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6: Novak – ‘Beautiful Disaster’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Teen), Paula Novak (Teen), Andrew Novak (Child), Natalia Novak (Toddler)

Kelly Novak was doing pretty good in her life.  She was a famous television actress on a hit sitcom, she had a big, happy family, and she had married someone who not only understood her needs, but was more than happy to meet them.  She also had the final piece–a little girl that was her own.

Natalia was growing like a weed.  Unlike her other siblings, she didn’t inherit her mother or father’s fair hair, but instead took from Oskar’s father.  It was a strange mix, but it suited her.  It made her stand out.

Andrew was making his own way in the world, as well.  He had befriended a set of twins, Regan and Lucy Canales.  It was hard to tell them apart, but it seemed like Lucy hung out a lot more than Regan.

The kids all made use of the finished den in the basement.  It had been a work-in-progress since they moved in, but finally, it was done.  It definitely added a lot of room on the house.

Paula, meanwhile, was not doing as great as the rest of her family.  She was lost in a vortex of really bad decisions.  Stefan had tried to talk to her, but she blew him off.  He eventually gave up.  She’d eventually get to the end of the self-destructive path she was on and he’d be there to pick up the pieces.

“How is graduation still a few months away?  I can’t wait until we’re free and the real fun can begin…”

Paula only half-listened as Stefan outlined their plans for after graduation.  She was a bit too tipsy to pay attention to anything.

In an effort to ease her pain, she’d taken to sneaking liquor out of her father’s cabinet downstairs.  Stefan did it, too, but nowhere near as often as Paula.  There was just something about the numbing sensation that followed.

Paula had tried to hide it at first, but now she really didn’t care if she was caught or not.

It wasn’t just drinking that Paula had taken up, either.  She made Camilla look like a good girl when it came to her partying habits.  She was going out every night and meeting up with the sketchier sorts she knew from school.  Hakeem Steel’s family was pretty infamous right now, but that didn’t bother Paula.

If she had been sober, she probably wouldn’t have misused the elevator in the way that she did.  It was hard to make good decisions, but it was so easy to make bad ones.

Paula just decided to take the easy way out.

She had been avoiding Luis.  He called her and even threatened to come over.

“I’m just busy, that’s all.”  Paula assured him.  She was anxious to get off the phone.  Talking to him was making her feel incredibly guilty.

‘With what, homework?  We both know you just copy mine.  What’s going on with you?’

“Nothing.  I’ll see you at school tomorrow.  I gotta go.”

Stefan may not have really bothered with the ladies in high school, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t spending his time productively elsewhere.  He’d befriended Lloyd Klein with the intent of getting an ‘in’ with his father, Clark Klein.  Anyone who paid attention to the criminal underbelly of Aperture–like Stefan–knew that the Kleins were going to come out golden in this war.  That was guaranteed when Asha hooked up with Clark!

Lloyd wasn’t really into the criminal scene, but he had his own reasons for helping Stefan out.

Natalia was getting ready to start school and she was excited.  She couldn’t wait until she was old enough to do ballet and join the art club.

She was a free spirit, much more so than Kelly had ever been.

Andrew couldn’t wait until he was in highschool.  Being stuck in middle school just wasn’t fun at all.  He still had a year to go.

He helped his mother with the garden, even though he hated to get dirty.  Andrew may have looked like Kelly, but he dressed and acted more like Oskar every day.  It was an amusing combination.

Lloyd’s motivations for helping Stefan were simple–to get closer to Paula.  She had been attached at the hip to Luis Martel since she’d left Elementary school.  Now, however, there was a gap forming.  This was helped further along by Paula’s crazy behaviors, which Lloyd knew about it.

That was fine, she’d get over it… eventually.  He just needed to assure her that he was the one to be there when the dust settled and not Luis.

Paula really didn’t know what she wanted, but that didn’t matter.  She should have known better than to flirt with Lloyd while Philip was there.  He had come over to give Andrew fertilizer for the garden and had stayed to enjoy the huge television.

If Paula’s relationship with Luis wasn’t already over, it was about to be.  There was no way Philip would keep this from him.


Oh, Paula!  You are SUCH a mess!  I never should have turned on woohoo for you and then forgotten to turn it off.  She hooked up with Hakeem on her own, sigh.  And Lloyd, well, they’ve been friends for awhile and he’s tried flirting with her only to be rebuffed.  Looks like that’s changed…

I am thinking Paula might develop a love of drinking, as she spends A LOT of time down at that bar.  It’s like Europa from my Legacy family.  There’s tons of fun items around them, but all they want to do is drink!

Paula is Unlucky, so for her, I translate that as someone who makes very bad decisions… not necessarily because they like to or they intend to, they just do.  No one will get the reference, but I’ll compare her to Jeremy from Peep Show.  She’s definitely like that.

Philip seeing Paula’s indiscretion was unintended, but BOY was he MAD.  He stormed out of there.  Loyalty is a big thing with him, so yeah… I don’t see the Ryder/Martel update going well for Paula.  :P  Poor Luis, lol.

Oskar was missing from this update.  He was just doing Oskar things, like working.  It’s funny how much Andrew acts like him even though their traits are different.  Oskar becomes an Elder next round and Kelly becomes an Adult, while Paula and Stefan become Young Adults (!!!!!)… I’m excited.  xD

Title is 311 – ‘Beautiful Disaster’.

6 comments to 6: Novak – ‘Beautiful Disaster’

  • Josh

    As the infamous quote goes, I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU PAULA. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. I love childhood friendships that turn into relationships when they become YAs and now Luis deserves better. Oh well.
    Random, but do you have a hack that produces better genetic mixing when it comes to Sims faces? All your Sims born in game look so unique! All of mine are clone of their parents, it’s turning me off from the game big time.

    • Mao

      LOL, Josh! I know, I was sad, too. :(

      As for hacks, I don’t really… I just have Awesomemod and Twallan’s SP and stuff. I know that Awesomemod increases the distance sliders can go. It also randomizes new sims so you don’t get ‘vanilla pudding faces’ (think face 1 issues in TS2).

      It’s taken me YEARS to make sims look neat and yet also breedable in this game. I’m still learning. Sometimes, they still end up looking like pudding anyway! I spent a lot of time on my starting sims and tried to give them distinct features so I could ‘recognize’ which family they were. The only one I cheated with was Dominic, I used a sim I had already made and tweaked it. But I’d say use those mods, make some sims, and make sure you’re not copying certain features. I do that a lot, too, and have to catch myself! If the parents are similar ‘face wise’, their kids will come out looking pretty bland as far as uniqueness goes.

      Thank you for the compliment!

  • “No one will get the reference, but I’ll compare her to Jeremy from Peep Show.”

    I get the reference! I love Peep Show! I haven’t seen all the episodes though and you’ve just reminded me to go looking for them. So funny.

    Anyway, “beautiful disaster” is right, especially in the case of Paula. Wow, she is turning out to be quite the mess, isn’t she? I’m already sad for Luis and his poor little Hopeless Romantic heart. :( Looks like it’s about to get broken.

    • Mao

      Yeeees! This makes me so happy! I always forget you’re not American and so, of course, you’ve probably seen Peep Show. I started watching when I was sick once, went through like four series, and then I got my husband hooked so we watched it at the beginning again.

      She is going to get very, very messy… I can tell. She is reminding me of Kit from BS now. I’m hoping she evens out at some point. :(

  • Ooooooh man!!! Paula!!! So disappointed!! I mean this has Ben coming, but ugh still! I just hoped it wouldn’t. And Steele fully! Really?!? Not good at all! Poor sweet Luis. I think he can do better but I don’t think
    Paula could. I can’t believe Oskar turns elder! That’s gonna be wild and a smidge sad.

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