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5: Novak – ‘Desperately Wanting’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Teen), Paula Novak (Teen), Andrew Novak (Child)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the loss of her mother, Sheila McMaster.  Thankfully, she had some good news to comfort her–she was pregnant again.  It had come as a surprise, but a happy one.  Oskar was getting overrun with children and made sure that Kelly was aware this was it.  Kelly was fine with that… provided it was a girl.  She really wanted a little girl.

The other kids were ambivalent about the whole thing.  What was one more kid in the house?  There was plenty of room.

Stefan was too busy trying to chat up Gwendolyn Mosley to bother concerning himself with his step-mother’s overly fertile womb.  She was proving a hard nut to crack.  Still, Stefan was adamant.  There was something about a girl that could stand her ground.  Stefan hadn’t really been interested in girls, they were distractions, but Gwendolyn proved to be something worth distracting him.

Too bad she was attached at the hip to his step-cousin, Philip McMaster.

Kelly went into labor early, much to Oskar’s surprise.  He wasn’t sure if he was ready to deal with another baby quite yet.  He’d only just gotten used to the idea of Kelly being pregnant.  Still, the baby was coming and there was no stopping it now.  He had the twins watch Andrew and rushed Kelly off to the hospital where she gave birth to a little girl they named Natalia.

Natalia proved to be quite the handful, but was nothing compared to the chaos that the other kids managed to cause.  Someone, who refused to step forward, had turned the upstairs bathroom into a lake.  The poor maid really had his work cut out for him in this family.

“Yeah, you’re probably going to want to wait until the plumber gets here.” Oskar warned, trying not to be amused.

Kelly, in her downtime, had taken up gardening.  Andrew was interested, but not quite ready to get his hands dirty yet.  He was much happier watching.  Kelly was thrilled with her little garden and happy to be Eco-friendly.

It was a shame that the movie really hadn’t taken off like she’d hoped.  Delays and setbacks, not to mention her impromptu pregnancy, had caused promotion to lack and so it opened to a mediocre reception.

When the twins weren’t at the beach, they were making use of their big backyard.  Paula had managed to coax Gwendolyn into coming over with the promise of a water slide, much to Stefan’s delight.

Paula wasn’t really sure what Stefan was trying to do.  She wasn’t exactly fond of Philip, either, but this just seemed a bit low, even for them.

She had to pretend not to be happy when Gwendolyn made it very clear she wanted nothing to do with Stefan in the romantic sense.  She was very much in love with Philip.  It served him right, Paula thought.  He should find his own girl, not chase after someone else’s.

Kelly was shocked when Paula turned out to be an excellent babysitter for little Natalia, who was growing like a weed.  Maybe Luis Martel was finally influencing her towards the better?  Kelly couldn’t be certain, but she was thankful for the help.  The two boys were hopeless when it came to caring for Natalia.

Paula was excited.  She was finally going to Prom.  She never thought she’d care about something so… menial, but she did.  She was a teenage girl, after all.  She primped and prepped for hours before Luis arrived to pick her up.

She was hoping this would be the night he’d finally ask her out.

Prom started at six in the evening, so Luis was there by around five thirty.  Stefan carpooled with them, going stag.  He really didn’t want to go at all, but Paula insisted.  Stefan only relented because he began to postulate all the pranks he could pull during the event and pull them he did.  His punch spiking incident would go down in infamy…

Paula was thrilled when, just before the end of the dance, Luis asked her to go outside with him.  They sat outside on the playground for awhile before Luis finally asked her to go steady.  They didn’t go back to the dance, instead, they remained outside where they shared their first kiss.  Stefan eventually had to come out and get them so they could all get home before the police started enforcing curfew.

Kelly had some good news of her own.  She had been offered a lead role in a television sitcom based around a waitress with psychic powers who solves crimes in whacky and crazy ways.  It was definitely different than working on a movie and less prestigious, but it suited Kelly.  Maybe she wouldn’t be a big-name movie star, but she’d be remembered for her role as Kiki the crazy, crime-solving waitress!

Oskar was just happy she’d settled down on something.  He wasn’t sure if he could handle her mooning after movie stars much longer.  He was getting a little too old to keep up with all the partying it required.

Stefan and Paula were sixteen now and rapidly approaching the end of their years as carefree teens.  Somehow, they had evaded being sent to boarding school and being expelled from school entirely.  Still, things had changed and Stefan wasn’t exactly happy about it.

“So, are you in love with him or something?”

“Don’t be stupid,” Paula snapped.  She quickly recovered, trying to act as if his comment didn’t affect her.  “We’re just going out.  That’s all.”

“Right.” Stefan rolled his eyes.

“He’s nice to me, that’s all.  No one has ever really been nice to me before… everyone just assumes I’m a bad seed and treats me like crap.  Luis doesn’t think I’m that bad at all.”

“Because he’s an idiot.”  Stefan quipped, smirking.  “You are a bad seed, Paula.  We both are.  We aren’t afraid to take what we want.  We’re conquerors.”

She frowned and closed her eyes.  “I don’t know, Stefan…”

“He’s only nice to you because you have money, Paula.  Let’s face it, Luis Martel isn’t exactly sitting pretty on mad stacks of cash.  He doesn’t even have parents.”  Stefan’s face twisted as he said the last word.

Paula tried not to look distressed.  “That’s not true at all!”

“I’m just trying to look out for you.  Ignore me if you want to.  You know you can trust me, though.  I’m the only one you can trust.  We’re twins.  You’re the brawn, I’m the brains… that’s how it’s always been!”

Paula gripped the chains hard, trying to quell her frustration and doubt.  “You’re wrong…”

“Whatever.  Believe what you want.  Be another stupid teen girl.  What do I care?  I was just trying to be nice because you’re my sister.  Do what you want.”

Paula watched as Stefan got up and left her alone.  She looked down at the ground and thought about his words.  He was wrong, wasn’t he?  Luis wasn’t that kind of person… was he?


Trying to flesh out the teens in this house is chaotic with everything that’s happening!  I finally, finally got to be at a house during prom, so I’ve got some things to share.  Luis really did ask Paula to go steady:

They also shared their first kiss:

Stefan got into a lot of fights.  This is only one of them:

Despite my concerns, Luis and Paula really do get along:

Stefan really did want to move on Gwendolyn, but was rebuffed rather harshly.  She wasn’t having any of that.  I see Stefan has being manipulative without really caring about others around him.  We’ll see where that goes once he gets his final trait.  He’s too lazy to do his own dirty work, though, so he needs to keep Paula around to do it for him.  Plus, she’s his only companion, so he doesn’t want someone else stealing her away.

Paula, to me, seems less selfish and evil.  She still does questionable things, but only because she’s lazy and being bad is easy.  She’s unlucky, so I can’t see her being very good at things without Stefan’s help.  We’ll see how things go when she also gets her last trait… they’ve still got one more round as teens!

I came into this house with Kelly already two thirds of the way through a pregnancy!  I had forgotten to enable TS2 aging, heh.  So, Natalia is born.  No more babies for these two.  Also, how cute does Kelly look in glasses?  I think I’m capping her at TV actress.  It took her a long time to get there and it seems to fit her level of skill/etc.  I also kind of love the career outfit I made for her, lol!

Title is Better Than Ezra – ‘Desperately Wanting.’

6 comments to 5: Novak – ‘Desperately Wanting’

  • Surprise baby! At least it was a girl, so Kelly has what she wanted now. Oskar must be so done with kids now – I just realised Natalia makes five for him!

    I like to think Luis is genuine, despite Stefan trying to drive a wedge through them. I hope Paula considers the source before she takes that too seriously.

    Kelly’s wardrobe is too cute, though I have to confess I didn’t recognise her at first! Editing the career outfits is awesome, especially for the show business career. I can definitely see Kelly on a show about a crime-solving waitress!

    • Mao

      I am so glad it was a girl! Poor Oskar. He has way too many kids, lol!

      Luis may have the Snob trait, but I’d say he’s definitely genuine. He IS a hopeless romantic, after all! But… Stefan has a lot of influence over Paula and he’s really not using it for the best at the moment.

      I love being able to customize career outfits now! It’s very fun for show business. :D

  • Josh

    Is Kelly an Adult already? Where did Natalia get her jet black hair from? SO MANY QUESTIONS! I’m glad it’s working out between Luis and Paula. I want her to be part of House Martel! Stefan needs to butt out.

    • Mao

      Kelly is still a Young Adult! She’s had so many kids, lol. This is her LAST. She’ll be an Adult soon, as will all the other Young Adults… shocking!

      LOL! Natalia’s weird hair came from the fact that, if a CAS sim is not designated as having relatives, the game randomizes their hereditary genes. So, for Oskar… I did not make him parents, I just made him straight up. So his parental genetics are randomized… thus RANDOM BLACK HAIR! I was so surprised by it. I almost changed it, but I don’t have near enough black hair in this pool of sims, lol.

      Stefan is evilly Evil.

  • Natalia is adorable! I think that no more kids is a great idea for this family! And I’m so proud of Gwen for rebuking Stefan! Whew! Paula is adorable on the swing, and I don’t think Stefan is right about Luis ether, I hope that the doubt doesn’t grow in Paula’s mind and make things go bad. I really like Kelly in glasses and think TV star fits her perfectly!

    • Mao

      Wow, you went on a catch-up spree! I was so excited to see all of your comments, lol. :D

      I am glad you like Gwen. I’m rather fond of her, too!

      Paula, Paula… what could have been. She makes me so sad, lol. Stefan is terrible!

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