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5: Ryder-Martel – ‘Swallowed’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Luis Martel (Teen), Lily Ashton (Child), Jessica Ryder (Baby)

Cherie wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to be being a mother.  It was never a role she’d thought to play.  Now that she was, it was difficult to shake.  She loved Lily and Jessica; it was just strange to admit to herself that they relied on her.  Sure, she’d taken care of Luis, but it was different when it was your own flesh and blood.  There was a panic involved.

Little Jessica was a pretty easy baby, thankfully.  She was barely a year and it was already obvious she had inherited Khalid’s stoic calm.

Lily had grown, too.  She was growing too fast for Cherie’s liking.  Gone were the days of her babbling in her crib or getting into mischief that was both cute and hilarious.  Now she was just being plain naughty.  She thought it was smart to ignore her studies.  For her efforts, she was put in time out.  She had a lot of work to make up and ensure that she didn’t get held back.

Cherie was just thankful for Khalid.  He was so much better at discipline and sticking with things than she was.

Despite a few snags here and there, things were going fairly well.  Cherie was pregnant again, much to everyone’s surprise.  She swore this one was the last.  Khalid humored her, but he told her not to make any promises she couldn’t keep.

The whole family packed up into the car and headed down to the pool one hot Saturday to spend some time together.

Lily was overjoyed to be at the pool, she’d been begging to go forever.  Luis was nice enough to partake in a breathing contest.  He lost.  Lily was infamous for her ability to hold her breath.  She had once held it so long after a punishment that she had actually managed to pass out.

Little Jessica played in the sand while her older siblings enjoyed the water.  Cherie had to keep a careful eye on her.  Lily had discovered the water slide and was unable to hide her excitement.

Lily was not what one would call a ‘subdued’ child.  She was loud, excitable, and always moving.  It was no wonder she had trouble focusing in school–all that sitting around just wasn’t something she was built for.

Luis spent a good part of the day on the phone with his girlfriend, Paula Novak.  Cherie and Khalid were a little worried about the girl’s influence on Luis, but anytime they tried to talk to him, he brushed them off.  He was a teenager.  Telling him not to do something was like giving him a green light to rebel.  They kept a watchful eye on him and hoped he knew well enough not to do anything stupid.

Cherie would never get used to going into labor.  It was awful.  Khalid’s nonchalance about the whole thing didn’t help matters at all.

“What are you smiling at?!  This isn’t funny!”

“The faces you’re pulling are pretty amusing.”

“Argh!  Hurry up and get dressed so we can go to the hospital… I’m not sure I can do this without a good dose of drugs!”

Unfortunately, due to Cherie’s age, the pregnancy did not go as planned.  She was originally scheduled to have twins, a boy and a girl.  The boy was born first and perfectly healthy… but the little girl didn’t make it.  There was nothing that could be done.  Jack was held for observation, but eventually allowed to go home.  It was a bittersweet homecoming.

Luis met with Paula Novak at their favorite spot.  It was a camping site right next to Freeman Falls and located between Aperture’s city and valley areas.  It was rather remote and despite it being a gorgeous weekend, pretty empty of anyone but them.

They often met up here in the late evenings when they would sneak out, but today was a little different.  Paula had insisted they meet up and spend the day together.

Paula still hadn’t told her father she was dating anyone.  Luis hated sneaking around and lying, but Paula insisted it was for the best.  If her father found out, she wouldn’t be allowed to see him anymore.

He remained silent while she told her father she was working on a project for school to bring up her grades.  He sounded skeptical, but with his busy schedule, wasn’t really able to probe too much before having to go.

“You’re going to have to tell him eventually, Paula.”  Luis insisted as soon as she tucked her cellphone away.

“No I don’t.  I don’t have to tell him until he can’t control me anymore.  Then, maybe, he’ll get to know.”

“I don’t get your deal with your dad.  You should be happy you have a family.”

She frowned.  “I’m sorry, Luis.  It’s just… it’s not a nice dynamic, you know?  My mom died, my dad is always busy, and now I have a step-mother who is only a little older than Camilla.  It’s… weird.  Money makes people weird.”

“Anyway, I have better things in mind than talking about my stupid family.”  She smiled and leaned forward.  “I think I’m ready.”

“Uh,” Luis began, stepping back.  “Are you joking?”

“No.” She insisted, moving towards him again.  “Is something wrong?  I thought you’d be happy.  We’re not little kids anymore, Luis.  Next year we’ll be graduating!”

“Still, Paula… we didn’t really talk about this–”

Anger crossed her face.  “Are you trying to say you don’t want to?”

“N-No, it’s just…” His excuse faltered before it had even truly began.  He sighed.  “I’m sorry, you just kind of shocked me.”

Being a teenager was a truly confusing time.  Emotions ran high and logic was all but left by the wayside.  Luis hadn’t completely prepared himself for the reality of being that kind of intimate with anybody.  Now, however, it was thrust upon him and he found himself a little uncertain how he felt about it all.  Paula was dealing with much the same thing.  She had envisioned that it would crush all her worries and doubts, but it didn’t.  She still wondered if what Stefan said were true.

If things were awkward afterward, neither one said anything.  They quietly resumed their nightly sneaking out ritual of roasting marshmallows until the early morning.  They went their separate ways, neither one really wanting to face the reality that comes with throwing oneself headlong into the path of adulthood.


First of all, Cherie was freaking pregnant again.  I have it set so progression can’t impregnate my sims, but she apparently got knocked up the last round I played.  It must have been at the end.  Either way, she did have twins, as I reported on my twitter… unfortunately, the girl was glitched beyond recognition.  I’ve never had it happen before, but upon trying to age her from baby to toddler, she froze up and eventually went invisible to the point of not even being able to select her.  She refused to age, period.  Resetting her didn’t work, nor did resetting the lot.  I even tried DebugEnabler’s options.  I searched for a solution for quite awhile before finally resigning myself to deleting her.  She was so glitched and invisible that when she “died”, no one in the family even mourned.  She was completely BORKED beyond recognition.

Secondly, I saw a unicorn and it was magnificent:

It popped up after Luis and Paula left the campground.  Luis spun up a “Watch Unicorn” wish and I was like ‘whaaat?’  Lo and behold, a freaking UNICORN spawned.  The first one I’ve ever seen in the game.  I used to be obsessed with unicorns as a small girl, to the point of having them plastered on my walls, my bed spreads, and all manner of decoration around my bedroom.  Oh yes.

Thirdly, Khalid is insane.  He seems to have confused himself with a freaking Family-Oriented sim.  He rolled this up:

Despite their ideal children number being 2, they made an attempt to autonomously try for a baby shortly after the birth of the twins.  I say attempted because I stopped them and quickly turned off Cherie’s ability to get pregnant ever again.  NO MOAR!  These people are crazy.

Finally, Luis and Paula did the deed because they continually spoke about it.  It would also make sense for Paula to choose the absolute worst option ever to try and resolve her problems.  So, for the first time in a long, long time… I allowed teens to woohoo.  I am sure the fallout will be glorious.  And no, they did not risky try.  No teen babies on my watch.  Those of us that have survived teen mothers tend not to want to rehash THAT experience, thanks.  ;)

Title from Bush – ‘Swallowed’.  Again, I am a ’90s girl.

6 comments to 5: Ryder-Martel – ‘Swallowed’

  • Josh

    OOO! I’m still rooting for Paula and Luis, so yay. I mean, I always have Teen WooHoo off, but still… good for them.
    It’s sad that Cherie was the one who’s baby died. :( She deserves better. How come all the Sims you LEAST expected to ended up having the most kids? :P

    • Mao

      Paula is such a mess. If this is going to work, she has a lot of growing up to do. I don’t see them making it as teens… maybe later? We’ll see.

      I KNOW! I HATED doing that to Cherie. I hated it. But I had to, it was the only way to fix my game. And I do not know. Suddenly, my sims want to breed like rabbits. I blame autonomous woohoo!

  • I saw your twins tweet the other night and all through this, I kept thinking “Is it Cherie? Is Cherie going to have twins?” And then I read she did but one didn’t make it. :( So sad. Khalid is nuts. Let the woman rest!

    As for Luis and Paula…yeesh! I hope it’s not something either of them ever regret. I’m still kind of pulling for those two to make a good go of it.

    And Bush…blast from the past! I was so in love with Gavin Rossdale when I was 15!

    • Mao

      I have no idea what drives the whole baby craze. Autonomous woohoo uses scoring based on traits/etc. These two have crazy high attraction, maybe that’s doing it, lol. I felt so awful doing that to Cherie, but I had to fix the glitch… :(

      I think that if they had handled it differently, it would have gone better. Unfortunately, Paula did it for the wrong reasons. I am curious to see the fallout.

      LOVE Bush! My mum has always been obsessed with Gavin (she was so angry when he married Gwen), but I just loved their music.

  • V

    HA! The male in the family I’m currently playing is JUST LIKE Khalid. He keeps rolling up baby wants! I checked to be sure I hadn’t accidentally rolled him as Nuturing or Family-Oriented… nope. NOTHING that indicates his baby desires. They just had their third kid; NO MORE BABIES. BABIES MAKE ME BREAK INTO ALL CAPS!!!!

    Ahem. Sorry. XD I just wanted to say although I rarely comment, I want you to know I am enjoying your legacy, as always. Mao is the winning at making legacies that aren’t boring!

    • Mao

      LOL, V! You are so crazy. Thank you! I know you’re lurking about, but I love it when you come out and comment. ;)

      It makes me break into all caps, too. You’ve seen my twitter! I really wonder what’s up with these sims. Do you have the same mods, too? I think they just want to get busy all the time if they have high attraction.

      I was going for a prosperity, but I’m not even sure what to call it. Can we call it insanity? Let’s go with that.

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