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6: Novak 2 – ‘Heartless’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult)

Camilla Novak, more widely known as ‘Cammi Wylde’, was a pop sensation.  Her smaller shows were selling out, she was getting offers to open for big acts, and there was even talks of ‘Cammi’ having her own show at the stadium.  Her career was moving faster than she could almost keep up with.  It was an endless blur of shows, fans, signings, and fleeing the paparazzi.

She loved every minute of it.

When she wasn’t busy with work, she was with Alex.  Their contract was up and Alex chose not to continue on as her manager.  He had to focus on his political career since he had recently landed a spot on the city council.  He still managed to find her a decent replacement and still helped out with his own ‘connections’.

With their busy schedules, Alex and Camilla saw one another either very late at night or very early in the morning.  It was this that drove Alex to broach the subject of moving in together.  Camilla balked at the idea at first, but then he told her that his father had hooked him up with a pretty sweet penthouse and Camilla had a change of heart.

It overlooked Freeman Falls and if you looked to the south, you could even see Aperture Valley in the distance.  It was a premier location completely befitting a rising politician and a pop star.

Camilla knew better than to ask questions about Alex’s father.  It was something that was just better left unsaid.  She wasn’t ignorant, she just chose to ignore it completely.

“How did I know you’d say no at first?”  Alex joked as they relaxed in the hot tub.

“Hey!  I’m an independent woman!  You can’t just expect to move in and shackle me down like it’s easy.”

He laughed.  “Not unless a penthouse is involved?”

“Only an idiot would say no to a penthouse, Alex!”

Despite Camilla’s initial apprehension, things turned out just fine.  They settled into their own routines and Alex didn’t lord over her nearly as much as he had when they’d lived apart.  He seemed a lot more comfortable with her hanging out with Dominic, too, which was a relief.  She hated sneaking around behind his back, but she wasn’t about to leave Dominic high and dry after that whole mess with Asha!

Moving in with Alex had also improved her relationship with Lana.  Lana had been worried about Camilla flaking out and leaving Alex heartbroken.  Now, it seemed, she didn’t have to worry as much anymore.  It was difficult, being stuck between your best friend and your twin brother.

“So, this place is pretty swanky… clean, too!  Let me guess, you have a maid?”

Camilla sipped her drink.  “Of course.  A girl like me doesn’t clean, Lana!”

“Of course.” Lana mocked, rolling her eyes.  “Still, I’m jealous.  How did Alex get enough money together to bribe you with this place?”

Camilla knew better than to mention that their father, Clark, had supplemented him with it.  Instead, she skirted around the question as best as she could:

“Well, he’s in politics now and all he does is work, so that brings in a lot of money.”

“I guess so,” Lana said, relaxing.  If she was unsatisfied with that answer, she didn’t say it.  “I think I might want to move in.  You’ve got a spare room.”

Camilla laughed.  “I don’t think I could take you and Alex under the same roof together!  I think you’ll just have to visit and stay over a lot…”

Camilla was pretty happy with how everything was going.  She had a great penthouse, a doting boyfriend, and her career was going amazingly.  She was enjoying every minute of her fame, even the annoying paparazzi that followed her around and took pictures of her going to the spa.  She always looked fabulous, so she didn’t have to worry about ending up on the last page looking horrible.

It wasn’t until Alex wanted to talk to her that she became worried.  He was a lot more intense than she was.  Lana had warned her that he was serious about things, but Camilla had always taken it in stride.  She had never expected that he was going to bring up the possibility of marriage.

“Don’t jump off the balcony, Camilla,” Alex joked, trying to lighten the mood.  He could see the panic in her face.  “I’m just… getting you used to the idea.  I’m not actually asking you yet.”

“Oh,” she breathed, her anxiety lessening.  “Oh thank goodness… you nearly killed me!  I could have fainted!”

“This is why I figured it would be a good idea to get you used to the idea before springing it on you.  I’m thoughtful like that.”

She smiled.  “I’m sorry… I just… I guess I hadn’t thought about it… so–”

He shrugged.  “Then think about it.  It’s the natural progression of things, Camilla.  There’s nothing terrible about it.”

“You haven’t seen what I’ve seen!  Marriage can be awful!”

“My parents are divorced, trust me, I know.  But it’s not always like that.”

“I’ll… think about it,” she said, affectionately squeezing his hand.  “I promise.  Just, uh, give me some time.”

Camilla was so thankful that Alex was okay with her hanging out with Dominic.  She was in desperate need of a trainer and Dominic was nice enough to take time away from his sports to help her out.  Camilla had never been anything but skinny and bird-legged.  Now, however, she was a little… pudgy in places.  It was inexplicable.  She barely ate!  Where was the weight coming from?

“I’m going to pass out,” she panted, stepping off the treadmill.  “I need a break.”

Dominic laughed, “weakling!”

“Oh shut up, we can’t all live on treadmills and do bench presses in our sleep!”  Suddenly, a dizzy spell hit her.  When she recovered, Dominic was holding her up.  “W-what?  Oh man… I must have overdone it…”

“Yeah, you need to sit down,” Dominic said as he guided her to a nearby bench.  “You sure you’re okay?  You barely ran twenty minutes.”

“Yes!” She snapped without meaning to.  Her voice softened as she said: “Sorry, I just… I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll go to the doctor after my big show.”

Camilla was nervous.  Her show was tonight.  It wasn’t a big stadium gig, but it was the show that would pave the way for that.  The entire day, she was a nervous wreck.  She couldn’t keep anything down.  She was even nauseous as she left for the show.

She’d never had stage jitters like this before, but maybe it was because of the pressure?  This was a pretty big deal for her career.

Camilla did her best to channel her pain and discomfort into her songs.  It worked, for the audience, but for her, she just felt nauseous and miserable the entire time.  It was a nightmare.

Trying to do her trademark moves and poses was harder yet due to her discomfort in her costume.  She had so much spandex underneath holding her in that she could barely breathe!

After the show, her manager demanded that she go to the doctor’s office.  The news that she got was not what she had expected.

Camilla browsed the internet.  She was looking at the backlash caused by her having to cancel her big show.  She stumbled across a picture the paparazzi had taken of her leaving the spa.  It said:

‘Pop sensation, Cammi Wylde, leaves the spa in a maxi dress… how unusual!  What is she trying to hide?  Were the rumors of a baby bump at her last performance fact?’

Camilla’s head hit the keyboard and she groaned aloud in agony.

“This is the worst thing ever.  EVER!  How could this happen now?!”

She sobbed into the keyboard, unable to look at anymore of the comments.

It had only been a few days since Camilla had found out and the internet was already abuzz with rumors.  Alex had been away at a summit and had yet to find out.  It was a good thing he didn’t read tabloids.

He walked through the door only to be assaulted by a very frantic Camilla.

“You bastard!

“…nice to see you, too?”  He replied uncertainly.  He was used to her theatrics, but this was a bit much even for Camilla.

“This is all your fault!”

“Camilla, calm down–”

“Calm down?!  I will not calm down!  My career is over!  I didn’t even get a chance to peak!”  Her rant dissolved into angry tears.

“Okay, seriously, what is so awful?  I’ve only been gone three days!”

Camilla stopped her sniffling long enough to reply.  “I’m pregnant, you idiot!  The entire world knows!  I’m ruined!”

Alex blinked, still processing what she had just told him.  “You’re what?  And you didn’t even bother to tell me?!”

She turned around and walked away from him, completely oblivious to his agitation.  “This is just awful!  Awful!”

Alex shook his head and watched as she dramatically flourished around the corner.  She’d go upstairs and cry a bit and then she’d be normal again… hopefully.  It was the natural cycle of Camilla’s emotions.  She was a handful.

Alex had been right.  Camilla cried herself out and then went to sit out on the patio.  He joined her, thankful that her insane theatrics were over… for now.

“Are you stable now?” He asked, sitting down next to her.

She hit him.  “Really?  That’s what you came out here for?”

He pulled her closer to him and laughed.  “It’ll be fine, Camilla.  It can even be a good thing if you look at it the right way.  Do you know how much they pay for baby pictures?  A lot of famous people use this to their advantage…”

“I guess so.  I just… as much as I didn’t think about marriage, I really never thought about babies!”

“Nothing you can do about it now.  Just take it one day at a time.  It’s not like you’re alone.”

She sighed and rested against him.  “It’ll be fine as long as I’m the skinniest pregnant person ever.”


This house will now be known as ‘Klein’, effective the next round.  I like to check in on the significant others of sims and he had a wish to move in with Camilla.  So, he got it.  I wanted Camilla out of her buggy apartment, anyway.  Their penthouse is AMAZING!  I showed the husband and he was disgusted by how amazingly awesome it is.  Small price to pay for pushing Clark’s agendas in politics.  Heh!

Camilla getting knocked up was autonomous woohoo and it was Alex’s fault.  Anytime he would initiate it, it was either risky or try for baby.  He was pretty intent on locking her down, so to speak.  They are engaged now.  Camilla is still freaking out about it.  We’ll see how that goes!  Their kid will be ridiculously beautiful, though.  For real.

Also, the second to last picture is the most human looking face I’ve ever seen a sims 3 sim make on their own.  Too bad 60% of the other faces are horse faces…

And now you see why I had to turn off pregnancy for Kelly.  Her and Oskar dry hump one another EVERYWHERE.  They didn’t even let Camilla finish her show before they were going at it.  This happens at every community lot I see them at.  Srsly guys?

For reference, of course.  I think she has a 7 or 8 for Alex.

As for Dominic’s attraction to Camilla, I think this moodlet says it all.  Sigh.

Well, Dominic, I see the random mind wipe the game gave you spurred some romance.  I have no idea why, but my Dreams and Promises propagator somehow got reset for most of my sims… causing this to happen.  WELL THEN.  I guess an affair is the perfect relationship for Dominic… all the fun with no strings.  Oh, except the one where SHE IS MARRYING THE SON OF YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND’S CRIMINAL OVERLORD LOVER, IDIOT!  Sounds like a BANGING good time, yeah?  ARGH!

Sigh.  My sims have driven me to random bouts of caps lock.

Title is Kanye West – ‘Heartless’.

8 comments to 6: Novak 2 – ‘Heartless’

  • jj

    lol I love the twitter feed random caps lock!

  • I love Camilla! The way Alex procured the penthouse is definitely a bit of a worry but she’s living exactly how I would expect a kind-of spoiled young pop star to live! And hey, I didn’t know Sims could drink in the hot tub. New to me. :)

    I cannot believe Camilla got pregnant! Well, I can but wow! I can’t wait to see her as a mother and what the kid will look like.

    And Dominic…tut tut! If only Alex knew. He probably wouldn’t be so keen on Dominic spending so much time with Camilla, that’s for sure.

    • Mao

      She is definitely a whirlwind, that’s for sure. I love their penthouse–it’s amazing! I also LOVE that they can drink in the hot tub. It adds something.

      Ugh, me either. I hadn’t really anticipated her having kids this young at all…

      Oh boy. Don’t even get me started on Dominic! I’m hoping he can behave himself, but I doubt it.

  • Josh

    I can’t believe Camilla got risky pregnant! She will never be with Dominic now, but Alex is cute so it’s for the best. She’s the Britney of the Sim world- vanishing right at the peak of her fame.

  • Ok, so to get this right, Dominic trades in one daughter of an overlord for the knocked up girlfriend of another overlords son. Are you sure he doesn’t want drama!? Cause it seems the only relationship he seeks out! I think he should go back to that dead bar, and hook up with the chubby bartender in green shorts. She looked pretty boring. Oi! Poor choices for sure!

    As for Camilla! Ugh. I can’t believe she’s pregnant! And wow sneaking there on Alex’s part, and trying to knock her up! I didn’t expect this from her at all! It’s like all your sims intend on getting pregnant immediately once they turn YA. Paula, you’re next!

    • Mao

      HAHAHAHA! Maisie! The first part of your comment had me laughing out loud. My husband gave me a funny look. ;) I agree! Dominic is such a drama magnet…

      I really, really hadn’t planned on Camilla getting pregnant so early on. Alex had other plans!

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