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6: Ryder/Martel – ‘Say It Ain’t So’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Luis Martel (Teen), Lily Ashton (Child), Jessica Ryder (Child), Jack Ryder (Toddler)

Lily was glad to have another girl closer to her age around the house.  Jessica was still a few years younger, but she was still old enough to help pull pranks on Luis.  They would often sneak into his room and set a trap.  It was all in good fun.

Luis had bigger problems than his ‘sisters’ pulling pranks on his defenseless room.  His best friend, Philip, had called him down to the park.  His family was having a day out, but he said it was urgent.  Luis brought Lily and Jessica to play with the other kids.  When he arrived, Philip wasted no time getting to the point.

“Lloyd is a total tool, dude,” Philip began nastily.  “I want to punch him in his baby face!”

“Whoa, man, what happened?  Did he hit on Gwen or something?”

At this, Philip balked.  “What?  He’d be in critical care if he had!  No, dude… look…”

Philip sighed.  “I’m your friend and I can’t keep this from you.  You can hate me later, but just listen first, okay?”

“You’re freaking me out a little, Philip…”

“I was over at my aunt Kelly’s house hanging out with my cousin Andrew… and I saw Paula there.”

“Well, she does live there… Kelly is her step-mother.”

Philip shook his head.  “No, dude… she was with Lloyd… and they were… well, they were really close.  I’ve been dating Gwen for years and I can’t even do what they were getting ready to!”

“What the hell, Philip?!”  Luis snapped, only for his friend to interrupt him.

“Hold on, hold on… just let me finish!  Anyway, I was really pissed but I thought maybe I was wrong.  So, I talked to Gwen.  Apparently, Paula has been… uh… well, dude, she’s kind of been acting like a crazy slut.”

Luis tried to hold back his anger.  “How would Gwen know anything about Paula?”

“Girls know about other girls, dude.  It’s like, some unwritten rule or something…”

“I… don’t even know what to say…”

“Yeah… but I had to tell you.  I would want you to do the same.”

While her Luis was going through a crisis, Lily was just happy to be out at the park.  Jessica had run off with the younger McMaster twins while Lily sought out her friend Mark.  He was an odd one, but he didn’t get annoyed at her excitable energy, so they got along fairly well.

“I didn’t know you had horses,” Lily commented, looking at the foal next to him.

“You can come over some time… we have three.  My brother is pretty into them.  I guess they’re all right.”

They were in the middle of a game when Jessica came over.  Mark immediately made an excuse and ran off.  Lily looked accusingly at her sister.

“You scared him off!”

“Sorry,” Jessica said, watching as Mark retreated.  “Maybe he had to go to the bathroom?”

Lily groaned.  “You have to be careful with Mark… he’s like a bunny.  You approach him slowly, okay?  Remember that next time.  He’s a little strange.”

Jessica shrugged.  “Wanna play tag?”

Luis tried several times to get a hold of Paula with no luck.  School was out and he hadn’t really seen her since.  He thought he’d talk to her at graduation, but she made a serious effort to avoid him the entire time.  His suspicions were getting the better of him.  He didn’t want to accuse her of anything without giving her the chance to defend herself.  It just wasn’t his way.

He’d find some way to talk to her, eventually.  She couldn’t avoid him forever.

Meanwhile, Jack was growing quickly.  It seemed like the first few years went by in a flash.  He was looking a lot like his father, much to Khalid’s delight.

Cherie was happy with her family, but she couldn’t wait to be done with dirty diapers and cribs.  It seemed like an endless cycle.  She’d look back and miss these days in the future, but right now, she just wanted a full night’s sleep!

Jessica was a curious child.  She wasn’t hyperactive like Lily or a popular person like Luis.  She liked to be outside and she enjoyed getting dirty.  She also liked to sneak her mother’s romance novels when she wasn’t looking.

“Seriously, Jess… mom is going to kill you if she sees you with that!”

“Why?  I’m reading.  My teacher tells me reading is important.”

“It is… just the right kind of reading, not the kind with… ladies and bare-chested men plastered on the covers!”  Jessica gathered up the plates and sighed.  “Besides, you’re supposed to be helping me clear the table…”

“In a minute, I just got to a really good part.”

Luis eventually got a hold of Paula and they met at their favorite place.  She claimed she’d been busy with post-graduation stuff, but he knew that was a lie.  She wasn’t going to college or moving away, so there really wasn’t anything to preoccupy her time.

Still, when they met up, she acted as if everything were fine.

“Look, Paula… I need to ask you something,” Luis began carefully.  “Philip told me he saw you and Lloyd being very friendly and I’ve been hearing rumors that you’ve been out with other guys all year…”

Paula looked away from him.  “You believe them?”

“I wanted to hear it from you, first… before I formed an opinion.  I wanted to give you a chance to tell me the truth…”

“Yes.  It’s true.”


“All of it… it’s true… I’m sorry, Luis.”

“What’s your deal, Paula?!”  Luis snapped, unable to hold back his anger.  “You’re better than that!”

“I’m not.  I’m not better than that, Luis.”  She replied, her voice low and defeated.  “I’m not a good person.  I never was…”

Luis shook his head.  “That’s such a cop out!  I can’t believe you’re using this as an excuse for sleeping with half the graduating class behind my back!”

It stung.  Was this who she was?  She felt awful.

“Why are you so mad?  You’re only with me for my money, anyway…”

At this, he snapped.  “Is that what you think?  Seriously?  You’re an idiot, Paula.”

She recoiled.  She had expected a different kind of reaction.

“I can’t believe that’s what you thought,” he began, shaking his head.  “I guess I was wrong about you after all.”

“We’re done, Paula.  You can go back to your little underworld filled with horrible people.  Maybe you’ll find someone who can use you for sex and treat you like crap since that’s what you seem to want.”

Paula couldn’t speak.  She knew it was coming, it was inevitable.  Not even Luis would tolerate someone cheating on them… but it was an entirely different thing to actually experience it.  She felt sick.

She said nothing as he walked way, clearly angry.  He hated her now, that much she was sure of.  She’d probably never see him again.

That thought alone made her chest tighten.

Luis was so angry when he got home that he slammed the door.  Lily and Jessica, who were playing princes and princesses, paused and watched him stalk into the living room.  Cherie heard the commotion and stopped him before he could get to his room.

He didn’t want to tell her what had happened, but it all came out in a rushing wave.  He spoke so fast that Cherie could barely keep up.  When he finally finished, she frowned.

“She said that, really?  Oh, Luis… I’m so sorry.  That’s horrible!”  She gave him a quick, comforting hug.  “I hate to say it, but rich people get some odd ideas about themselves.  They live in their own delusional little world.”

Luis said nothing, so Cherie took his silence as an opening to continue.

“Maybe this is for the best.  You can focus on your future now.  Maybe you can even still go to college?”

He shook his head.  “I don’t want to go to college, Cherie.  I don’t want to be a bum, but I don’t want to waste four more years in school, either.”

As if sensing her worry, he continued:

“Don’t worry, I know what I want to do.  I’ve got a plan.  I’ll be okay, I promise.”

Once he was finally inside the safety of his room, Luis took a few moments to calm down.  He pulled out his cell phone and rang Philip.

“Hey, man… just wanted to tell you that you were right.”

‘I’m sorry, Luis.  That sucks, dude… do you want to come over?’

“Maybe tomorrow.  I think I just need to chill here for awhile.  I’ll talk to you later, cool?  Later.”

As he clicked off the phone, he glanced at the picture on his desk.  With a sigh, he pulled it off and shoved it into the drawer.

While Luis had a plan, it didn’t involve the fire department.  He knew he had an in with Khalid, who was now the captain, but it just wasn’t something he was interested in.  Cherie had tried to get him to go along with Khalid, just to check it out, but he told her no.  He appreciated their attempt to help and support him, but it wasn’t necessary.

He knew what he wanted.

Lily, sensing Luis’ sadness, spent a lot of time hanging out with him over the summer.  She was sad that he would be leaving soon.  He helped her with her summer school homework while he prepped for his entrance examination.  He promised he wouldn’t be going far and that he would come back and visit.

Happy with this, Lily moved her attention to his room and who would be getting it.  Probably Jack.  She sighed.  She would be stuck sharing with Jessica until she moved out!


Jessica is adorable.  So is Lily.  Why are these kids so cute?!  I love how well this family gets along.  It’s very mixed-up, but they make it all work!

I hate that witnesses of betrayal won’t automatically tell their friends about it.  It should be trait-based.  A guy like Philip, in any case, would NOT keep that from Luis ever.  Even if it damaged their friendship, he’d still tell him.  Philip is an honest guy.  Still, I was upset there was no “tell about witnessing betrayal” or anything like that.  All Philip could do was comfort him over the betrayal, which is weird.

I also wish there were bigger consequences to a sim confessing to cheating.  It seems irrelevant.  There’s no anger or anything, really, just a slight relationship drop.  It seems sims only care if they WITNESS it, which is annoying.  Sigh.  Either way, Luis was not into the whole cheating and thinking he was using her for her money thing.  So, they are over.  Silly Paula.  You are such a mess!  You ruined a good thing, too.  I’ve already aged him up and he turned out well.

You’ll have to wait to find out what Luis is going to end up doing.  ;)

Title is Weezer – ‘Say It Ain’t So.’

6 comments to 6: Ryder/Martel – ‘Say It Ain’t So’

  • Josh

    Another relationship bites the dust! Your Sims get around omg. I thought they were pairing off and instead we get DRAMA. Poor Luis, what does he have planned?
    The kids are all super cute! Thank goodness Cherie and Khalid are both gorgeous.

    • Mao

      Haha! I’m loving this longer span of time. Gives my sims a chance to ‘get around.’ ;)

      I know, I love their kids. I can’t wait to see what they look like as they all get older!

  • Oh, you’re a little bit evil, you are! I’m dying to know what Luis will do.

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming – Paula definitely made a huge mess of things with Luis. Poor guy. I’m feeling a little bit bad for her too though, because it’s almost like she can’t help herself.

    I agree about the “tell about betrayal/confess cheating” options. But then, all through the game, there are really weird options missing, others that weren’t implemented properly and then some you wonder why they were included at all. So it’s not exactly surprising!

    The little kids in this family are so cute!

    • Mao

      Just a bit. ;)

      Paula is a wreck! I want her to calm down, but I don’t see it happening. She is the type that needs to hit bottom before she mellows out. Sigh.

      I agree about the options. I don’t get it. Why do they always drop the ball with jealousy? Even in TS2 it was pretty lousy.

  • Lily and Jessica are super cute, I love this little mixed family! Lots of different daddy’s lol. I can’t wait to see what Luis wants to do. I’ll admit I’m a little wary. If it was a really good idea I think he would have told Cherie. Or maybe it’s just all this Steele drama that has me on edge!!

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