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5: Novak 2 – ‘Open Up Your Eyes’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult)

[Lana Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult), Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult)]

Camilla’s singing career was going great.  She wasn’t a huge name yet, but she was getting there.  Her album was selling more and more each day.  She spent a lot of her time playing any public place she possibly could.  The crowds were getting bigger and more exuberant.

Slowly, but surely, Camilla was becoming a household name.

While her professional life was going great, her personal life was a bit of a mess.  She’d recently started dating her manager, Alex Klein.  It had been a bit of a whirlwind decision on Camilla’s part.  It was dangerous, getting involved with her best friend’s twin brother, but Camilla wasn’t really the type of things who thought things through.

Alex was nice and he was doing amazing things for her career.  Besides, it kept her mind from going places it had no business going.  She needed to focus on her career and the life she was meant to lead.

Camilla won most of the festivals and local competitions she took part in.  It was a great boost to her popularity.  People she had known growing up were now fans.  It was a little odd, but Camilla wasn’t really one to shy away from fame and adoration.

She had been so focused on her career and keeping things going with Alex that she hadn’t really seen much of Dominic.  It wasn’t until she ran into him at the nearby lounge that she was forced to face him.  It was awkward.  Asha had gone on some sort of sabbatical to France for awhile after their ‘big talk’ and things were up-in-the-air in regards to their relationship.  Since then, Dominic had been keeping to himself.

“Hey, Cammi,” he said as he headed towards the elevators.

“It’s good to see you out and about again,” she smiled.

Alex was glaring at her from inside the elevator.  They were on a date.  He still didn’t like Dominic.

“I guess I’ll see you downstairs.”  Camilla said, hurrying to join Alex.

This wasn’t supposed to be awkward.  They were friends.  Why couldn’t they talk in front of Alex without him glaring the entire time?  But it was awkward and Alex would never stop glaring.  Men had a way of knowing things that women either denied or tried to hide.  It was like an instinct.  They knew when someone was treading dangerously on what they saw as their ‘territory’.  Dominic was a threat.

Suddenly, their night out didn’t seem as exciting a prospect as it once had been.

Alex had to go talk to the club owner about business, which left Camilla alone at the bar.  Dominic had come up to order a drink.  They stood in strained silence for awhile before Dominic finally spoke:

“So… you two are together?”

“Yeah,” Camilla replied, her voice quiet.  “It’s… it’s going well.  Have you heard from Asha?”

“Not lately.”  He sighed and looked up at the ceiling.  “It’s a hopeless situation.  Lying isn’t really something I’m great about.  It’s a big deal breaker for me.”

“I can understand that.  When you’re lied to all your life… it’s not something you want from the person you love.”  She frowned as a realization washed over her.  Is that what she was doing?  “Um… what do you think you’ll do, when she comes back?”

“I won’t know until she does.”

He grabbed his drink and tipped his head in silent goodbye.  She watched him disappear into the crowd.

Things with Alex really were good.  They were normal.  There really wasn’t any drama or danger involved.  No one was going to ‘take her out’ for dating him.  The worst she had to worry about was her father’s reaction to her actually dating someone.

Besides, Alex was great as her manager.  She was getting offers from all over the place now.  While this wasn’t his full-time job, he was a natural.

“Did you do this?”  Camilla asked, looking down at her phone.  She’d just gotten a text confirming her as the opening act of a rather big tour coming into town.


“I know a lot of people, Camilla.  It’s easy.  I’ve told you… talent is only part of it, knowing people is the rest.”

“Why don’t you do this for a living?  You’re so good at it.”

He smiled and pulled her close.  “I really just agreed to do this so that I could spend time with you.”

“Really?  That makes me feel bad.  I still hated you then.”

“Well, I’m glad to see that’s changed.”

“Sometimes, when you tell me I need vocal lessons… I still hate you a little.”

He kissed her.  “Good managers are always hated just a little bit.”

Camilla still kept in touch with her family, which was growing.  Her father had married Kelly McMaster, who was only ten years older than Camilla.  To her, that was kind of messed up.  She eventually got over it, though, when she realized Kelly wasn’t a gold digger.  In fact, she was actually an asset to have since she was also in the entertainment business and had recently secured a spot on a sitcom.

“We have bands performing all the time,” Kelly began.  “You should have Alex contact our show guys and see what they can do.  It would be amazing exposure for you.”

“You have got to be kidding… television, really?  I think I’d die!”

“You’d be great.  Maybe you’d even find you liked acting.”

Camilla laughed.  “I think I’ll stick to singing!”

It didn’t take long for Oskar to realize that Camilla was there.  They had seen one another on and off since Camilla had moved out.  He was her lawyer, something that he offered as soon as she decided to sign on with a label and hire a manager.  Oskar had put in some years as an entertainment lawyer, so he drew up most of her contracts and looked over all of her legal documents.

It was only a matter of time before he found out about Alex.

“Are you sure it’s wise to be dating your manager, Camilla?”

She sighed.  “Don’t lecture me.  I’m an adult now.  I can do what I want.”

“Then I will say this as your lawyer–this could have dangerous consequences.  Do you understand the contract you signed with him?  Even if you two break up, he’s contractually obligated to fulfill his duties for the next several years.”

“Why are you acting like we’re going to break up?  Maybe I like him a lot.”

Oskar was unmoved.  “You’re my daughter.  I know you even if you think that I don’t.  You may like Alex, but you don’t love him.  You’re using him.  Why won’t you be honest with yourself for once?  You’re a good girl, Camilla… but you have the tendency to treat people like things.”

“Maybe I learned it from you,” she snapped back, angry.  “I remember how you and mom were, even if you don’t.”

“I don’t want to argue with you, I just want you to be careful.  Think before you act, that’s all I’m asking you to do.”

As she always did, Camilla ignored her father’s advice.  She didn’t have time to worry about his silly warnings.  She was throwing a party at her house, celebrating the fact that her recent single had topped the charts!  She was going from unknown to stardom at the speed of light.

Her tiny apartment was filled with people.  Amongst them was Dominic, who congratulated her.  Alex was there, too.  He didn’t approach them, but he did a healthy bit of glaring.

“I wish I could stay, but I’ve got a press conference for my trade today,” Dominic said, ignoring Alex.  “Soon, you’re gonna be a big star… too big to hang out with the nobodies of this town.”

She laughed.  “Maybe I’m just trying to keep up with you!”

“I’ll see you around.  Congrats again, Cammi.”

Camilla was shocked when Asha Steel showed up.  She hadn’t seen her since just before she had left for her trip.  She looked… different, but Camilla couldn’t really tell what it was.  Maybe she was just well-rested from her vacation?

“Hey, Asha!  I didn’t know you were back in town.”

“I just got off the plane.  I went home and Dominic wasn’t there.  I wanted to surprise him.  I thought he’d be here…”

“Oh, he just left a little bit ago.  He had some conference or something.  Maybe you should call him?”

Camilla failed to notice the awkward look that crossed Alex’s face when Asha approached.  He quickly excused himself and spoke in hushed whispers to his sister in the corner.

“I’ll probably just wait for him at home,” Asha said.  “Oh, I heard about your album.  Congratulations.  It seems like you’re doing well for yourself.”

“Well, you know how it goes… some days you’re up, other days you’re down…”

“It’s a hard business, Camilla.  Don’t let it ruin you.”

Camilla smiled.  “I’ll be okay, I think.  It was good to see you, Asha.”

“I’m back for good now.  We’ll have to catch up sometime.”

Once Asha wandered off, Lana approached Camilla.  They hadn’t really talked since she’d started up things with Alex.  To be honest, she was afraid of what her best friend would say.

“I wish you would have told me,” Lana said.

“I was afraid.  I thought that you’d be mad.”

“I’m not mad, I’m just worried.  Don’t hurt him, okay?  He’s my brother.  I don’t want caught up in the middle of that mess.”

“It’d be easier to keep that promise if you’d think about what we talked about.”

Lana frowned.  “I can’t, Camilla.  I can’t leave my mother alone just yet.  The divorce was really hard on her.”

“But we could be best friends who live together!  Two young girls against the world!  We could have epic parties and talk late into the night about our sordid love lives–”

“I don’t think I want to hear about my brother in that way, thanks.” Lana cringed.  “Maybe soon… once I’m sure my mom will be okay.  I know it’s been a long time, but it was really hard on her.  Dad kind of ripped the rug out from under her with it.  It’s hard to think about how much he’s changed since we moved here!”

“Well, think about it, okay?  It would be awesome.  I need someone around to keep me grounded!”


I was hoping the attraction between Dominic and Camilla would blow over, but it hasn’t.  They still stalk one another religiously.  Anytime I send Camilla out, Dominic is there.  Every time she went on a date with Alex, Dominic would turn up!  Poor Alex.  At least Camilla has only been spinning romantic wishes for him.  I’m afraid that if things between Asha and Dominic end, though, that will change.  They are teetering on that dangerous edge, lol.

Asha pops up.  I didn’t mean for her to, but I wanted to give some background for what will occur in the Cosaro update in round six… since I messed up and something I didn’t intend for happened!

I want to move Lana in with Camilla, but I am still hesitant.  I love her, I really do.  But I don’t know if I should cross that line of moving people in just to make them playable deal.  Because if Camilla ever settles down, that’s another house for me to play.  That doesn’t stop me from controlling Lana in other ways, though, lol.  Why can’t I just let story progression do its thing?!

During SimFest, this magician was doing a trick and somehow managed to turn himself into a ghost!  I’m guessing this is the ‘killed by magic’ death introduced in this expansion.  He was doing something with teleporters or something–I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention until I saw him end his show as a ghost!

Title is Tonic – ‘Open Up Your Eyes’.

4 comments to 5: Novak 2 – ‘Open Up Your Eyes’

  • Josh

    Aww, let Story Progression handle Lana! I’m very worried about Camilla/Dominic/Asha right now. Why am I worried about you not showing Asha from the front? I’m suspicious, Mao. :P

    • Mao

      I want to, I really want to… but it hooked her up with this skeezy guy and I just couldn’t handle it!

      …aw, Josh, don’t you TRUST me? ;)

  • Well, Story Progression does such *dumb* things sometimes! But it’s nice to have families you don’t have to play/blog about though, I’ll say that much. ;)

    Ha, I was curious why we didn’t see Asha from the front too! She’s probably arrived back in town just in time, if she wants to save her relationship with Dominic. Not that it’s a foregone conclusion that it’s salvageable but I’m worried Camilla will get her paws on him. ;) The fact that she’s only rolling romantic wants for Alex is a good sign but if there’s a moment of weakness for either of them, autonomy might take over and destroy both relationships.

    Very curious what you have planned for the Cosaro update!

    • Mao

      It’s true. I do enjoy the families adding flavor from the background WITHOUT requiring me to play them!

      Indeed. I hated having to write that in, but I messed up and well, you know how that goes. I guess it makes for a more action-packed Cosaro update, though. Camilla isn’t really mean, but she is fickle! I am worried about those two being around one another now… autonomous woohoo likes to kick in when I’m not looking!

      I’ve actually already got it written, you just have to wait a bit. ;)

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