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5: McMaster – ‘The Way’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Teen), Mark McMaster (Child), Juliet McMaster (Toddler), Catherine McMaster (Toddler)

The twin girls, Catherine and Juliet, were growing rapidly.  As much as Noreen loved having baby girls, she was happy to see them growing.  Dealing with two babies was exhausting and especially so when you had other children to look after.

The girls each seemed to favor one parent over the other; Catherine had Noreen’s hair while Juliet had Patrick’s.

Sheila had added to the chaos by bringing home a new horse, Dolly.  She had purchased Dolly with her race winnings with the intent of breeding her with Old Roy and producing a champion athlete.  Of course, it would take some time before that came to fruition, but being the horse lover that she was, Sheila was certain it would happen.

Philip was busy being a teenager.  He and Gwendolyn Mosley finally made things official and declared that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Noreen was happy that her son was such a standout lad at a young age, whereas Patrick wished the boy would wait a little longer to be so serious.

Still, Gwendolyn loved horses and if this relationship progressed into their adulthood, it wasn’t a bad match for their chosen heir.

Mark was also growing up, too.  He was a child now and a curious one at that.  He followed Philip around, asking questions about the various things he did.  Philip was not as amused by this as the rest of his family.  Having your little brother follow you around while you’re hanging out with your girlfriend wasn’t exactly productive to expanding one’s romantic horizons.

Noreen and Patrick were just happy they wouldn’t have to worry about either one.  Mark would keep Philip from being too much of a teenaged boy and Philip would keep Mark from harassing them with endless questions!

Patrick’s business was still doing well.  He wished that his sister, Kelly, would either stop getting pregnant or be less forgetful.  She was always calling him over to help her find something she’d lost.  The most recent thing had been her wedding band, which he found next to her nightstand.

He didn’t mind assisting his family, but he had real cases to attend to!

When Sheila wasn’t with the horses, she was helping Noreen with the rapidly growing twins.  She felt fulfilled with her life, even if her daughter had married that terrible Oskar.  At least this meant that all her children were happy and she got to see her grandkids.

Everything in the McMaster household was going great.  Patrick did his best to spend time with the girls when he got off work, Noreen continued to work on her children’s book series, and Philip spent a lot of his time on the phone with either Luis or Gwendolyn.

None of them were really prepared for what happened next.

Sheila had been outside one evening, tending to the horses.  She was older, but she refused to slow down.  She’d been on a farm most of her life and wasn’t afraid of a little hard labor.  She was shuffling the hay around for the horses before putting them in the stall for the night.  It was her nightly routine.  Sometimes, Philip would even help her, but he had a lot of homework to attend to.

Sheila finished her raking and felt a sensation overcome her.  She blinked, trying to fight the blurring in her vision.  A moment later, she recognized what was happening.  She felt the tightening in her chest and the frenzy overtake her body.  She didn’t cry out for help, nor did she head towards the house.  Instead, she dropped the pitchfork and smiled.  Despite it all, she had a happy life and she’d made a good family.

Philip came out moments later to find her collapsed on the ground, barely breathing.  By the time the ambulance arrived, she was already dead.  It was a heart attack.  They said there was nothing that could have been done even if they’d made it in time.

The funeral was a somber affair.  They had a formal gathering at the cemetery for family, but held a wake afterwards for everyone.  Friends and distant family gathered to mourn the passing of their patriarch.  Kelly and Patrick shared their grief.  Kelly took it harder than he did, of course.  She felt guilty for leaving them, but Patrick assured her that Sheila was both proud and happy for all she had accomplished.

Noreen was quite stricken, as well.  She and Sheila had always been close.  Noreen’s mother had died when she was young, so Sheila had been her surrogate mother and best friend since she could remember.  She was nearly inconsolable.

The children were saddened, but took it in stride.  They did their best to try and comfort their mother.

Gwendolyn had been there for Philip and did not hesitate a second at tearing Stefan Novak a new hole for daring to make light of Sheila’s death.  She cornered him with a fire that rivaled any run away house fire Khalid had ever put out.  Mark knew he should have called for his father, but he kind of enjoyed seeing Gwendolyn rip into Stefan.

It was about time someone stood up to him!

Dolly gave birth to a foal shortly after Sheila’s death.  It was a bittersweet moment.  Philip had been there for the delivery and had even assisted.  He was sure his grandmother would be proud to see him carrying on her love of horses.  Her death had made him realize that he was the one to carry on the family namesake and he was a bit more responsible now, taking the care of the horses onto himself entire.

In the wake of Sheila’s death, life slowly returned to normal.  Patrick got a routine call to check in on the graveyard, as someone had noticed some suspicious activity.  He arrived only to see a strange woman he thought he recognized, but couldn’t place.

“Were you the one who called me?”

“Perhaps,” she said coolly, eyeing him carefully.  “So, you’re Patrick McMaster, the private eye that’s recently come up in the world.”

“Yes.  I am.  What’s it to you?”

“That depends.  I am here to make you an offer, one that could possibly elevate your standing beyond your imagining.”

“And just who are you to make that kind of offer?” Patrick asked skeptically.  The woman looked harmless, but something in her eyes disturbed him.

She laughed.  It wasn’t pleasant, but hollow and strangely frightening.  “Oh, you are a brazen one, aren’t you?  I’ll humor you.  I’m Latoya Steel… and I’m a representative of my family’s joined interests.  We have a bit of a loose end… and we think you might just be the perfect person to help us ‘take care’ of it.”

“I’m not really sure I do the kind of business you’re suggesting…”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Patrick.  It’s simple, really.  We just want you to… do what you do best, without being seen… you’re just going to get it started and for doing that?  You’ll be rewarded handsomely.”


And we get back to the mysterious phone call Patrick got sometime ago.  It was Latoya Steel.  I didn’t know why she had called him then, but now I do.  ;)

R.I.P. Sheila!  You were a fun sim!  She was 94.  Here she is striking a heroic pose on Dolly.  How funny!  As for her death, if you don’t already know, when my elders reach a certain age (determined by health/over all happiness/etc), I begin to roll their death chance.  Each day past their determined day, the chance goes down.  I rolled for the the days I played this house and her luck ran out on the third day!  So sad.

Before that, though, she witnessed Noreen flirting with the maid and was quite aghast!  First, let me tell you this was an accident.  Noreen needed fun so I hit the ‘Stressed’ moodlet and saw ‘WooHoo’ pop up.  I ignored it and assumed she’d find Patrick and get busy.  She did not.  SHE WENT TO THE MAID.  WHAT??!!?!  ARGH!  I didn’t stop them in time and both Sheila and Catherine witnessed the smooch session before I cancelled it.  WTF?  Never had that happen before.  Sigh.

But, I got to see the ‘Witnessed Betrayal’ moodlet… which I think I’ve seen ONCE in all my time playing this game.  I didn’t get to see if it gave any new dialogue options, though.

Poor Mark rolled ‘Loser’ for his child trait and I had forgotten how depressing Loser sims are.  They make me want to cry and hug them!  The last loser sim I had was Brayden Carmondy from my Riverview hood.  I don’t know if I can handle this.  Poor Mark!

Noreen really took Sheila’s death hard.  She’s started spinning up totally random wants, like this one.  Why, Noreen?  They autonomously call one another ALL THE TIME.  I think she’s just pulling away.  I never see sims roll this wish ever.  Sigh.

Also, Gwen really did rip into Stefan on her own.  She accused him of being evil and both Philip and I fell in love with her a little more when she did it.  She’s feisty.  I like her.  Unfortunately, after seeing Stefan’s wishes, I think she might had gotten his attention, too.  SIGH!

4 comments to 5: McMaster – ‘The Way’

  • Man, loser Sims really are depressing! Also, I’ve seen Sims roll the “stop being friends” wish but it’s usually because they’re either horrible Sims to begin with or they’re going through midlife crises or teens having a bad day. I was going to say maybe Noreen’s mood was low but it doesn’t look like it was.

    Anyway, RIP Sheila! I wondered if this might be her round, actually, and I guess I was right. I’m glad she made up with Kelly before she died.

    Interested to see what comes of Latoya’s offer. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman you could turn down easily!

    • Mao

      I know! They make me so sad. :( I have no idea why Noreen is hating on poor Cherie! So random.

      I was definitely sad to see Sheila go. She was the one bringing in money with the horse races!

      Patrick definitely has his work cut out for him…

  • Oh Stephan is not a nice boy! I hate that he has his eye on Gwen now, she’s awesome! I heart her!! And her love of horses is great fit for this family too. Of course Dolly has a foal after Sheila has died, that was really sad. I felt like it might be impending from their last update when you mentioned her full life, but was still surprised when it did happen. This family will be a little lost without her, she really helped a lot of with the girls, now it’s up to Noreen. I wonder what LaToya is up to!

    • Mao

      Stefan is the WORST. Seriously. That boy is freaking cunning. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with him as a YA! He’s got his eye on the prize, that’s for sure.

      I was so sad when Sheila died. Everyone in the family cried ALL THE TIME. It was ridiculous. It just made it even more sad. :(

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