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6: McMaster – ‘Meant to Live’

Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Teen), Mark McMaster (Child), Juliet McMaster (Child), Catherine McMaster (Child)

Philip McMaster was a senior in high school now, which meant he had more time to dedicate to his chores around the house.  He had pretty much taken over all of his late grandma Sheila’s duties.  They weren’t chores for him, he enjoyed them.  He loved being outside and around the horses.  Old Roy was a champion racer, but Dolly didn’t have the luxury of being trained by Sheila for very long, so he’d started working with her.  She was a natural jumper.

Their foal, Drifter, was proving to be a very capable horse, as well.

When he wasn’t working around the house, he was spending time with his steady girlfriend, Gwendolyn Mosley.  They had been together for awhile now and since they were seniors getting ready for their last prom, Philip was trying to convince her it was time they take their relationship to the next level.

Gwendolyn, however, was not the type of girl ‘coaxed’ into anything.  She flat-out told him no and continued to rebuff him anytime he tried.  She didn’t dump him, she wouldn’t, but she wouldn’t hesitate to knock him out if he ever refused to listen to her.  It was what Philip both loved and hated about her.  She was a girl who knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what she wanted and no one was going to convince her otherwise.

Things had been going well for the McMaster family.  They had mostly been untouched by the storm that seemed to be sweeping up the entire area.  There was a crime war brewing and only the lucky were spared its influences.

Unfortunately, the McMaster family wasn’t one of them.  They were awakened in the early morning by the barking of their dog, Laddy.  She had spotted a burglar and being the fiercely protective hound that she was, wasn’t about to let them pass without punishment.

Noreen saw the woman from the window and cried out while Patrick tried to dial the police on his cell phone.

“It’s a burglar, Patrick!  What kind of burglar comes all the way out here?”

“Get away from the window, Noreen!  They could be armed!”

“Armed?!” She screamed.  “What on earth kind of place is this?  I thought it was safe here!”

The burglar fled before the police arrived.  Patrick was unmoved by the policewoman’s attempt to calm him.  Someone had tried to break into his house.  They had scared his family.  He wanted blood.

“Sir, I understand your frustration, but I really have to ask that you let us handle this–”

“I’ve seen how you ‘handle’ things.  Go ahead and sit behind your desk… I’ll take care of this myself!”

“Mr. McMaster!  I have to warn you that, even as a licensed private investigator, interfering with an open police investigation is illegal!  What you’ve said right now is grounds for immediate arrest.”

“So arrest me then,” he threatened, staring the younger woman in the eye.

She backed down.  She couldn’t arrest him, she knew that.  He was integral to their operations.  He cracked more cases then their most seasoned detectives.  She shook her head and walked away.

Noreen was still reeling from the event.  They had never had anything like this happen before.  Patrick never told her about his conversation with Latoya Steel or how he had turned her offer down.  He was certain this was an attempt to threaten him into compliance.

“I thought burglars were like yetis,” Noreen remarked.  “I didn’t think they existed!”

“It’s weird, but there’s been a bunch of break-ins in the valley lately, Noreen.  At least she didn’t take anything.”

“Thank goodness for Laddy!”

Philip wasn’t too broken up about the attempted break-in.  His teenage mind was on other, more important things.  Luis Martel, his best friend, was forced to listen to his friend’s endless ramblings about it.

“You are probably the luckiest guy in our school right now,” Philip commented as they walked into the house.

“I doubt that.”

“I can’t believe you’re being so humble about it.  This is a big deal!  You’ve passed the threshold of manhood and all of that.”

Luis rolled his eyes.  “Dude, come off it.  You’re being ridiculous.  It’s not that big of a deal.”

“I should have figured Paula wouldn’t be shy about that.  She’s not exactly a goody-two-shoes…”

Dude, seriously.  Stop.  There’s nothing wrong with Paula, she’s not better than or worse than any other girl.”

“Hey, she’s technically my cousin, so I can say whatever I want.  Anyway, what’s your problem?  You should be the happiest teen ever… it’s like every boy’s dream…”

Luis shook his head.  “You can’t tell anyone, Philip.  I’m serious.  If anyone at school finds out, they’ll rip her apart.”

“But you complete slid past third base and hit a home run!  That’s huge, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops!”

“Not all of us are devoured by our need for sex like you, Philip.  You need to find a hobby or something.  I can only imagine what Gwen has to put up with!”

Philip shrugged him off.  “I’m a good guy, I get good grades, I do my bit… I can’t help it that I’ve got urges!”

“I’ve got urges, too.  Like the urge to punch you in the throat if you tell anyone about what happened with Paula!”

The twins, Juliet and Catherine, were growing rapidly.  They were children now and in the same school as their older brother Mark.  As with most twins, they did a lot of things together.  Despite this, the girls were very different.  Juliet was mostly a happy child who excelled at school and enjoyed the outdoors; Catherine was quiet and grumpy, but she was garnering a reputation for having quite the temper when provoked.

The girls managed to make their different personalities work, though.  They complemented each other.

Patrick, meanwhile, wasn’t letting the attempted burglary situation rest.  He stopped by the Elementary school one evening just in time to see Lana Klein leaving for the day.  He stopped her at the doors.

“Oh, Mr. McMaster!  You startled me.  Are you here about one of the kids?”

“No, Lana… actually… I have a favor to ask of you.”

“A favor, from me?”

“It’s about your father,” Patrick began.  “I need you to put me in contact with him.”

When Patrick wasn’t attending to his duties as a Private Investigator or protecting his family, he was playing chess with his daughter, Juliet.  She was quite the competent player and even managed to beat him half the time.  He was impressed by her.  He loved all his children, but only Juliet was turning out to be a genius and something about that made him proud.

Philip wasn’t a genius, but he was the only one in the house naturally skilled with the horses.  He even bottle-fed the foal, Drifter.  He loved doing it.  It was clear to everyone that he would be the one to take over the old farmhouse when the time came.

He was good with his siblings, too.  He often babysat while his parents worked or went out on a date.  It wasn’t something Philip particularly enjoyed, but as he had said, he was a good boy, he did what was asked of him.  He never really questioned it, he just did it.  It was the way Philip was wired.  He did what he was supposed and he didn’t really stray from the path.

He did feel bad for Mark, though.  Poor Mark was a lost kid.  He was bullied pretty harshly at school.  It had gotten so bad that even his younger sister Catherine had started threatening to beat people up.  How humiliating for him!

Despite the slight age gap, the twins did their best to include Mark in their games.  They invited him to the playground with them and always tried to include him.  Most brothers would hate hanging out with their younger sisters, but Mark was thankful for their concern.  He loved his family, even if he felt completely apart from them.  He was just so different.

Mark really didn’t mind playing by himself.  He liked it.  It was quiet and no one was there to threaten him.  He would usually wander off and do his own thing, leaving the twins to their own devices.  He hated feeling like a third wheel.  He didn’t want them to feel sorry for him.

Philip was riding Dolly back from the jumping track when he passed by a strange man on the dirt road leading up to his house.  The strangest thing of all was that he was wearing a suit!  No one down this road wore a suit.  Philip didn’t stop, he kept going.  Whatever the guy was doing, he didn’t want involved.

Little did he know that the man he had passed by was the one who would soon be ruling the entire town.  Lana had done as Patrick had asked and Clark called him.  They met outside the house, late into the evening.

“You didn’t have to come and see me personally…”

“I tend to prefer to do things face-to-face… at least, for now,” Clark said.  He was charming and he didn’t ooze danger like Latoya.  Still, there was a quiet power in his voice.  “I figured it was worth it since you’re willing to declare a side.”

“She wanted me to keep tabs on Asha.  I was supposed to secure information and then, well, they would do what they do best…”

“I see,” Clark said gravely.  This seemed to bother him.  “So, they’re making a move.  Thank you for this, Patrick.  I’ll make sure you’re sheltered from here on out.  I may need to call on you…”

“That’s fine.  Anything to chase them out of here.”

“Good, fantastic.  We’ll speak again.”  He shook Patrick’s hand and moved to leave.  “Oh, and one more thing.  Next time, talk to Alex.  We’re closer.  Lana is not… well, she doesn’t know and I’d prefer it if she didn’t.  Understand?”

Patrick nodded.  That explained why Lana had been so puzzled.  How could she not know, though?  The girl must have had her head in the sand several feet.


No funny pictures or happenings in this one.  The only random thing was the burglary!  It’s almost as if the game wanted to make Patrick mad.  Now Latoya is really in for it.  Everyone is rallying against the Steel family!

It only makes sense that Luis would talk to Philip about what happened with Paula.  Luis is a Hopeless Romantic, so I don’t see him being as hormonal as most.  Philip, though… all his wishes revolve around making out with Gwen.  The boy is having issues.  Unfortunately for him, Gwen isn’t as ready as he thinks he is, so it’s not happening.  He’ll have to suffer awhile longer!

Mark makes me want to cry.  I can’t take Loser sims.  I am very empathetic and every time one of those pop-ups comes up… ugh!  I’m such a softie.  I keep hoping Mark gets an awesome teen trait.  I want him to pull through!  He has befriended Lily Ashton, though, so there’s something.

Next round, Noreen and Patrick become elders (!!!!), Philip becomes an adult, and Mark becomes a teen.  GEEZE!  Has it been that long already?

6 comments to 6: McMaster – ‘Meant to Live’

  • Josh

    Omg the loser pop ups are so sad. Like the one where they fall in the garbage and the teachers laugh? SO MEAN. My loser Sim only gets the pop ups though, I don’t let her play games so she doesn’t lose.
    Is Phillip going to marry Gwen? She’s pretty and blond! A super full house though. I’m so here for the meta plot with the criminals as well!

    • Mao

      They are really sad! :( I’m not sure if Philip will marry Gwen. It’s likely, but I’ll let him decide that. I wouldn’t mind adding her into the rotation!

      LOL I’m glad you’re enjoying the criminal plot!

  • I love how all your families are so inter-connected now, especially with this thing with Asha’s family! So cool.

    Philip – what a typical teenage boy! I’m glad Gwen is so self-assured. I can tell she won’t bow to what he wants very easily.

    Oh, I forgot Mark had the Loser trait! :( Yeah, that one is kind of a bummer. It just makes me want to see him succeed even more though.

    And WHAT?!?! Patrick and Noreen are on their way to elderdom already? That is nuts!

    • Mao

      I know! I was hoping for something that would bring them together, I guess I should have figured it’d be criminal. Why do all my sims blogs involve criminals?! Too many mafia movies as a kid…

      Poor Mark. I want him to be awesome. I hope he gets a good trait!

      I can’t believe it, either, and I’m the one who set up aging! It doesn’t feel like that long…

  • Poor Mark!! So sad! I hope he gets something great as a teen to flip things for him. Things are heating up here too! The Steel family is not doing too well I reckon! I just worry they are replacing one villain for another, and that it won’t really be better.

    Luis is a sweetie, hope Paula does Jim right. And Phillip! Sheesh! Hormones much! Loved that conversation with the boys, so realistic! Can’t believe Phillip is a senior already, he’s a hardworking guy which I think is great.

    • Mao

      Mark makes me so sad! And you’re right, with the whole ‘replacing one villain with another’. I think Clark is the lesser of two evils, though. The Steels are just plain violent!

      LOL, Philip’s wishes were so persistent!

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