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7: Martel/Mosley – ‘The World I Know’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult)

Gwendolyn Mosley had looked forward to graduating high school since she became a ward of the state eleven years earlier.  She didn’t know her birth parents or any of her natural family.  Instead, she only had memories of foster care and crowded living arrangements.  When she finally did graduate, she expected to execute all of her well thought out plans.  Instead, she found the world was a lot bigger than she thought.

Now she didn’t know what she was going to do.

It was a stroke of luck that Luis Martel had allowed her to stay with him.  She only had a part-time job at the grocery store, so she really didn’t contribute a whole lot.  Still, Luis was a good guy and didn’t mind.  To him, he was doing his best friend a solid by keeping his girlfriend close by.

“I just feel so lost all of the sudden,” Gwendolyn confided.  They had always been friends because of Philip, but since sharing a living space, they’d formed an almost familial bond.  “I thought I had everything figured out and suddenly… it all just seems so pointless.”

“Maybe you need to stop obsessing over it and just let life happen.  You can’t plan out everything in advance, Gwen.”

Gwendolyn found that her freedom allowed her to do many things she couldn’t do previously.  She went to clubs to experience the atmosphere.  It was completely new to her.  Luis tagged along, keeping an eye on her.  She tended to overestimate how much she could drink before becoming inebriated.

Going out just reminded her of how sheltered she’d been.  There were so many people out there she hadn’t yet met, and men, too.  The only person she’d ever dated had been Philip.  She had never really considered anyone else until now.  He had always been enough.

Luis was like her guardian shadow.  He made sure she behaved and brought her home.  He helped her into her room and tucked her in.  Luis had sisters, so he was used to dealing with girls.  He saw Gwendolyn as just another sister.  He wanted to make sure she didn’t do anything stupid in her quest of self-discovery, but it was difficult since he was working long hours at the police station.  He was still on desk duty, but he was hoping to be on uniformed patrol soon.

Philip visited as much as he was able, which wasn’t nearly as much as he would have liked.  He had a lot of responsibility weighing on him, what with the care of the horses and his burgeoning garden.  He was really the only one in the house capable of handling the animals.  That had always been something Gwendolyn had liked about him, his sense of responsibility… but now it just made her feel guilty.  Like he was better than her for having a sense of purpose.

Gwendolyn was frustrated at herself for holding their relationship back.  She knew that it was wrong, to lead him along and then stop him just before anything serious happened.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, she did, just not with such a finality.  She knew that if she slept with Philip, he’d be the only man she’d ever be with, ever.  It had never bothered her before, but now?  The world was so big… and she was still so young.

It almost seemed a crime to settle down without seeing what else was out there.  She wondered if Philip had the same concerns, but something told her that he didn’t.  If he had, he would never have tolerated her hot and cold routine.

She stopped him.  They were alone, Luis was at work, but still she couldn’t.  Every time she thought that she might be able to, the thought crept into her mind.  Forever.

“What’s wrong?”

“Doesn’t it bother you at all that you’ve never dated anyone else, Philip?”

He gave her a look.  What kind of question was that, now of all times?  “Not really.  Should it?”

“Yes!  What if I’m not ‘the one’?  What if there’s someone else more suited for you out there?”

“I love you, Gwen.  I don’t really care about anyone else.”

She turned away from him, unable to meet his eyes as she said: “Well, I do…”

“Are you serious right now?”  His voice was low and angry.  He moved away from her, visibly hurt.  “Who?”

“I don’t know, Philip!  I’m just so confused.  You’re the only guy I’ve ever dated.  How would I even know if I felt anything for anyone else?”

“Why is that my fault?”  He was even more confused, completely blindsided by all of this.  “I don’t get why you’re being so dramatic about it, like it’s some terrible thing that we’ve been together all this time!”

“Dramatic?!”  Gwendolyn snapped.  She stood up, her frustration mounting.  “I’m not being dramatic!”

“You’re telling me that I’ve held you back.  That’s dramatic.  We’ve been in a relationship, Gwen.  I’m sorry if you felt like you missed out on something greater because of that!”

“You’re twisting my words around!  I never said I regretted being with you.”

‘Then why are you thinking about other guys?”

“I don’t know!”

Philip gave an exasperated sigh.  “I don’t know what you want me to do.  I’ve done everything you’ve asked me.  I’ve even tried to be understanding about the ‘no sex’ thing… but this is beyond me.”

“Maybe I don’t want you to do anything,” she began.  “Maybe I just don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“You’re horrible,” he said, unable to hide the pain he felt.  “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m not your problem anymore, Philip.  Go home.”

“If that’s how you want it, fine.  I’m going.  Have a good life, Gwen.”

Luis met Philip after he got off work at their favorite hangout.  He hadn’t given any details over the phone, but Luis didn’t need them.  He knew what had happened as soon as he saw his best friend’s face.  He remembered that look well.

“What the hell happened?”

“I don’t even know!”  Philip said, completely defeated.  “She just started going crazy and talking about missing out on stuff and then… I guess, she dumped me.  I don’t even know what I did.”

“That’s nuts.  Come on, let’s get something to drink.  It’ll make you feel better…”

Philip didn’t really drink a lot.  He had a beer now and again, but usually only when he hung out with Luis.  Despite his sorrow, he didn’t drink anymore than he usually would had they just been hanging out.  He was too angry and confused to be bothered drinking.  No matter how he worked it out in his head, he couldn’t make sense of it.

“It just doesn’t seem real.”

“It’ll get better, man… trust me.  I’ll keep an eye on her.  I’m sure she’ll come around eventually.”

“I don’t want her to ‘come around’, Luis!  I don’t want anyone ‘settling’ for me, that’s just pathetic!  Geeze.”  Philip finished off his drink and shook his head.  “I’m not someone’s second place prize.”

“That’s not what I meant, Philip.  Chill out.  You know how the women in this place are.  They’re all insane.”

Despite Luis’ claim that all women residing within the Aperture area were insane, he still hung out with his coworker, Kelli O’Brien after work.  She wasn’t a cop, she was just the receptionist and secretary for the department.  Every prefect had one.  She was a few years older than Luis, but they got on quite well.  They liked to hang out and make fun of crime dramas.  It was sad how phony they were!

“I actually studied some forensic science,” Kelli admitted, watching as the person on the show produced evidence in a matter of minutes.  “That’s not how that works, at all.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“Why do you even watch these?”

“Because the way they solve the crimes are even more ridiculous than the crimes themselves!  You can’t get DNA off that…”

Gwendolyn felt horrible.  She didn’t know what possessed her to break up with Philip, but she’d done it and now there was no going back.  He probably hated her.  He had every right.  She’d been nothing but cruel to him the past year.  Why?  She didn’t know.  All she knew now that she was free and it didn’t feel nearly as amazing as she’d thought it would.

She needed something to take the edge off.

Gwendolyn didn’t have enough motivation to head into Aperture City, so she hit a dive bar on the outskirts.  It was usually pretty empty on a weekday night, but she happened to pick the night a meeting was going on.  The dive bar itself acted as a gathering point of Stefan’s little gang of thieves, unbeknownst to Gwen.

He was the last person she wanted to see.  It took him a whole five seconds after walking in to start in on her.

Instead of rebuffing him, Gwendolyn responded.  His was visibly shocked.  She wasn’t sure why.  They’d never really gotten along.  Stefan had always antagonized her and she had hated him for being such a callous jerk.  Still, she’d been with a nice guy for years and found herself straying.  What harm could trying out something different do?  She’d already lost Philip, there really wasn’t much else at stake anymore.


OH.  MY.  GOD.

Seriously, guys.  SRSLY!!  This is freaking insane.  This was not the way I had intended things to go, AT ALL.  Gwendolyn and Philip got into a small argument and she DUMPED HIM.  No sooner had “argue” dropped from her queue did the break-up music kick up and it was over before I could do anything.  I shouted at the screen.  I cursed her to the fiery digital hells… but it was fruitless.  I could have quit without saving, but I don’t do that.

It broke my heart.  I wanted to slap her.  Poor Philip!  He was so broken.  He had spun up the wish to propose to her.  Yeah.  She’s a total wench.  I was so confused until I hovered over her “Diva” trait and saw that Diva sims are much more likely to immediately break up with someone after a simple argument.  She also slapped him, too.  Geeze!

Gwendolyn has been acting odd since I aged her up.  She was always going to clubs and didn’t really spin up any wishes at all, especially not for Philip.  In the end, it makes sense, but it makes me ANGRY!  GRR!  They were supposed to be my stable couple.  WHY?

Even weirder, she’s somehow befriended Stefan and they chat on the phone.  WHAT?  NO.  That will go NOWHERE.  He is a criminal and you are a goody-two-shoes.  You didn’t want to bang Philip, but you’ll jump on a guy who will toss you out after its over?  OMG.  What is wrong with the women in my hood?  I told my husband about this when it happened, because I just couldn’t get over it.

Poor Luis got pushed to the wayside because of this.  I had to find SOME way to explain it.  Luis brought home Kelli and they’re friends.  Maybe it will eventually become more.  He needs someone nice and stable after the wreck that is Paula.

Gwendolyn wanted to go out, so she went to the dive bar.  It was safe until Stefan and Paula got off work.  They immediately headed there.  She autonomously kissed him, but nothing else.  WHY?  ARGH!!

Title is Collective Soul – ‘The World I Know’.


12 comments to 7: Martel/Mosley – ‘The World I Know’

  • Oh man, this was the autonomous break-up?! It made so much sense that I figured you just wrote it that way, lol! Philip and Gwendolyn had been together for a long time and they’re so young – it figures that at least one of them would want to try sowing their wild oats, so to speak.

    Poor Philip though…I can definitely see him as the type to settle on one woman and not even consider others. A shame Gwendolyn didn’t feel the same way.

    And Stefan? Really?! NOT a good idea!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, yep! It was. I’m glad that the way I wrote it out made sense. I had one hell of a time trying to explain this one. I knew Gwen was feeling restless, but I never thought she’d do that!

      Oh yeah. I’ll be curious to see his reaction to this one…

      I know, right? What is with my sims?! He is the absolute WRONG choice.

  • :c I liked Philip and Gwen together.

    But somehow I just know Gwen and Stefan will be very, very interesting to see, so I’m surprisingly at peace with all this, LOL!

    • Mao

      I did, too! :(

      Oh, I’m sure. We’ll see if it actually gets anywhere, though. I kind of have the inkling that Stefan only ever really chased Gwendolyn because she was unobtainable…

  • Snarkysims

    So, this was the Diva you were talking about. I totally get your frustration. I was p.o.’ed when Harmony broke up with Alan. I have to say, though, that I love how you wrote it in. It is definitely plausible that she would get cold feet and want to know what else was out there. I am just glad she didn’t get involved with Luis. I would hate to see Luis and Philip’s friendship end over that.

    • Mao

      Yep! This really threw me for a loop. I just paused the game and stared at the screen, slack-jawed. Geeze! I’m really glad you liked the way it was wrote. I was worried. I tweaked it a few times before just finally giving up, lol!

      Luis wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. He’s a loyal friend and he’s never really viewed Gwen that way.

  • What in the world?!? I really like Philip and Gwen! I can’t believe she’d go kiss Stephan! He’s so bad news! And if she sleeps with him, I’m gonna really hate her! To have not slept with Philip I thought was just fine if it was her moral compass but not fine if she goes to Stephan with it! Poor Philip I really thought her found his match in her. I’m glad it wasn’t from Luis that they broke up though, I worried a little with the loving quarters.

    • Mao

      I know! I was so shocked and upset that my stable couple was suddenly gone. Sigh. Stefan IS bad news. I’m hoping Gwen realizes that before she does anything stupid, like sleeping with him, argh! That made me mad, too. Poor Philip… lol.

      Nope, Luis would never do that. His sim never had any sort of romantic inclination towards her at all. He treats her more like a sister, which amuses me.

  • Oh crap! That’s horrible! I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad that most of the people in my hood never even get into relationships because they wreck them before they start, LOL. That Gwen!!

    • Mao

      Haha! Yeah, my sims like to get into relationships, make me think it’s safe, and then BAM! They go and throw a curveball like this. Oh boy.

  • Josh

    OMG. Super late but super shocked all the same, I loved Gwen until this! WHAT A MESS. I’m so sad for Phillip, I hope he finds happiness.

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