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7: Klein – ‘Two Princes’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult)

Camilla Novak was not a saint by any means.  She was technically a ‘good person’, but that definition was vague and open to interpretation.  She was really only worried about herself.  The people around her were like planets orbiting her, the center of the universe.  They were there to make sure her life was interesting and to love her.  Camilla was definitely deserving of love.

Alex loved her a ridiculous amount.  It would be his undoing.  You couldn’t love a person like Camilla so unconditionally.  She just wasn’t wired to return it with such a passion.  She cared about Alex.  He fit well with her plan, with what she wanted out of her life, but in the end, it wasn’t the same as what he felt for her.

If she had shared his deep feeling of love, she would never have kissed Dominic Cosaro and liked it.

When Camilla finally gave birth to Rhys, she didn’t feel any sort of slumbering maternal instinct waken.  Instead, she felt annoyed.  She didn’t hate him.  In fact, there was a part of her that loved him more deeply than she’d ever loved anyone else.  It was just hard to deal with a baby.  They were awkward, they cried all the time, and they left horrible messes.  You couldn’t have a conversation with them.

She left most of the baby work to the nanny.  Camilla had more important things to do other than changing diapers.

She had to get her wedding in order and fast.  There was no option to just get married at the courthouse, not that she would have ever agreed to it if there was.  She was a star and so she had to have a rather big wedding with the paparazzi and everything.

“Argh, I don’t care.  It’s in less than a week!  Just get that photographer whatever he wants, okay?  I’m tired of arguing about this!”

Camilla’s wedding planner was stuck dealing with the brunt of her post-baby aggravation.  Camilla had been crash dieting and exercising like a mad woman in an attempt to get back in shape.  Her hunger only forced her to act even more like a diva than usual.

When the day finally came, Camilla thought she was going to throw up.  She spent several hours having her hair and makeup done and then another hour squeezing into her dress.  By the time she walked down the aisle, she was ready to run.  Was she really ready to make this kind of commitment?

Had her entire family not been present, she probably would have bolted.  Kelly was crying, Oskar was overjoyed, Natalia was too busy spinning around in her dress to pay attention, and her brother Stefan was cackling at all the sops crying.

Camilla stood rooted to the spot.  She wouldn’t run.  This would work out.  It had to.

The lighting was perfect by the time they exchanged their vows and rings.  The fountain was brilliant behind them.  Camilla had wanted their wedding out in the open, in the park.  It was the first place she’d performed.

When it was all said and done, Camilla was surprised that she was still standing.  She had half-expected to faint or be bowled over by the responsibility of marriage.

Lana was the first to approach her, knowing the look on her long-time friend’s face all to well.

“I thought you were going to bolt,” she began.  She smiled.  “I’m glad that you didn’t.”

“I was just nervous, that’s all.”

“It was a really beautiful ceremony, Camilla.  I’m happy to call you my sister-in-law!”

Oskar didn’t wait long before congratulating his eldest daughter.  He gave her a big hug.

“I’m proud of you, Camilla.  The wedding was wonderful.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“Pfft, knowing Aperture Labs, there’s probably a bunch of radioactive waste under this AstroTurf!” Paula added with a cackle.

Camilla was moving to check the buffet when she was intercepted by her new father-in-law, Clark Klein.  He didn’t look imposing, but he emanated it.  It took Camilla some time to adjust.  She’d only met him once before.

“Thank you for renting the park for us,” Camilla said quickly, finding her tongue.  “I really appreciate it.”

“It was nothing, I assure you.  Asha is very upset that she could not attend.  She’s found herself quite ill, however.”

“Oh, I hope she feels better soon.  I’ll have to call her.”

“And you, Camilla… how are you feeling?”

“Uh, fine,” she replied clumsily.  “I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”

“Hm, as you say.  Congratulations.”  He wandered off before she could respond.

Disturbed by her interaction with Clark, Camilla ducked into the bathrooms.  She locked the door and turned only to see Dominic.  He was fixing his hair in the mirror.  He hadn’t bothered locking the door.

“Oh, sorry,” Camilla began quickly.  “I didn’t know anyone was in here.”

“It’s all right.  That was quite a big step you took.  How do you feel?”

“Terrified, but okay.  I’m glad you came.”

“You’ll be fine, Camilla.  This is good for you.”

“Is it, though?  I think it’s just what I’m supposed to do…”

“Look, Camilla, what happened–”

She moved closer to him, causing him to stop mid-sentence.  “I fulfilled my moral obligation quota for the day, Dominic.  It’s time to do what I want to do.”

“You need to keep an eye on your bride,” Clark advised his son outside.

“Look, dad, your contributions to my campaign are great and I really appreciate your support, but don’t tell me how to run my marriage.  You’re not exactly an expert.”

At this, Clark grinned.  “Perhaps you’re right.  I will leave the relationship advice to the newspaper columnists.”

“Great.  Now let’s discuss the plans for my next political push forward…”

When Alex and Camilla finally made it back to their penthouse, it was nearly one in the morning.  Camilla had mentioned how she couldn’t wait to get back to work, which caused Alex to make a comment she didn’t appreciate at all.  She kept quiet until they reached their bedroom.  Rhys was asleep in his crib, having long ago been put to bed by the nanny.

“My career is not a joke, Alex.”  Camilla snapped suddenly.  “Just because it’s not politics doesn’t mean it’s insignificant.”

“I didn’t say that.  I just said that I wish you’d wait a little while longer.  What about Rhys?”

“He’s fine.  He has a nanny.”

At this, Alex sighed.  “I just wish you’d think about something other than your career for once in your life.”

Camilla was ignoring him now, staring out the large windows and into the starry night.  She wasn’t thinking about her career.  She was thinking about earlier, in the bathrooms, when she’d all but thrown herself at Dominic.  It hadn’t gone anywhere and it had only lasted a few minutes, but it haunted her in a way she couldn’t let go.

“Camilla?”  Alex’s voice called her back to the present.  How long had she been daydreaming?

She turned away from him, settling herself down on the bed.  “I’m tired.  I’ve got to meet with my agent tomorrow.”

Rhys’ first birthday came quickly.  He had his grandma Crystal’s dark red hair and his mother’s violet eyes.  Alex was as doting a father as he could be, given his frantic schedule.  He spent a lot more time with him than Camilla, though, who was too busy getting her career back in order.  She had a lot of missed time to make up for.  She was also preparing to release a new album.

Her first gig back since giving birth had been bigger than any she’d done before.  Now venues were calling her and asking if she’d play for them.  She didn’t have to seek out jobs anymore.  Her paychecks were bigger, too.  She was definitely a star now.  She still had a long way to go before she was the kind of star she demanded to be, but it was a start.

Not even having a baby or getting married would keep Camilla from her dream.


Whew.  Camilla and Alex are married.  Sorry it was so quick, but I was trying to avoid the scandal storm that sweeps up famous sims when they give birth out of wedlock.  I’m interested to see who Rhys takes after the most!  I definitely didn’t think he’d get Crystal’s hair.

Camilla made out autonomously with Dominic at the wedding.  I’m just glad she had the decency to do it in the bathrooms!  They haven’t done anything beyond kissing, but I can see this getting bad, fast.

Because you haven’t really seen much of Paula as a YA yet, here she is.  She has tattoos, like Stefan.  The look on Mark’s face amuses me:

The wedding party was actually kind of big.  Almost everyone showed up.  Shock!  Shame Asha couldn’t attend, but there’s a reason for that.  ;)  The redhead in the middle is Lucy and Regan’s mother.  They were there, too.  Not sure where they wandered off to.

I wasn’t sure where to have the wedding, but when I saw the fountain at the park, I figured it’d be the perfect backdrop.  I think it was.  It suits Camilla.  Now let’s hope she doesn’t ruin her marriage with her affair, lol.

Title is Spin Doctors – ‘Two Princes.’  Yes, I was raised by hippies.  Well, sort of.  My dad was more a punk rock banger-type.

Also, I am going on vacation starting this Thursday.  I have enough posts scheduled to last the week I’ll be missing, but I wanted to give a heads-up since I’ll be slow replying to comments and reading blogs!

10 comments to 7: Klein – ‘Two Princes’

  • ElectronicSim

    Enjoy your vacation!
    Really really addicted to your blog! ;)

  • jj

    Interesting that her new father-in-law is glowing red during the ceremony….

    • Mao

      LOL! He’s having evil thoughts?

      It’s a side-effect of being the Overlord of Evil! I could mod it out, but it kind of amuses me…

  • The backdrop was beautiful for the wedding, totally suited Camilla and I loved the coloring with the lights and water. Married and already making out in a bathroom stall. Not very classy. I hope that she doesn’t hurt Alex too badly. I’m concerned for asha, she’s dropped off the face of aperture since leaving Dominic! That is a long time!

    • Mao

      I was hoping it would turn out okay! I’m not the best with weddings. Even my own wedding was pretty happenstance, occurring on a beach with no set up, just the sun setting, lol. I just fail at being a girl in caring about that stuff.

      Camilla, for all her posturing, is NOT a very classy girl. ;)

      I think Alex is a bit stronger than we think. He’d have to be to deal with her on a daily basis!

      She’s hiding for a reason…

  • LOL, what is with all that scandal about unwed mothers, huh? I mean, I guess scandal is a cute addition to the whole celebrity thing but I would have rather it was a little less based in the 1950s. Maybe they could have made it so that if your Sim had a baby with someone they weren’t committed to, then it would be a scandal. Seems a bit overkill otherwise!

    Anyway, loved the wedding and it was so fitting for Camilla to have something so glamorous. Everything looked so gorgeous. But yeesh, she’s married 10 minutes and she’s already making out with Dominic in the bathroom? I don’t have a good feeling about this!

    • Mao

      I AGREE! My parents never married and we lived in a tiny town full of Christians. No one ever really pitched a fit about it there. I am in complete agreement with your solution–uncommitted mothers with babies could be more of a scandal!

      I had such high hopes for the wedding. She even rolled up a wish for it and I thought, just for a moment, everything would be okay. Then I take pictures of the guests and find her in the bathroom with Dominic. REALLY? Sigh.

  • Man, this post only reminded me why Camilla is my favorite. Even if she has questionable morals, I just love reading about her so much! 10 bucks says her marriage won’t last through round 9. I’m surprised Alex would want to marry her though, since he clearly realizes her job will always be her #1 priority. Well, her job and Dominic, it seems.

    • Mao

      Camilla is a lot of fun to play and I enjoy writing her. Her personality is an interesting one to explore!

      LOL! I doubt Alex will let her off that easy. Besides, Dominic is known for his passing interest in things. He isn’t really into drama, either, so I doubt a long-reaching affair will be in the works… especially as his kid gets older. ;)

      We shall see, though! My sims have been known to mix it up on me.

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