it’s got those little lasers you have to dodge.”

“Stefan is really excited about it.”

Lola looked at her friend.  “This isn’t really your scene, is it?”

“I don’t have a scene.”

“You just don’t really strike me as a criminal, Paula.”

Paula got up, the urge to have another drink overpowering her need to lie down.  “I guess I’m not, not really.  I mean, I don’t get off on it like you guys do.  I’m just kind of along for the ride.”

“You know your ex is with the police now, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Luis Martel, right?  He just got sworn in the other day.”

Paula tried not to show her surprise.  “How do you know that?”

Lola grinned.  “We’ve gotta know who we’re dealing with.  We’re gonna get busted, eventually, and when that time comes… we’ve got to have all our bases covered.”

She swallowed hard, thinking about the possibility of Luis being the one to detain them.  It didn’t settle well with her.  She made her drink a bit more potent than usual and a took a long gulp.  This just got way more complicated than she wanted.


So, the twins are unleashed on the world.  Stefan wants to be a master thief and he’s well on his way.  Also, Gwendolyn Mosley has been clubbing behind my back!  I never, ever see Philip out, but she’s always wandering around when I send Stefan and Paula out.  Somehow, she’s also managed to befriend Stefan… which is weird.  I want to know what’s going on here!

Lola Trebo is a sim of mine from Barnacle Bay.  She is the daughter of Dina Caliente and Alec Trebo.  I edited her a bit before I added her.  She was added along with two of my Townie Deca-Dynasty kids , but those two were married off in the blink of an eye.  There’s a lady drought in Aperture, lol.  Lola met the twins because she is also a criminal.  Stefan has been hitting on her like crazy, but she’s not falling for it!  What is it with him and blondes?

Paula continues her downward spiral.  She kept getting the Unlucky moodlet and all she ever does is drink if i leave her alone, lol.  If her fun is low, she autonomously casual woohoos with whatever dude is around.  She’s so bad.  I’m surprised Lloyd hasn’t dumped her yet, the entire town knows she’s cheating!

Paula isn’t really the criminal type, but without a positive influence, she’s just going to follow Stefan around. 

Title is 3oh!3 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’.

8 comments to 7: Novak 2 – ‘Don’t Trust Me’

  • I’m kind of amazed Paula isn’t pregnant yet! I have to say, I think Luis dodged a bullet when he and Paula broke up. Especially now that he’s a cop. Less conflicting feelings when he has to make his inevitable arrest. Unless he’s still holding a torch for her, which is possible.

    • Mao

      Luis is a good guy and a hopeless romantic, so I think it’s safe to assume he may still care about her. Now, whether or not he’d want to be with her as she is now? No way.

  • Caught up! Goodness! I hope something snaps Paula out of her downward spiral. I’m sure it would be a bit jarring to be arrested by Luis, but it’s bound to happen (especially since she’s getting sloppy). Loving the drama!

    • Mao

      I am not sure anything can save Paula at this point! She is a mess. Her wishes never make any sense and she doesn’t seem to have any ambition. I really hope she doesn’t get pregnant!

  • Paula, Paula!! She’s such a mess and I hope she doesn’t get pregnant! I like her story with her brother right now and pregnancy would unhinge it from where it is headed. Can’t wait to read what the job is from the cellphone and which bad guys are making the call! The twins unleashed is a lot if fun to read!

    • Mao

      Haha! Everyone is mentioning her getting pregnant. That worries me! I am crossing my fingers that she doesn’t! It’s safe to say the job isn’t coming from the Steel family; they are about to be pushed out of town…; )

  • Oh, I was excited to see these two in action finally! I can only imagine how worse off Paula would be without Stefan, and I’m thinking we may see it since I could see Lola replacing her as Stefan’s partner in crime (literally)! At this point the only thing I can see getting through to Paula would be a pregnancy, sadly.

    • Mao

      I couldn’t wait to play them. I knew it would be interesting! Lola would definitely make a better partner than Paula, that’s for sure. I am just glad she resists all of Stefan’s autonomous advances. Keeps things interesting.

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